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The Signpost
24 November 2017

About Me

I'm an organic horticulturist, farmer, nurseryman, goat-herd, husband and father.

I live in Bechtelsville, PA, which is a small town in the foothill region of Eastern Pennsylvania.

I studied horticulture, landscape architecture, philosophy, and history at Temple University. After this I studied philosophy at the New School University.

I continue to study plants and organic gardening techniques.

About Me on Wikimedia

I began contributing to Wikimedia projects in 2005. I have mostly just been participating as an interested observer over the past couple years due to time constraints and a feeling of discomfort about the direction things have gone in since 2007 or so.

Until recently I was an active poster at Wikipedia Review, but have recently been focused more on the Wikipediocracy forum which has split off from WR.