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Already Done is an Extended Play by unsigned artist, Stephanie Jean. This is Stephanie's first EP and all the tracks have still yet to be released.

Lyrical Content and Album Background[edit]

"This being my first EP and these being my first songs that I've ever written I really want the songs to be about something every one can imagine. Already Done, the first track on my EP is just a song about someone breaking your heart and you moving on from it. It's very self empowering and it really is just suppose to show that life DOES go on. And Forever Was To Long, the second track on the EP is basically the completely opposite, ha. It's about someone just missing some one who isn't in there life anymore. Not so much as they left them but there just...gone. Anyway, I'm still in the process of writing my third an final song for this EP, but I'm really just happy for this EP. I didn't know that sing writing could EVER be something I was good at, but now I just want to share my music with the world."

Stephanie began writing her first EP in mid Augustm though she never announced that she was working on it. Stephanie plans to only have 3 songs on this first EP and they'll be available for download at Reverbnation.

Critical Reception[edit]

Stephanie has received fairly good comments for her first song "Already Done". Many of her YouTube viewers responded well to it and the song was even featured in another Youtubers videos. As for outside critics the responses we're more divided. Sergio Jean stated that the song was "a good song to start out with it" while also saying she could use vocal lessons.