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This page is underconstruction! Thanks to Gao for helping with it!

Project Userboxes[edit]

Project Userboxes

Adopted User Userboxes

Userboxes I Made For Myself

Userboxes I Made For Others

Interests & More

Userboxes For My Pets

My Userboxes[edit]

Welcome To My Collection!

The Beginning[edit]

When i was new to wikipedia I just made a few minor edits but I never got into it but after a while I made an account and then started to personalize my page, thats when i found userboxes, i have been collecting for a long time so I don't think you can read them all but they should help you understand me a bit better.

My Favourite Userboxes[edit]

I Will Make Userboxes For You[edit]

I Make UserBoxes for people, FREELY so just ask away, they may not be perfect but hey at least I am kind enough to make them.