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For beginners[edit]

<-- have read everything up to here

Background reading[edit]

Policies and Guidelines[edit]

An introduction is at this page: policies and guidelines and all relevant material is in the category Wikipedia policies and guidelines

Guidelines on accountability, assuming good faith, being bold, centralised discussions and their conclusions, consensus, disambiguation, disrupting Wikipedia to make a point, edit summaries, fiction, the one-revert rule, copies of primary sources, reverts, signing posts on talk pages, stubs, subpages, talk page usage, user pages, vanity, wikiquette
The Wikipedia Manual of Style (read), and style guides on Citing sources, controversial articles

Or you could Ignore all rules

Comprehensive Reference Resources[edit]

Categorisation, lists and series[edit]

How to...[edit]

Graphical content[edit]

Miscellaneous A-Z[edit]

Add the following in too, to make the above more comprehensive[edit]

And more[edit]

Pronunciation, Peer review

encouraging others to get involved Wikipedia:Naming conventions (categories) Wikipedia:Contribute what you know or are willing to learn more about Wikipedia:Watchlist help Wikipedia:Requests for adminship Category:Wikipedia FAQ Category:Wikipedia feature Wikipedia:Changing username Special:Preferences Wikipedia:Requests for comment m:Single signon transition

Wikipedia:Google test Wikipedia:Village pump Wikipedia:Redirect

Template:Please leave this line alone Wikipedia:Bootcamp Wikipedia:Introduction Wikipedia:Museum projects Wikipedia:School and university projects Wikipedia:School and university projects - instructions for teachers and lecturers Wikipedia:School and university projects - instructions for students

m:Don't be a dick m:Polls are evil m:Instruction creep

Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars ever, Wikipedia:List of bad article ideas, Wikipedia:Harmonious editing club, m:Foundation issues Wikipedia:WikiProject Countering systemic bias

Wikipedia:Wikipedia as an academic source Wikipedia:Citing Wikipedia Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikipedians against censorship User:R. fiend/How many articles does Wikipedia really have? Wikipedia:Unusual articles


Wikipedia:Interlanguage links