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My Checkuser Stats for March 2021[edit]

Like the last couple months, I'm posting some basic details on how I use the checkuser tool. This is based on running regular a series of regular expressions over the CU log, and might not be accurate. Some items are probably not optimally named.

I used the tool 71 times in March.

In March, I used the tool in the following modes:

  • In 'ipedits' mode 49 times.
  • In 'userips' mode 22 times.
  • In 'ipusers' mode 0 times.
  • In 'useredits' mode 0 times.
  • In 'investigate' mode 0 times.

These are the aggregate reasons for using it (Keep in mind that one investigation often involves more than one check):

  • Unblock-related: 34 times.
  • Second Opionion: 10 times.
  • SPI-related: 10 times.
  • Double check: 8 times.
  • Suspected Socking: 7 times
  • Comparison: 2 times.

If a CU is interested in how they use the tool, leave me a message, or email me.

I will not automate this script, or release the source code. I will not release data for others usage of the tool for any reason other than a direct request - and even then, only by email, directly to the cu making the request.

I also can't promise that I can release my own data in part, or full, every month. SQLQuery me! 18:10, 8 April 2021 (UTC)