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The Dunham House[edit]

Toolserver status
Last update 10:00, 21 June 2014 (UTC)
MySQL rosemary up
MySQL daphne up
MySQL yarrow up
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Replag s2 0h 0m 28s
Replag s3 0h 0m 21s
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More status Available here

I'm approved!, Task 2 Task 3, Task 4

As stated above, my maintainer is User:SQL.

Thanks for stopping by!

Task 1[edit]

To search Special:BrokenRedirects use the same query as mediawiki uses for broken redirects, and, report them at User:SQL/BRedir. I'm run daily via cron on the toolserver.

Source code: get_bredir.php not presently available (I'm lazy)

Task 2[edit]

Stage 1[edit]

To search for articles with <ref> tags, but, no {{Reflist}}, {{References}} or, <references /> tags, and, dump the article names to a file.

Stage 2[edit]

Post the results, see User:SQL/CREF.

Source code: User:SQLBot/Readref.php

Task 3[edit]

Tag various talkpages pages whose pages are in in various categories with various wikiproject templates. Skip if template's already there.

Task 4[edit]

Task 5[edit]

Misc tasks[edit]

  1. Updating {{NUMBEROFROLLBACKERS}}, a template that functions in a similar manner to "magic words" like {{NUMBEROFUSERS}} and gives the number of users in the rollback user group. (Every 6 hours, sometimes more frequently)
    Source code: User:SQLBot/nroll.php
  2. Keeping User:SQL/Unblocked TOR, a list of unblocked TOR exit nodes that allow wikipedia access, updated (hourly)
    Source code: User:SQL/Unblocked TOR/Source
  3. Updating the SxWiki bot framework source, whenever I make changes to it. Project moved to this sourceforge
    Source code: User:SQLBot/postcode.php
  4. Updating User:SQL/AORStats, a snapshot of admin/crat/rollbacker counts, taken every 3 days.
    Source code: User:SQLBot/tally.php
  5. Maintaining User:SQL/Funky_TOR and User:SQL/Funky_TOR/Admin_Stats, lists of possibly stale TOR nodes on Wikipedia.
    Source code: User:SQLBot/ctor2.php


  1. Cheap knock-off backup bot for #wikipedia-en-unblock.
    Source code: User:SQLBot/rfubot.php
    Instructions: User:SQLBot/RFUBot Instructions