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Article headcount[edit]

AFD Count: 24
4 keep
1 to wikinews
7 to merge
10 delete
1 redirect
1 withdrawn

Articles started in chronological order from earliest[edit]

Sometime before June 2004: Civilization: Call to Power (computer strategy game)

June 2004 Akina (a hill in Japan)

July 2004 Initial D Arcade Stage (arcade racing game), Eurobeat (music sub-genre)

August 2004 Smile.DK (Swedish pop band)

October 2004 Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions (xBox action game) , List of Wonders in Civilization (List about computer game series), Zeng Zaocai (HK famous locale, 曾灶財)

December 2004 The Return of the Condor Heroes (Chinese literature, 神雕俠侶)

March 2005 Christopher Woo (HK author, 畢華流), Mark Jason Dominus (Perl Programmer), Xfire rewrite (instant messenger), ROSE Online (Korean MMORPG)

May 2005 Happy Corner (Asian prank)

July 2005 Google Moon

November 2005 Ling Lun

February 2006 Toy's March

May 2006 Land Battle Chess

July 2006 Sangokushi Koumeiden

November 2006 Presidential Palace, Nanjing

March 2007 ‎Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice, Laura Matilda Towne, Charles Clinton Spaulding

August 2008 street running (as usage in railroad)

March 2009 Stoked

March 2010 Monte Kaolino

October 2010 Mei Ho House

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