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- John Vernon (Fletcher) , The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)

About me[edit]

My main areas of interest on Wikipedia are historical (my job) and musical (my hobby). I am mainly interested in social and military history. In music my tastes are broad, but music of the British Isles and north America, including classical, rock and particularly folk or roots are the main areas of interest.

Articles of belief[edit]

My Wikipedia principles[edit]

  1. Wikipedia is as good as it is because it is a collaborative project.
  2. Editors who correct my typos and add references are doing a great job.
  3. There is no point in editing articles whose editors cannot accept other contributions.

On the 'British Problem'[edit]

  1. I believe the British Isles includes all of Ireland.
  2. I am not dumb enough to believe that Ireland has been part of Britain or the United Kingdom since 1922.
  3. I believe Ireland is a geographical area that includes Northern Ireland.
  4. I believe that the Republic of Ireland is a really cool place that does not include Northern Ireland.

On punctuation[edit]

  1. I am going to remove all the blanket italics from quotations on Wikipedia even if it kills me. Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Italics

These articles are the major ones on which I have worked[edit]

  • Created:

Julie MatthewsKellie WhileMedieval folk rockAcousticity (The Albion Band album)Albion HeartA Sailor's LifeSon of Morris OnSpriguns of TolgusGiles Farnaby's Dream BandHedgehog PieFolk baroqueContenance AngloiseEarly music of the British IslesJohn HothbyJohn HanboysTommy Thumb's Song BookHow Many Miles to BabylonI Had a Little Nut TreeLittle Robin RedbreastMatthew, Mark, Luke and JohnSymbol support vote.svgBobby Shafto's Gone to SeaBritish rock and rollBritish folk revivalBritish soulBritish pop musicList of baroque pop artistsGothic (term)Urban GothicBaroque music of the British IslesPost-BritpopSymbol support vote.svgMusic of the United Kingdom (1950s)Music of the United Kingdom (1960s)Music of the United Kingdom (2000s)British rhythm and bluesSymbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgScotland in the Late Middle Ages‎Symbol support vote.svgCognaticNeo-psychedelia‎Scotland in the modern eraSymbol support vote.svgWarfare in Medieval Scotland‎Symbol support vote.svgScottish society in the Middle AgesSymbol support vote.svgGovernment in Medieval ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgEconomy of Scotland in the Middle Ages‎Symbol support vote.svgArt in Medieval ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgGeography of Scotland in the Middle AgesSymbol support vote.svgScotland in the Middle Ages‎Symbol support vote.svgRenaissance in ScotlandSymbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgRomanticism in Scotland‎Symbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgArchitecture of Scotland in the Middle AgesSymbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgScottish society in the early modern eraSymbol support vote.svgEconomy of Scotland in the early modern eraSymbol support vote.svgArchitecture in early modern ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgArchitecture in modern ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgArchitecture of Scotland in the Industrial RevolutionSymbol support vote.svgArchitecture of Scotland in the Prehistoric eraSymbol support vote.svgArchitecture of Scotland in the Roman eraSymbol support vote.svgScottish castlesSymbol support vote.svgGovernment in early modern ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgChurch architecture in ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgGlorious Revolution in ScotlandSymbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgWitch trials in early modern ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgWomen in early modern ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgFamily in early modern ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgEstate houses in Scotland‎Symbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgHillforts in ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgScotland under the Commonwealth‎Symbol support vote.svgMusic in early modern Scotland‎Symbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgEducation in early modern ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgDemographic history of ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgArt in early modern ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgScottish art in the eighteenth centurySymbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgScottish art in the nineteenth centurySymbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgNew Scottish GroupScottish art in the Prehistoric eraSymbol support vote.svgArt in modern ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgHousing in ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgScottish religion in the seventeenth centurySymbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgScottish religion in the eighteenth centurySymbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgChristianisation of ScotlandSymbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgPortrait painting in ScotlandSymbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgLandscape painting in ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgWarfare in early modern ScotlandSymbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgGeography of Scotland in the early modern eraSymbol support vote.svgHistory of agriculture in ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgAgriculture in Scotland in the Middle AgesAgriculture in Scotland in the early modern eraEducation in Medieval ScotlandSymbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svgScottish literature in the Middle AgesLiterature in early modern ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgGreat Scottish witch hunt of 1649-50Women in Medieval ScotlandScottish trade in the Middle AgesScottish trade in the early modern eraMusic in Medieval Scotland‎Poetry of ScotlandSeven ill yearsNovel in ScotlandScottish literature in the nineteenth centuryScottish literature in the eighteenth centuryClassical music in ScotlandScottish folk musicLiterature in modern ScotlandChildhood in early modern ScotlandScots language literatureChurch music in ScotlandIndustrial Revolution in Scotland‎Royal Court of ScotlandCourt music in ScotlandEngland in the Late Middle AgesEngland in the High Middle AgesMusic of Scotland in the eighteenth centurySculpture in ScotlandScottish education in the nineteenth centuryScottish universitiesHistory of universities in ScotlandHistory of popular religion in ScotlandMusic of Scotland in the nineteenth centuryEvangelical revival in ScotlandEducation in Scotland in the twentieth centuryHistory of schools in Scotland‎Scottish education in the eighteenth centuryList of saints of ScotlandChildhood in Scotland in the Middle AgesMusic in Medieval EnglandScottish Protestant missionsScottish genre artAgriculture in prehistoric ScotlandBandwinGardens in ScotlandScottish photographySiege of Oudenaarde

  • Expanded:

Electric folkChris WhileDaphne's FlightAlbion BandAshley HutchingsCeltic rockSimon NicolDave SwarbrickDave PeggEnglish folk musicBalladProgressive folkNursery rhymesChildren's songsRobert FayrfaxRichard DavyWork songDoctor FosterHot Cross BunsOne for Sorrow (nursery rhyme)One, Two, Three, Four, FivePeter PiperList of nursery rhymesThree Wise Men of GothamTopic RecordsMedieval studiesMedievalismEarly British popular musicMusic of the United Kingdom (1970s)Music of the United Kingdom (1980s)Beat musicBritish bluesCountry folkPop musicBritish rockBlues balladElectric bluesCountry rockPsychedelic musicSymbol support vote.svgPsychedelic soulPsychedelic popScotland in the Early Middle AgesSymbol support vote.svgHeartland rockAmerican rockElectronic rockIndie rockPost-punk revivalSymbol support vote.svgNew Orleans bluesLouisiana bluesNew RomanticismSynthpopSymbol support vote.svgScottish literatureLed ZeppelinSymbol support vote.svgChristianity in Medieval ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgArchitecture of ScotlandSymbol support vote.svgScottish artSymbol support vote.svgScotland in the Early Modern EraSymbol support vote.svgKingdom of ScotlandHistory of Christianity in ScotlandRoyal Scottish ArmyAgriculture in ScotlandScottish Agricultural RevolutionList of rock genres‎Religion in Medieval EnglandScottish ReformationGlencairn's risingRestoration (Scotland)Book of Discipline (Church of Scotland)

  • Cleaned up:

Fairport ConventionEdward II (band)Rainbow ChasersCropredy FestivalMr FoxJack the LadBroadside (music)Folk clubPsych folkConsort of instrumentsAntiphonIndustrial folk musicLittle Miss MuffetThree Blind MiceCock RobinThe Grand Old Duke of YorkOld King ColeOld Mother HubbardLondon Bridge Is Falling DownSymbol support vote.svgLittle Boy BlueMary, Mary, Quite ContraryLittle Jack HornerA Wise Old OwlA-Tisket, A-TasketAs I was going by Charing CrossSymbol support vote.svgAs I was going to St IvesBobby ShaftoBye, baby BuntingDiddle, Diddle, Dumpling, My Son JohnGeorgie PorgieGoosey Goosey GanderHere We Go Round the Mulberry Bush‎Hey Diddle DiddleHickory Dickory DockI Love Little PussyJack Be NimbleJack SpratLavender BlueLittle Poll ParrotLittle Tommy TuckerLucy LocketMonday's ChildNeedles and Pins (nursery rhyme)Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's manPeter Peter Pumpkin EaterPolly Put the Kettle OnPoor MaryPussy Cat Pussy CatRain Rain Go AwayRound and round the gardenSee Saw Margery DawSing a song of sixpenceStar Light, Star Bright‎Taffy was a WelshmanTen Little IndiansThe Muffin ManThis Old ManThree Little KittensTinker, TailorTweedledum and TweedledeeTwo Little Dickie BirdsWee Willie WinkieAiken DrumBaroque popEeny, meeny, miny, moe‎Classical music of the United Kingdom‎Rock and rollGarage rockSurf musicRoots rockSoft rockPost-grungePsychedelic rockSymbol support vote.svgRock musicSymbol support vote.svgAlternative countryGlam rockHard rockSymbol support vote.svgGlam metalSymbol support vote.svgSuburban GothicNoise popSophisti-popCock rock‎List of electronic music genresArena rockSwamp bluesScience and technology in the United KingdomJack and Jill (nursery rhyme)Symbol support vote.svgGlam punkHumpty DumptySymbol support vote.svgBaa Baa Black SheepSymbol support vote.svgRing a Ring o' RosesSymbol support vote.svgRoyal Scots NavyAcid jazzBrit funkPop rock

Templates created[edit]

Template:Celtic musicTemplate:Albion BandTemplate:Medieval musicTemplate:GothicTemplate:Scottish architectureTemplate:Early Modern ScotlandTemplate:Medieval ScotlandTemplate:Education in the United KingdomTemplate:Scottish artTemplate:Scottish religionTemplate:Scottish literatureTemplate:Scottish educationTemplate:Nineteenth-century ScotlandTemplate:Eighteenth-century ScotlandTemplate:Twentieth-century ScotlandTemplate:Valois Burgundy

Useful policies[edit]

Some other stuff[edit]

  • My user page menu User:Sabrebd/Menu
  • My scripts User:Sabrebd/vector.js
  • Why bands are often plural – [[American and British English differences#Formal and notional agreement]]
  • Sandwiching of text – [[MOS:SANDWICH]]
  • Size forcing – [[WP:IMGSIZE]]
  • The in a band name not automatically capitalised WP:THECAPS.
  • Commas in music infoboxes genres – [[Template:Infobox musical artist#genre]]
  • Citation template – <ref>{{Citation |author= |contribution= |date= |title= |journal= |editor= |edition= |isbn= |issn= |volume= |pages= |place= |publisher= |url= |accessdate= |authorlink= |archiveurl= |archivedate= }}.</ref>
  • [[WP:CIRCULAR|Wikipedia cannot be a source for itself]]
  • "Centuries are given in figures or words" [[WP:ORDINAL]]
  • Date ranges to two figures, eg. 1889–91 [[WP:DATEOTHER]]
  • Infobox Musical Artist guidelines Template:Infobox musical artist.


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