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i can't find the sky.

i can't find the sea.

i can't find the people.

i guess the people can't find me.


I was concieved on the dark side of the moon, the love child of a Moon Amazon and a top-secret Russian cosmonaut.


I worship Favilus, the pitiful god of soot.


A cat with six toes on its aft left foot. It has no first name since it would never answer to it anyway. It's middle name is the set of all strings made up of the 27 letters of the Catalan alphabet. It's last name is Eigenvector. Also worthy of note is the fact that said cat exists purely as a figment of my imagination.


  • Question the motivation and accuracy behind any information whether it favors you or not.
  • Read footnotes.


  • Computer science
  • Linguistics
  • Sociology
  • Politicks
  • Musick
  • Quantum Physicks
  • Creative anachronistic spelling
  • Literature
  • Art
  • Computer history
  • Spanish history