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Who Be Me?[edit]

I make stuff. Some real stuff, some stuff that is just electrical impulses, and some stuff that is just waves.

I like it here, because I get to clean the dark, dirty corners that most people skip over; I often learn something new while trying to patch the holes and cracks.

Sometimes I'll go all out for a few hours, sometimes just for a minute or two. I'm not as hard core as Wilhlmina Will, and I never will be, but she's one of my WikiHeroes.

Beating back the Visgoths[edit]

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Wikification project[edit]

Just FYI (for myself)

{{In use|[[WP:WWF|wikification]] by [[User talk:Safety_Cap|Safety Cap]]|time=~~~~~}}

Current Project[edit]

Working on getting this to zero:

Welcoming Committee[edit]


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Workin' for the Man[edit]

My goal is to make it to "Veteran Editor" and then I'll hand-tool myself a real Book Of Knowledge. Or not.

  • 1st on 3 June 2004
  • 1,000th on 14 April 2011 (Dork!)
6 years, 10 months and 11 days
  • 2,000th on 23 August 2011 (Super Dork!)
4 months and 9 days
  • 2,500th on 18 January 2013 (Ultra Dork!)
1 year, 4 months and 26 days
  • 3,000th on 14 August 2014 (Mega Dork!)
4 years, 1 month and 10 days


This editor is a Journeyman Editor and is entitled to display this Service Badge.
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The Journeyman lv 4, Awarded for being a Registered Editor for 9 months 15 days and completion of 3,500 edits

Service Equals Citizenship[edit]

Currently, this editor has earned a Journeyman Editor (or Grognard) service award.

To get to the next level, Yeoman Editor (or Grognard Extraordinaire), he needs to meet the editing requirement.

Progress towards the next level (by edits): [ 1686 / 2000 ]

84.3% completed


Nerd Flair[edit]

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