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Erin Ptah joined Wikipedia primarily to correct apostrophe errors.

She uses some variation on the alias "Sailor Ptah" for everything, and if you see a Sailor Ptah around, it's her (unless it's her evil twin Elizabeth, but that's another story).

Personal Life[edit]

This page has been vandalized 12 times, often by people who feel her sexuality is of direst importance. In their honor: Erin is a single gay gay, a gay, a registered member of the gays, a gay, a gay, a gay, a student at some gay place, a devout gay, a creator of gay comics, gay, an gay, a lover of the ladies, and a gay, not necessarily in that order.

She is a fan of Jon Stewart, Octavia E. Butler, Neil Gaiman, Bill Watterson, Scott McCloud, Julia Sweeney, Philip K. Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen Colbert, Ellen DeGeneres, Joseph Campbell, George Herriman, Dave Barry, Scott Adams, Douglas Adams, Paul Graham, Wiley Miller, and Maya Keyes, not necessarily in that order.

Her father teaches computer science; her mother has a doctorate in theology; her younger brother is a Lego enthusiast and a gamer. She agrees with her great-great-aunt that fashion is spinach. She loves feta cheese, almonds, korma, and Mountain Dew; reads science fiction, comics, and webcomics; and listens to classic rock.


Erin has geeked out over many series over the years. These days she is also a diehard fan of massive multiplayer crossovers.

Her first experience with the online side of fandom involved Superfriends. Her first experience with the salacious side of fandom involved Thundercats. She was in fifth grade at the time. And that's all she's going to say about that.

At the end of elementary school she got into Sailor Moon, then looked it up online and found out that, wow, there were a lot of people into Sailor Moon. The world opened up. To this day, she believes in Usagi Tsukino like some people believe in Harvey Dent.

In high school Erin discovered Hellsing, and all you-know-what broke loose. Her fangirling of Integra Hellsing led to the crossover fancomic And Shine Heaven Now. It has been running since March of 2003, and is theoretically eligible for all kinds of awards, if only someone would nominate it.

She has been watching The Daily Show religiously since 2005, and The Colbert Report since the second night it ran. Don't ask her about Stephen Colbert (character) unless you're willing to listen to her analyze him down to the last eyelash.

Erin's more minor fandoms include Doctor Who, Victorian Romance Emma, the Oz books, Read or Die, Maria-sama ga Miteru, Calvin and Hobbes, The Lord of the Rings, Good Omens, the Sandman series, and Red Dwarf. A more complete sampling can be found here.

Most of her fannish interests are Japanese. At last count, she owned over 150 volumes of manga. Admittedly, a lot of them are in French.


If two entangled quarks are in New York and San Francisco at 4:00 PM, and one of them reverses the polarity of the neutron flow, does it make a sound?


Erin swears by cheap sketchbooks, 99-cent notebooks, and free software. When other little girls wanted to be vampires, she kind of wanted to be a cartoonist. This is a profession that encourages being frugal.

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