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Areas of interest/expertise:

  • Astronomy
  • Naval/ships/sailing
  • military hardware
  • climate change
  • Virginia

I consider myself a skeptic, in the true original sense of the word. I require evidence. I distrust assertions without evidence, but when confronted with evidence contrary to my opinions, I am happy to change them. I like sourcing articles and like to see un- or poorly-sourced articles deleted. Does that make me an inclusionist or deletionist? I can't really say....

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Articles written:

Articles with significant work:

Random wiki rules i follow that aren't listed elsewhere (yet)[edit]

  • XfD Golden Rule: If nominating a page for deletion, comment on the number of other nominations that you would like votes in your XfD. I.e. if you hope to get input from at least two other people, drop a comment on at least two other XfDs
The Signpost
3 February 2016

Wikipedia vandalism information

Level 4

Low to moderate level of vandalism.


4.70 RPM according to APersonBot 07:01, 9 February 2016 (UTC)


Alternate Account[edit]

SailsbyGPS (talk · contribs) - to avoid watchlist checking snafus on mobile