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Yang Xia (Cambridge)

Saintdoko/Yang Xia
Yang Xia 夏杨
Born (1984-08-27)August 27, 1984
Shandong, China
Residence Cambridge, United Kingdom
Nationality Chinese
Scientific career
Institutions University of Cambridge; Trinity College; Shandong Yingcai University; JPMorgan Chase; Boston Consulting Group; Camtessential

Yang Xia, BA Hons Cantab, PhD Cantab (born August 27, 1984) is a renowned Chinese icon that has graduated from Trinity College, University of Cambridge. During his earlier years as students, he has been extensively involved with cultural and business communications between the United Kingdom and China. Yang is currently a management consultant with Boston Consulting Group, while also serving as Director for Camtessential, the high-end China Development Forum of Cambridge.

Early life and education[edit]

Yang was born in Shandong Province of China,


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