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Hi! I'm Michael and if you've reached this page then I pity you! No really I do! Anyway, about me...well I'm just an average 16 year old who spends most of his time encased in homework, who's perhaps a bit nerdy at times and who certainly talks too much :)

I'm interested in all sorts of stuff - I've played the organ (music) since I was 7, before changing to the piano when I was 13 (I've just passed grade 8 YAY! so now I'm on the long road that is ULP...diploma!). I also sing and have been getting lessons since I was 14...I'm working for my grade 8 at the moment so I've got songs and arias coming out my ears :P I sing in the local authority senior choir (for 14-18 year olds) where I sing tenor, and I'm also in the school vocal ensemble (the teacher obviously wants to avoid the term "school choir" :D) I also play the cello in the school orchestra and have been getting lessons since I was about 14. I'm about grade 6 so I'm now learning all the crazily high positions on the finger board one after the other (URK!) which takes quite a lot of mental strain!! I listen to all sorts of music - I like classical music, jazz, opera, rock and traditional Eastern European folk music (the music of my grandfather's country, and the ones around about...) My favourite artists/groups are Razorlight, Joan Sutherland, Lucia Popp, Jamie Cullum and the Kaiser Chiefs.

I'm also quite mathsy and sciency - I'm studying chemistry, physics and maths at the moment in school, the sciences at SQA Higher and Maths at Advanced Higher...which is a bit of a drain on the brain, but I like it! I love astronomy and I'm considering doing something involving astrophysics in later life, if I pass my exams, that is! I could stare at the sky for ages, and love reading about space, the stars and all the amazing phenomena out there, just waiting to be explored...ooops sorry got a wee bit too carried away :S

I love reading as well, sci-fi and detective novels being the literature of choice! Sherlock Holmes (or is that Sheer-luck Holmes...) and Agatha Christie are my staple reading matter, as well as Star Trek books. I also have a soft spot for Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice rocks!). I like watching similar stuff on TV! I watch a lot of Agatha Christie (David Suchet is unsurpassable as Hercule Poirot) and Sherlock Holmes (ditto Jeremy Brett!), as well as Star Trek (ditto Voyager!). I love the classic 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice by the BBC (Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth are AMAZING!) and most versions of all the Jane Austens. Also like the new BBC serial version of Bleak House (go Anna Maxwell-Martin! and Gillian Anderson!...and Carey Mulligan!...and everyone else for that matter!) and North and South, Elizabeth Gaskell's "second attempt" at an exposée of the cotton industry, after Mary Barton being "tamed," (chapeau! Richard Armitage (actor)).

Well that's me in a nutshell! You'll probably find me editing articles on these subjects I've mentioned since they're what I'm familiar with! If you've bothered to read down to here then hats off to you! You will go far since your concentration span must be immense!! :)

By the way please don't edit this without going on my talk page so you can tell me! If it's a typo or a grammar error feel free to point it out and I'll change it...but only I know me so don't go changing me!

This shows you more about me and saves me telling you all myself what I here goes!

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