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About me[edit]

I mainly here to do article cleanup, new-page patrol. I have a particular interest in articles which promote non-evidence based medicine and fringe topics. Those of us whose delete significantly more than we create are often accused of acting anonymously and from perverse motives. This short introduction is intended to explain myself and what I try to do as a Wikipedia volunteer.

I tend to be a deletionist. My concern is that as a mature encyclopedia which already covers most important topics we should be focusing on quality of articles rather than quantity. Bad information, especially in insufficiently sourced articles expose the entire project to reputational harm.

This means I will usually vote to delete articles that may seem to be truthful on the basis of the general notability guidelines or other applicable notability policies. I tend to construe these policies strictly - the rationale being that if the community decides to change these polices we can.

I'm particularly concerned about articles which make medical claims. I'm a strong supporter of the WP:MEDRS which raises the bar for sources in biomedical articles. I believe that this policy should be enforced rigorously in order to prevent Wikipedia from becoming a repository of bad medical advice.

I'm also concerned about article subject areas which are presumed to have "inherent notability", for example high-schools. On this point I'm clearly in the minority - my belief is that no topic should be considered inherently notable. The general notability guidelines should be universally applied.

Presuming some category of topics to be inherently notable always seems to lead to a profusion of low-quality, insufficiently sourced articles of that type. In most cases some other web-site would be a more suitable repository for the kind of information that tends to accumulate in inherently notable topics.

In addition to the Fringe Theories Noticeboard you might also find me on the Wikipedia-en IRC channel. If you want to contact me privately I can be found on Google Hangouts.


I'm not a Wikipedia admin, however I've long felt that it would be interesting to volunteer in this way.

As of yet I have not nominated myself for this position as I've yet to identify anything that I cannot currently do as a regular Wikipedia editor. Furthermore, I still feel that I have much to learn about Wikipedia's policies and practice. It's something that I might be ready to try in a few years time. I have nothing but respect for the volunteers who choose to take on this additional burden and responsibility.

My personal life[edit]

My real name is Salim Fadhley. I'm partnered. I have two children. I live in Muswell Hill, North London and work in banking as a software developer.

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