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Love, Truth, Forgiveness


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Salty Sailor[edit]

References love for sea and sailing, although I have had fun on lakes. I have determined that tidal estuaries are a chalange requiring local knowledge.

This user is an Athenian[edit]

"Then Athena, child of Zeus whose shield is thunder, letting fall her supple robe at the Father's threshold - rich brocade, stitched with her own hand's labor- donned the battle-shirt of the lord of lightning, buckled her breastplate geared for wrenching war and over her shoulders slung her shield, all tassels flaring terror - Panic mounted high in a crown around it, Hate and Defense across it, Assault to freeze the blood and right in their midst the Gorgon's monstrous head, that rippling dragon horror, sign of storming Zeus. Then over her brows Athena placed her golden helmet fronted with four knobs and forked with twin horns, engraved with the fighting men of a hundred towns. The onto the flaming chariot Pallas set her feet and seized her spear - weighted, heavy, the massive shaft she wields to break the battle lines of heroes the mighty Father's daughter storms against."


I love history and have made a life long pursuit of interviewing people who are eye witnesses to aspects of history that are not well represented in writing. I have been fortunate to observe some of history unfold first hand. My intentions to to do good, so please tell me if I get carried away. I especially appreciate constructive criticism and even more constructive edits.

My Comments[edit]

Admins do the dirty work, thanks guys, editing is more fun

Click on this for the comments on editing wikipedia WP:OWB

If you get upset about editing, take a few days off.

copy left non comercial[edit]

While I would like to do Copy left, No comercial use without permission, the Policy does not allow it. So I will provide fewer of my own works that I am willing to have used for profit purposes by third parties. I indtend to try to have a version adopted that says any educational use, any use by a non-profit , any use by Wikipedia and related wikis. Permision required by others when it is for profit.


Uploaded Pictures[edit]

annotated pictures[edit]

NASA satellite image showing smoke plumes from Blue Cut Fire [1] North is too the lower left of image. Pacific Ocean is at lower right.

logos which may not be reproduced here[edit]


pictures which may not be reproduced here[edit]

Kc45 Fuels b2 rendering.jpg

Articles Started[edit]

Sherman Block
Peter J. Pitchess
Eugene W. Biscailuz
Celia Heller
Seyhan Dam
Red Rider Ranch
Isabella Coleman


Copy Left originally had something like the following, which I used to make use of in the 1980s. I added it because I like to create things for the common good but want to control for profit use.

CopyLeftNonCommercial {{}}


started the following wiki books[edit]


since i forget here are some of my favorite tools:

{{Talkback|your username}} example:
{{Talkback|Saltysailor}} gives

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  1. ^ "Blue Cut Smoke Plume". NASA JPL. August 19, 2016. Retrieved August 19, 2016.