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NameBenoit Landry
Birth date (1990-02-07) 7 February 1990 (age 33)
LocationMontreal, Canada
Time zoneEDT Current time for UTC-4 is 05:26
Height6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
WeightToo much
"Religion"Irreligious apatheism
Sexuality Lithromantic Pansexual
IdeologyEgalitarian and consequentialist libertarianism
Political parties
EmploymentTelecom coordinator for
Luminet Solutions
FacebookBenoit Landry on Facebook
Twitter@Salvidrim on Twitter
InstagramSalvidrim on Instagram
PSN & Steam &
Nintendo ID
Main accountSalvidrim: ((2009-07-05)5 July 2009 - (2013-05-31)31 May 2013)
Salvidrim!: ((2013-05-31)31 May 2013 - )
Active editor((2011-09-20)20 September 2011 - )
Administrator((2013-01-14)14 January 2013RfA - (2018-01-05)5 January 2018desysop)
Maybe 2022 is the year to return?
UTRSVolunteer: ((2014-09-01)1 September 2014 - (2018-01-05)5 January 2018)

Tool admin: ((2015-02-06)6 February 2015 - (2016-05-31)31 May 2016)
Tool Ambassador ((2016-06-01)1 June 2016 - (2018-01-05)5 January 2018)

Signed General confid. agreement: 8 Jun. 2016
OTRSVolunteer: ((2015-07-21)21 July 2015 - (2017-12-19)19 December 2017)
Signed OTRS confid. agreement: 29 Sept. 2015
SPI TeamClerk trainee ((2014-09-19)19 September 2014 - (2015-07-19)19 July 2015)
Clerk ((2015-07-19)19 July 2015 - (2017-12-21)21 December 2017)
ID'ed to the WMF31 July 2014 (d)
— Not in a million years! —

AUSC: August 2014 candidacy
ArbCom: 2015 elections: Withdrawn
ArbCom: 2016 elections: 9th for 7 seats
Bureaucrat: July 2017: Withdrawn RfB

CU-OS: Never even gonna try, lol
WP:DiscordSalvidrim#0022 (Ben · Salvidrim!)
IRC Cloak@wikipedia/Salvidrim
SignatureBen · Salvidrim! 

.- Salvidrim is my Internet-wide username, sometimes abbreviated as "Salv" for convenience's sake. I reserve the right to alter your comments if you misspell my username!
.- My real name is Benoit Landry, I'm French Canadian by birth, thus I am fully bilingual; je parle français!
.- I'm always ready to be proven wrong, so if I do or say something stupid, {{trout}} me freely!
.- I'm a gamer at heart, so you'll often find me hanging around WikiProject:VG.
.- I enjoy participating in or closing consensus-seeking activities like RMs, XfDs, RfCs and so on; perhaps especially participating in VG-related discussions, and closing meta ones (MRV, DRV, etc.)
.- I will alter your talk page comments if their format is an obstacle to comprehension. I will not change their content (other than as described on the first bullet point), but will not hesitate to fix links, templates, headers or indentation... especially indentation.
.- The WikiPhilosophies I identify with moderately are eventualism and rehabilism. I'm a softie for second chances.
.- I vigorously defend and "enable" the infamous hated-but-productive editors. I'm willing to go the extra mile and try my best to channel their energy and contibutions towards their area of expertise, and minimize or disregard the inevitable conflicts around them; because I value their contributions more than I value "a good editing atmosphere". But that sentiment is often at odds with the general population1 and that disappoints me.
.- If an IP or plausible sock is editing constructively, then I prefer not knowing if they're secretly a banned user, for some people might clamor for a block despite policy that says rules should never get in the way of improvements. Seeing G5 weaponized to delete appropriate articles revolts me.
.- As you can see.... I'm really, really into bullet points.
.- I use a handful of user scripts and gadgets, adding more whenever I find them.
.- From my home office, I edit via Chrome on Windows 10 Pro, about half of the time I edit from my Pixel 2 XL via Chrome on Android 11, via the Desktop version of Wikipedia (both the Mobile version and the official App suck).
.- I create a bunch of redirects to existing articles whenever I notice they might help.
.- If I see an article-less topic which passes any notability guideline, I'll sometimes stub it for others to improve.
.- In the last quarter of 2017, to help wikinewbie PR hotshot Jacob Pace (User:JacobMW), I accepted to engage in minor non-content paid editing using account User:Salvidrim! (paid). I used my admin tools to grant this alt the page mover userright, and then used that to perform a paid round-robin move. I used my experience to coach Jacob on the ins-and-outs of Wikipedia and how to best be successful at paid editing by avoiding attracting the attention of the community and of anti-paid-editing advocates. I also colluded with a friend to obtain a quick AfC pass without proper community review for two articles I had been paid to cleanup, and flaunted that "review" as a voucher of neutrality during subsequent AfDs. As a result, I was desysopped per Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Conduct of Mister Wiki editors, and therefore also lost my roles as an SPI Clerk and at UTRS & OTRS. All that for 80$. I was also prohibited from reviewing other editors' AfC submissions for about a year. Kids, when it comes to paid editing, JUST SAY NO!!!
.- I am a strong supporter of the inclusion of non-textual data in all articles for the benefits of readers that tend to be quicker analysts like me: Infoboxes, navboxes, talk page banners, Wikidata, categories, portals, hatnotes, etc.
.- I am not in favor of allowing unregistered contributors to edit but I understand the current consensus; part of the reason are privacy-based (see detailed comment by Brion Vibber, WMF Lead Software Architect), but I also think that by requiring registration we would prevent more bad edits than we would lose good ones, leading to a net positive; my work at WP:SPI also led me to conclude that when faced with malicious editors, accounts are somewhat easier to counteract. I also consider myself a strong advocate for tranparency and against privacy in general, and remain hopeful that the Internet in general will continue evolving towards things like real-name accounts, identities persistent throughout multiple websites, strengthening the public nature of social media posts and their metadata, diminishing obfuscation of backroom discussions and enhanced protection of what we call "whistleblowers" or "leakers".
.- I don't have as much free time as I wish I did, but I do what I can, when I can. Hours of hyperactivity follow days of passive watching.

One of the most important things to remember is this: When dealing with a "bad doer", be it a sockpuppet, vandal or edit warrior, you have to remain calm. Cool. Collected. If you ramp up the drama, you make it more likely that they will retaliate even more, so now you have more vandalism, more socks, more problems. Failure to handle a situation in a calm manner leads to more problems, more drama.
— Dennis Brown, [1]

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  • Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone (e|t|h|li|w|lo)
  • Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm (e|t|h|li|w|lo)

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    Users blocked 877
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    1. Use DabSolver to fix issues in WP:VG or my Watchlist.
    2. Generally maintain WP:NIN & related pages... sometimes. But I'm lazy. Bite me. :)
    1. Requests: HelpMe! · EditReq-SPP · EditReq-FPP · EditReq-COI · HistMerges · RMTR
    2. Reports: RFPP · UAA · AIV · SPI · WP:RFC/N
    3. Deletion: xPROD · CSD · AfD · MfD · CfD · TfD · RfD · DRV · UND
    4. Closure: RM · MRV · ANRFC
    5. Permissions: TE · Autopatrolled · Confirmed · Reviewer · Rollback
    6. Check out WP:VG/AA for any discussions I feel I can contribute to, especially RMs & AfDs (RS · Sit).
    7. Make the "WP 1.0 bot" generate a report here to make sure WP:VG articles are assessed as needed.