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Info on Bobby Sheldon[edit]

Robert E. "Bobby" Sheldon built the first automobile in Alaska. He had only seen cars in pictures before. The Sheldon car used a two-stroke engine from a boat, wheels from a buggy, and seat cushions from bar stools.

Sheldon drove from Fairbanks to Valdez in 1913, becoming the first civilian to do so. - Richardson Highway

Sheldon went on to become an Alaska road commissioner, lobbying to improve the Valdez Trail and the road system throughout the state. He served in Alaska’s Territorial Legislature, was a Fairbanks postmaster and served in the House of Representatives, First State Legislature, when Alaska was granted statehood. He died in 1983 at the age of 99. - The Sheldon: Alaska’s first car

Sheldon was also the manager of the Mount McKinley Tourist and Transportation Company. - History of the Concession at Denali National Park