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I am a popular UK broadcaster (presenter) on radio, tv and on various online tv networks such as TWiT TV. I'm originally from Exeter, UK. Sam is generally associated with culturally or socially innovative community media initiatives, such as the pioneering UK Muslim-Jewish online broadcast project Salaam Shalom Media, working with the BBC on various Radio shows as well as a the BBC Anchor Partnership.

Sam's WIKIPEDIA / WIKIMEDIA UK History... so far:

September 2010 - January 2011: volunteers for Wikimedia UK, working alongside Jimmy Wales for the Wikipedia 10th Anniversary talks in Bristol, UK which took place at Bristol University.

May 2011: helping with coverage of the Wikimedia UK AGM (Bristol, England)

February 2012 - Present: working for Wikimedia UK, as a Media Consultant and Webcast Live Event Producer, for Monmouthpedia . Taking place in Monmouth, Wales.

February 2012 - Present: member of the bid team, helping to hold Wikimania 2013 in Bristol, England. Watch the promo video here >