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I'm ready to announce my retirement from Wikipedia, It's been a good run. Posted my past contribution and of course it was rejected. So That's that then.

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August 12, 2014.

Fuck you all I'm out!

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______________________________________________ resources: (Tsuu T'ina nation 145 article) (City of Faith hospital). (some clues about 2011 Nenshi-home building riff). (Naheed Nenshi. Calgary Herald. March 9.2013. Nenshi: 'There’s no shortage of land on which to build homes.....').

-(Article ISIS resistance). Look up and post about resistance ISIS is facing.... (Irgent). August 1, 2014 (URGENT PROJECT).


Tsuu Tina Nation article. I mentioned that recently a grandmother and her two grand children were blown up by a unexploded ordinance at Tsuu Tina. It happened 1953.... Correct this when I find a corresponding data. (completed in July 2014)

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Current projects (watchlist): Immolations for political protest, and Tibetan Immolations article, White Elephant, Naheed Nenshi, Oakland Child Killer, Tsuu T'ina Nation Indian reserve No. 145. .

Highlights of my contributions[edit]

2014: Craiglist section critism subheading:Violent crimes associated with Craigslist Ads[edit]

In 2013, CNOOC subsidiary Nexen donated 1.5M dollars to the Calgary Public Library. The company has secured the naming rights for high tech learning commons of the New Central Library. CNOOC CEO Li Fanrong reiterated the gesture was motivated by the company's corporate responsibilities to Calgary.[1] There have been concerns of censorship as CNOOC is a Chinese state run company, however McIntyre Royston library foundation head assures that the library's collection won't be censored. October 2014: Article: Patrick Brazeau. Under Catagory: Legal troubles and Suspension from the Senate. In October 13 2014, Brazeau was charged for intoxicated driving. An officer investigated a unconscious Brazeau as he parked and was seated behind the steering wheel and he detected a strong scent of liquor. Brazeau tested for .8 BAC at the police station.[34]He is officially charged with:violating bail conditions and intoxicated driving. A knife was found in his vehicle, and he was charged with weapons possession violating bail conditions. Brazeau was court ordered to two months of detox rehabilitation as he awaits trial.[35] September 2014:

Article. Dan Vandal, section: 2nd return to city council).

As one of his last acts as councilor in September 2014, Vandal instigated a two part motion to address the plight of abducted vulnerable women nationwide, particularly Native women. The motion calls for: the city to support the growing nationwide body of advocates including party leaders and advocates and Winnipeg, and provincial governments demanding a Federal inquiry into the plight of abducted and murdered women.[71][72][73] The motion also calls for greater support for the Winnipeg Police to protect and socially support the recovery of vulnerable women of Winnipeg.[74] The motion was passed with a vote of 14-1 on September 24, 2014 and Winnipeg the first major municipality to join the body of advocates. Outgoing mayor Sam Katz amended the proposition to include $150K to support an aborginal youth drop in center. Vandal believes that this position will help open a dialog and advocate for the reforms to enhance protection of vulnerable women by giving them a voice.[75]

(Sources I need)

Although most transactions conducted with the Craigslist service are typically peaceful. There were instances of violent crimes committed against and by posters and respondents of the service.[53] In 2007 an Autistic teenager Michael John Anderson from Savage Minnesota placed an advertisement for a babysitting position posing as a mother named 'Amy'. He lured 24 year old drama-art student Katherine Ann Olson to his home for a job interview and shot her with a .357 Handgun.[54][55] In 2011 medical student Philip Markoff dubbed the 'Craigslist Killer' murdered and robbed Julissa Brisman. Markoff robbed assaulted Trisha Leffler and Corinne Stout. Although no clear evidence links Markam to using the service all three victims posted erotic ads on Craigslist.[56][57]

    • Update**. Craigslist is canceled. A higher editor doesn't want it.... August, 2014.

2013 small contribution[edit]

article: Senator Romedo Dallaire appointment to canadian senate

In 2013, Senator Dallaire voiced his concern objecting to the 2014 budget closure of nine veterans affairs offices and the dismissal of 900 VA staff as well $226M CAD of funding cut from the program. Early in Dallaire's post military career he was tasked by the Department of National Defense (DND), to create a program that will support the rehabilitation needs of former military personnel.[14]

article: Dave Bronconnie section: Mayoralty Mayoralty[edit] Environmental leadership[edit] Mounting international, domestic, and celebrity criticism[8][9][10]of Alberta's underdeveloped Green technology infrastructure prompted former Premier Ed Stelmach's government to commit $4B CAD to a province wide green capital projects plan in 2009.[11] In 2009 Bronconnier and Pembina Institute was awarded at the "UN Climate Change Summit" with the 'Reaching Out to Global Energy Award' for the technical and engineering collaboration with Calgary's 'Greening the Grid program'.[12] city consulted with Pembina for technical advice.[13]Pembina scholars compiled the 'Options for Reducing GHG Emissions in Calgary'[14] to advise the city on how to implement infrastructure projects for environmental protection. The city acted on these recommendations through city owned company Enmax decided on a series of public works facilities such as the 'Shepard Energy Center', and a 12 Turbine wind farm that supplies wind power for Calgary Transit's C-trains, and the District Energy Centre a heat capture energy plant providing heat and energy for the downtown core.[15]The city publication of the 'Greening the Grid' was entitled 'Calgary Climate Change Action Plan: Target (down arrow) 50' (Target Minus 50)[16] The 'Greening the Grid' program's objectives are to empower city facilities by renewable sources by 2012. Calgary Transit's C-trains' electrical needs were partially provided by wind power in 2001, by 2009 the inception year of 'Greening the Grid', the C-train were fully empowered by 'Ride the Wind' a program launched by Enmax and wind power engineers 'Vision Quest Windlectric.[17] committed $250M CAD on the 'Greening the grid' program. [18]

article:1977 September. Evangelical pastor Oral Roberts, publishes plans to build the 'City of God Hospital' in Tulsa Oklahoma. The towers were completed in 1981 for $120MUSD($299M, in 2012)[6]

article:Roman Catholism in Germany section: 2013 Increased Resignations of registered Catholics and allegations of misappropriation of Franz-Peter Tebartz/ "Tebartez-Effect"[edit] A spate of nation wide resignations and protest occurred in late 2013 caused by what church officials termed as the 'Tebartz-effect'. Investigations revealed alleged misappropriation of church funds by Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst of Limberg over several years. Nicknamed the 'bling-Bishop' he has attracted growing disapproval for hypocrisy for preaching the virtues of poverty while living extravagantly, such as, travelling first class on humanitarian missions to India with flights costing around €7,000 each.[28] Tebartz and Vice-Vicar Franz Kaspar both qualified for Lufthansa's luxury frequent flyer Senator grade seating requiring them to accumulate over 100,000 status points annually. Tebartz commissioned a Bishop's residence complex entitled the 'St. Nicolas Diocese Center' costing €5.5M[29] Details of the project were kept secret from Limburg's construction authorities to confirm rumors of stately luxuries such as saunas and wine cellars to interior decorations with precious gem stones. However, Limburg's citizens found the building to resemble a 'Kabba of Limburg', as the colour and its cubical shape resembled the Kabba of Mecca. The diocese budgeted tightly. It often lacked the funding to afford basic overhead and upkeep of church facilities such as maintenance, and disbanded services such as daycare.[30] The "Tebartz-effect" has also disenfranchised both Protestant and Catholic Christians. In Cologne the Evangelical church encountered an 80% increase of absent, with 228 de-registered.[31]1250 Barvarians left the church in October doubled from 602 in September 2013.Throughout Germany the cities of Bremen, Osnabrück,Paderborn,Passau and Regensburg report three-fold increases of Catholic resignations.[32]

December 2013 (Article: Maculay Culkin). Also added his new role as muscian of the band. Pizza Underground[edit] In December 2013, a viral video of Culkin eating a cheese pizza was uploaded to Youtube. He was parodying Andy Warhol consuming a Burger King Whopper in Jorgen Leth's documentary '66 Scenes from America'.[20] Culkin was promoting the debut of New York pizza based Velvet Underground cover band and advant-garde art troupe 'Pizza Underground' he currently preforms with.[21]

Cityplex Towers[edit]


History[edit] Oral Roberts went to California in 1977 after the death of his daughter and son-in-law, who were killed along with five other passengers in an small airplane crash.[1] During the pilgrimage Roberts claimed to receive a vision and revelation of God commanding him and construct the City of Faith Medical and Research Center.[2][3]The facility was conceived to serve as a nationally renowned healing and research and teaching facility for the medical faculty of the adjacent Oral Roberts University.[4]The hospital was intended to combined the healing disciplines of modern medical science and faith healing where volunteer 'praying partners' comforted the patients with prayers. A gigantic bronze sculpture entitled "Praying Hands", representing the hands of science and faith clasped together in prayer, was erected at the entrance of the hospital. Early struggles, funding and visions of Jesus[edit] Roberts encountered many obstacles during the construction of the City of Faith hospital which was constructed between 1979 and 1981. Such as opposition by the Oklahoma health authorities who objected against the necessity for the project. They cited that resources would be wasted as overhead increased caused by an abundance of empty beds and the hospital would divert medical staff leading to a shortage.[5]Oklahoma City attorney, Earl Sneed opposed the hospital as the facility offered a redundant service and skepticism with the discipline of faith healing.[6] Roberts struggled to find financial support during the early stages of planning.[7] Through a series of revelations and visions from God Roberts claimed to have receive instructions to realize the completion of City of Faith, and reassure his follower 'partners' of the completion of the hospital. According to a fund raising letter, on May 25,1980 Roberts prayed for guidance in front of the unfinished hospital. Roberts envisioned a 900 foot Jesus encouraged him to continue the project.Jesus said according to Roberts 'I told you I would speak to your 'partners', and through them I will build it' Roberts described the vision:

Battle of Alberta[edit]

section Hosting international and domestic events and conferences[edit] The rivalry also extends outside of team sports to international events. Both cities have hosted numerous national and international championships and other tournaments. Both cities have hosted large world-class and domestic renowned events. The constant one-upmanship of the two cities in this field has receded in recent years, and they cooperated in successful joint bid to host the 2012 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships. Previously, the province hosted the event in 1995. In that year, the city of Red Deer, a city between Edmonton and Calgary, was the primary venue. Edmonton and Calgary each hosted a few games as well. Renowned events hosted in Calgary[edit] Calgary hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics, the 1996 International Rotarian Convention,[24] and the 1997 World Police and Fire Games as well as the World Skills competition in 2009. Calgary is also an annual stop for many winter sport organizations, including ISU (speed skating), FIBT (bobsled and skeleton), FIL (luge), and some FIS (skiing) events. Calgary is also home to the world-famous Calgary Stampede equestrian exhibition. Calgary was designated as "Canada's Cultural Capital" in 2012 for the inaugural year of the program. The federal government granted $1.6 million to develop and renovate the city's cultural institutions and promote the arts.[25][26] Social entrepreneurs and scholars will conference in Calgary on October 2013 for the 6th Social Enterprise World Forum to discuss solutions for global problems. [27] In April of 2013, Calgary was one of the 12 cities to host a conference to discuss the upcoming 150th Canadian Anniversary.[28] Renowned events hosted in Edmonton[edit] Edmonton hosted the 1978 Commonwealth Games, the 1983 World University Games (Universiade), the 2001 World Championships in Athletics,[29] and the 2005 World Master Games. Edmonton also had a circuit on the IndyCar Series, the Edmonton Indy. Edmonton annually hosts North America's largest fringe festival, the Edmonton International Fringe Festival every August, as well as the Canadian Finals Rodeo in November. The city also plays host to K-Days every July. Edmonton was designated as one of the host cities of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup.

sectionDual bid for hosting Expo 2017[edit] In 2007, Edmonton started assessing the viability of hosting Expo 2017. The Edmonton City Council approved the building of a bid on April 15, 2009. Later in April, Calgary announced its coming bid to host Expo 2017, though it had not expressed any interest beforehand. In July of the same year, a disagreement occurred when Edmonton received provincial funding for its bid, while Calgary did not. Since then Calgary has withdrawn its bid to host the event.

section Dual hosting of events[edit] Edmonton and Calgary among other Albertan towns, were both venues of the cross province "Tour of Alberta" bicycle marathon in 2013 the marathon's inaugural year. It is anticipated the event will return for 2014 and beyond.[30]

Tsuu T'ina Natio ongoing[edit]

section Ring road agreement[edit]

In October 2013, members of the Tsuu T'ina nation voted to accept the latest offer from the Province of Alberta in a referendum to exchange 428 acres of nation territory for an expansion 2,160 acres of crown land. The nation will be compensated with $66M with relocation assistance and $275M.[18] Chief Roy Whitney signed the accord with Premier Alison Redford on November 27, 2013. Hazardous material utilities such as a high pressured gas line, and electronic Enmax substation will be rerouted along the road route.[19] The decision was difficult as considerations that troubled the community such as relocation. According to tribe spokesperson Peter Manywounds, that the route will be built through prime agricultural and scenically aesthetic land.[20] also states that the vague wording of previous attempted agreements contributed to reluctance in the past to agree on negotiations. Chief Roy Whitney anticipates that the road will bring development along the route that the nation members can benefit from especially for the 'Grey Eagle resort'. Residents of the Lake view neighborhood are also relieved as they were troubled over a decade by the future prospect of their homes along 37 Street adjacent to the proposed detour being demolished.[18]

section Tsuu T'ina Calgary relations[edit] Throughout his term Nenshi has met extensively with Chief Roy Whitney leader of the Tsuu T'ina Nation, and former Chief Sandford Big Plume to discuss matters of mutual assistance with growth.[7] In 2011, the Nenshi and Big Plume has negotiated tentative agreements to ensure the security of greater access safety services such as EMS, police, and fire.[8] Chief Whitney mentions that Nenshi's negotiations has warmed relationships and influenced the nation's decision to resume negotiations.[9] The city agreed to provide utilities such as water to support the expansion of the Grey Eagle Casino to serve as water works and possible extension throughout the Tsuu T'ina community in the future.[10][11] In 2013 Tsuu T'ina Police and Calgary Police commenced a professional relationship to cooperate in a joint effort to protect the bordering growing communities. They will share expertise and improve communications.Sgt. Steve Burton the liaison will help share his knowledge of criminal psychology as he learns about the Tsuu T'ina community.[12] Relationship with Federal and Provincial governments[edit] Glenmore Reservoir claims[edit] The Tsuu T'ina nation and Federal government, settled on inadequate compensation for the devastation caused by the flooding caused by the Glenmore reservoir in 1930. The Federal government compensated the nation with $20M in 2013. The compensation was divided by half for the greater community and $5.5K for each member of the tribe.[13] Historical land issues[edit] Harvey Barracks[edit] Northern portions of the Tsuu T'ina land were leased by the Department of Defense and used to train Canadian Forces with live fire practices since 1901-1996. The Harvey Barracks camp entitled 'Camp Harvey was a small 380 acre parcel. The Tsuu T'ina nation resumed sovereignty of the 380 acre 'Harvey Barracks' in 2006 after the government conducted de-mining operations to dispose unexploded ordinance such as bullets and shells for 15 years.Altogether 12,000 acres of land was returned to the nation.[14][15] Black Bear Crossing[edit] In 1996 Harvey Barracks and Currie Barracks (CFB Calgary) were decommissioned and troops stationed at these facilities were re assigned to bases in Edmonton. The Black Bear Crossing became a neighborhood within the Nation, when homeless band members took residence in the 180 vacant housing units en mass as the Nation suffered a housing storage in 1998.[16]Initially they were denied permission by both the Tsuu T'ina tribal authorities as well as the Department of Defense who's lease was still effective. There were concerns that Asbestos insulated the housing units, and there were still un exploded ordinances around the vicinity of the neighborhood. The Department of Defense relinquished control of the facility, citing there was no danger of exposure to asbestos. The facility grew into a neighborhood housing 800 residents and served by the Tsuu T'ina Police.[17] However in 2006, Health Canada declared the buildings unfit to live in citing asbestos contamination and the tribal council ordered the buildings evacuated. ==immolation== ongoing protest:Since 2009, at least 120[26] Tibetans have self-immolated, more than 40 have died. The Dalai Lama has said he does not encourage the protests, but he has praised the courage of those who engage in self-immolation. However, the Chinese government claims that he and the Tibetan exiled government are inciting these acts.[27] In 2013, the Dalai Lama questioned the effectiveness of this tactic. He has also stated that the Tibetans are acting of their own will and he is powerless to influence them to stop carrying out immolation suicides.[28]

  • 2008 restructuring[edit]

In April 2008, Tirecraft filed for creditor protection as it incurred debts due to a series of economic setbacks.[5]The company secured a grant $100MCAD from business financiers CIT Business Credit Canada Inc to continue retail operations during the transition.[6] Quebec tire distributor Pneus Unimax attempted an unsuccessful acquisition Tirecraft in May 2008.[7]The business consultant firm Ernest and Young is responsible for currently managing Tirecraft as of 2013[8][9] Economic troubles of Tirecraft[edit] Legal documents indicated Tirecraft was forced to restructure as revenue declined which made future growth unattainable and deficits defaulted repayment of receivership liabilities and debts in excess of 200MCAD. [10] Tirecraft's financial troubles were compounded by a combination of misfortunate setbacks such as the great recession downturn in the global economy. In 2006, Remington Tire Distributors acquired President Tire a major subsidiary of Tirecraft.[11] Court documents acknowledge this to be a reason of declining profits.[12] Michelin tires ceased supplying Tirecraft. Former partners and staff of Tirecraft have banded together and formed a new company, Intergrantegra Tire & Auto Centres Ltd with headquarters in Edmonton.[13]


subsection poor working conditions

In 2012, a young worker, Zhang Tingzhen, was threatened to have Hon-Hal medical support canceled, when doctors remonstrated against moving his injured body for treatment in Huizhou from the hospital in Shenzhen.[68] He suffered an electrical shock and was injured to the extent that doctors needed to amputate half of his brain. This left him in no condition to travel to Huizhou, the city he was initially hired at. The company stated that it was acting within labor laws.[69][70][71][72]

Ezra Levant[edit]

subsectin: Awan Kurum

The judge's illness caused the hearing to be postponed from October 2013; it has been rescheduled for January 2014.[81] According to his statement of claim and records of court proceedings, Awan claimed that Levant's blog writings had repeatedly described him as being: "Khurrum Awan the liar", "stupid, a “fool", “serial, malicious, money-grubbing liar,”, “unequivocally implied that he was an anti-Semite and perjurer.”[82]

South Park[edit]

subsection: randy marsh and the proprietor of Southpark's bankrupt branch of Blockbuster Video,[12]Randy was employed as mall security during the Black Friday weekend to earn extra money for Christmas, however it was revealed that he planned the job as a cover to infiltrate the mall before the stampede of shoppers. He was promoted to 'Commander Marsh' as the former lead security promoted him after he was stabbed by a shoppe

Westboro Baptist church (ongoing[edit]

On July 14, 2013, members of a Satanic sect called the "Satanic Temple" performed 'pink mass' rituals over Catherine Idalette Johnson's grave, located in Meridian, Mississippi. Johnson is the mother of Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) founder Pastor Fred Phelps. According to Lucien Graves, the church member who preformed the rituals, the ordinances post-humorously transformed the sexual orientation of Johnson from that of heterosexual to homosexual.[175] The ritual was preformed both times for a lesbian and gay couple were represented.[176]Graves commented that the church was also trying to raise awareness for an Indiegogo fund raising campaign to adopt a highway, but Graves also notes that protest could also be an effective counter protest against anyone propagating 'anti-gay' hysteria in the future. Graves threaten the WBC from continuing to conduct 'anti-gay' protest such as picketing. The "Satanic Temple" will target the tombs of Phelp's ancestors such as his father and Grand-Aunt with 'pink mass' rituals.[177] ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sheldon Chumir[edit]

[[:File:Photo of Albertan MLA Sheldon Chumir on a chair.gif|framed|Sheldon Chumir MLA Calgary Buffalo 1986-1992]]


asked premission from the Chumir foundation to upload this. 

section (Law business, activism) (I wrote title too)

which on occasion provided representation on a pro-bono basis [2]

In 1983, he ventured into activism by creating “Save Public Education”, an organization which opposed public funds to support religious schools.[3] The group ran a successful slate of candidates in a Calgary Board of Education election. As an MLA, Chumir advocated community service, and he advocated legislature that supported human rights and civil liberties.[3]

section: death and legacy

The unmarried Chumir having no close kin to bequeath to, left his estate to establishing the Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics Leadership.[4] As a politician and human rights attorney Chumir was an advocate for human rights and believed ethical values are fundamental to a healthy society. The foundation was intended to advocate for leadership and legislature to further the cause of democratic legislation and social reform.[5] The foundation offers internships and scholarships for students studying the field of Leadership and Law, publishes material pertaining to civil rights, and supports initiatives in the community.

In 2012, Chumir was posthumously honored by the Calgary Stampede Foundation with the centennial edition of the Western Legacy Award. This unique edition award recognized contributions of 100 Calgarians and their services to Calgary.[8]



November 9,2009 Article: Blankman expanded article significantly, and work is weaved in with other contributors, more or less initial body still in tact.

______________ Dec 27, 2009


Article: Shyster subheading: Cultural references entry: * A Disney character Sylvester Shyster, a disbarred attorney, schemes to deprive Minnie Mouse of her inheritance. _________________________________________ Dec 28, 2009

Article: Simcity. Subheading: overview. Commented on an observation in the game:Players can build highways to neighboring cities to increase trade and the population. The cities are named after British Science-Fiction sitcom characters notably from Red Dwarf ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

March or Die[edit]

some time in 2009. (september??) Jan 1, 2009 as 70.75.....etc Article: March or Die (Gene Hackman movie). Wrote the article using my notes for never ending movie quiz (March or Die), and redone previous stub article, also, this was before I had Sambucacat account. (others have contributed to the body I povided)

Foreign Legion Major Foster (Hackman), a war weary American is haunted by his memories of the recently-ended Great War, is assigned to protect a group of archaeologists at a dig site in Erfoud, in Morroco. From Bedouin revolutionaries led by El-Kirm (based on Morrocian revolutionary Abd el-Krim). Plot The film opens in Paris Train station teeming with the wounded victors and captive Germans soon after the End of the Great War. Major Foster (Hackman), the commander of a detachment of the French Foreign Legion, suffers a coldhearted cynicism necessary for a commander, war fatigue, and the haunting memories of leading an army of 8000, now reduced to 200. He suffers from alcoholism as a result, and the only friend he has is his faithful Sergeant Triand (Rufus Narcy). Foster arrives in Paris to be given a new command: He is to be sent back to the Rif (Morocco) to reestablish the French presence, as Bedouin and Berber tribes have grown nationalistic and rebellious in their absence of the French and have begun open revolt to defy French rule. Foster is ordered to guard the safety of Louvre archeologists, who are uncovering an ancient city near Erfoud buried by a sand storm 3,000 years ago. The site is the resting place of a Berber Saint, "The Angel of the Desert". The Government of France, desperate to recover from the Great War, is interested in recovering her treasure, for cultural purposes as well as wealth. Foster is chosen for the task, as he is the only officer alive who served in Morocco prior to France abandoning their colonies to concentrate their forces against the Germans. Through this prior experience Foster had helped to develop ties of diplomacy with the tribes, especially a dialog and professional friendship with Moroccan leader El Krim, such as Foster's vow to El Krim (the de facto leader of the scattered Rif tribes) that an archeological excavation would not resume. Meanwhile, Foster’s Legion is being assembled. Among those who willingly or unwillingly volunteer is "the Gypsy" Marco Segrain (Terence Hill), a charming, skilled, and acrobatic cat-burglar jewel thief famous for a 3-year crime spree in the Riviera until French authorities managed to apprehend him. Gypsy latter befriends three other recruits: the Russian giant Ivan (Jack O'Halloran), former elite bodyguard of the deposed Romanov czar family; “Top Hat” Gilbert Francis (André Penvern), a feeble fashionable man and musician who lacks the physical traits needed in a soldier; and Fredrick Hastings (Paul Sherman), a romantic young English aristocrat who missed the Great War and explained to his parents he was touring the battlefields of Europe. The four friends are soon disillusioned by the harsh realities of life in the Legion. A fatal fight breaks out among the men traveling to Morocco over an insult to Foster's honor, which Triand takes exception to. Also, during the voyage to Morocco, Marco uses his swashbuckling skills to charm Mme. Picard, daughter of a killed archaeologist, while stealing bottles of Champagne. Foster does not hesitate to harshly discipline his men, especially Marco, who frequently disobeys orders, though he does care for his men and is secretly impressed with Marco's humanitarian ways and charming cheekiness to his harsh commands. During their train journey to the Legion fortress, El Krim (Ian Holm) and his men stop the train carrying the archeological team and the soldiers. El Krim greets his old friend, but also declares that is determined to unite the Berber tribes and to drive the French out of Morocco. El Krim gives a "gift" to Foster to take back to the Primere of France: the horribly blinded and muted archeologists of an earlier dig. He warns Foster to not continue the excavation, but he cryptically welcomes the Legionaries with the words, "The desert welcomes you, Foster". Training in the desert is harsh, as the new recruits are drilled to the point of bloody feet. Gypsie watches over Top Hat and Fredrick, but the training is so harsh it pushes Top Hat to the point of suicide; to this incident, Foster merely replies, "Some of you men will try to quit, some of you men will try to run away. Nobody in my command has succeeded. If the desert doesn't get you, the Arabs will. If the Arab doesn't get you, the Legion will. If the Legion doesn't get you, then I will. I don't know which is worse." Later, at the digging site, Hastings is kidnapped while on guard duty and tortured to death by one of El Krim’s men. Marco retaliates against him, and instead of disciplining him, Foster merely steps in to his defense, returning El Krim’s previous excuse for the actions of his own man in quiet cynicism. Eventually the tomb of the Angel of the Desert is found, and her golden sarcophagus is excavated. Foster offers it to El Krim as a token of peace, but El Krim rallies the warriors of all Bedouin tribes to fight a climatic battle against the Legionaries. With the Legionaries being heavily outnumbered, the digging site is eventually overrun in the mass attack. Ivan is killed, but Marco fights on, single-handedly fending off an attack to the site’s flank. Eventually, Foster is killed, and El Krim immediately calls off the fight, sending the surviving Legionaries “to tell the world what happened” and out of respect for his dead friend. There are two endings to this film: the TV version ends with Marco taking up Mme's Picard's offer to desert. The theatrical ending shows Marco (after having been promoted for his bravery in battle) staying behind and training more legionaries, welcoming them by reiterating Foster's warning: "If the Desert doesn't get you, the Arabs will. If the Arabs don't get you, the Legion will. And if the Legion doesn't, then I will. I don't know which is worse."


Aung San Suu Kyi[edit]

January 2, 2010 Article: Aung San Suu Kyi Subheading: title by me (2009: International pressure for release, and Burmese general election 2010) It was announced prior to the Burmese general election that Aung San Suu Kyi may be released "so she can organize her party,"[100] However, Suu Kyi was not allowed to run.[101] On 1 October 2010 the government announced that she would be released on 13 November 2010.[102] Burma's relaxing stance, such as releasing political prisoners, was influenced in the wake of successful recent diplomatic visits by the US and other democratic governments, urging or encouraging the Burmese towards democratic reform. U.S. President Barack Obama personally advocated for the release of all political prisoners, especially Aung San Suu Kyi, during the US-ASEAN Summit of 2009.[103] Democratic governments[which?] hoped that successful general elections would be an optimistic indicator of the Burmese governments sincerity towards eventual democracy.[104] The Hatoyama government which spent 2.82 billion yen in 2008, has promised more Japanese foreign aid to encourage Burma to release Aung San Suu Kyi in time for the elections; and to continue moving towards democracy and the rule of law.[104][105] In a personal letter to Suu Kyi, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown cautioned the Burmese government of the potential consequences of rigging elections as "condemning Burma to more years of diplomatic isolation and economic stagnation".[106] The Burmese government has been granting Suu Kyi varying degrees of freedom throughout late 2009, in response to international pressure. She has met with many heads of state, and opened a dialog with labor minister Aung Kyi (not to be confused with Aung San Suu Kyi).[107] Suu Kyi was allowed to meet with senior members of her NLD party at the State House,[108] however these meeting took place under close supervision. [edit]

__________________________________________________________________________________________________- January 10, 2010 Article: Diehard with a Vengance. Subheading: Plot second paragraph (notes: another person modified for clarity, but still intact)One of Simon's games require McClane and Carver to travel to the Wall Street subway station, 90 blocks south, within 30 minutes to stop a bomb on it. Though McClane manages to get aboard the train, identify the bomb, and throw it off the train car, Simon still ignites the bomb, ravaging much of the station but without any fatalities thanks to McClane and Carver. The two are met by FBI agents that have identified Simon as Simon "Peter" Gruber, the brother of Hans Gruber, who was killed by McClane in the first film, and several of his cohorts. During the debriefing, Simon calls into the group and warns that another bomb has been planted in one of New York's City schools, and that any police radio could set it off. As McClane and Carver are forced to complete more games to identify the school, the police organize a massive search of every school, forcing the teams to rely on telephone communications. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ January 21, 2010 Article: Anti Christian sentiment. Subheading: Vandalism. Entry: Vandals stole a wooden statue of Virgin Mary, from the Saint Albert the Great Parish of Calgary, Canada in August 2008 detached her hands, tried to incinerate it, and threw into a ditch along the nearby 22x Highway. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ March 28,2010 Article: Empress of Japan 1891 subheading: Historical

-Captained, by Captain Henry Pybus, the RMS Empress of Japan won blue ribbon for record crossing of the Trans-Pacific crossing of 1897.

-The dragon masthead has been preserved at the Seawall in Stanley Park __________________________________________________________________________________________________ April 15,2010 Article: Verena Bentele added: Verena has won 5 Gold Medals 2010 Winter Paralympics in the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics.[2] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ May 18,2010,Article; Kent Hehr (Albertan politician) subsection: personal life remarks: added more to the extent of his shooting as 'which has paraylsed him as a quadriplegic' ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ June 25,2010 Article: Water World Subsection: Smokers The captain of the tanker and also the leader of the smokers is looked up to as a messianic figure, as he has promised to lead the smokers to the mythical Dryland, and in line with this quasi-religious nature, he is referred to as "Deacon". The Deacon, or "Deac", has an intense hatred for anything of the old world, especially sails, instead preferring the mechanical machines, and believes that his aim to raid atolls is a "crusade". He teaches his men a philosophy of "take and ye shall receive." The smokers also worship a former historical captain of the tanker, "Joseph Hazelwood,". ___________________________________________________________________________________ December 29,2010 Article: Lady with the Turquoise Hair subheading:Media Portrayals. Miami's Homeless children, cope with their situation believing a modern synchronistic urban legend invoking many Latino legends the image of "the pale blue lady" fairy. Derived from the Catholic legend of St Senora leading a spritual army of angels tasked with protecting the children from poverty related terrors, against the minions of a vengeful La Llorona as Mother Mary, driven insane from grief the brutal excution of her son Jesus. [3] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ March, 4,2011 Article: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Entry: (descriptive expansion) selfulfilling enlightenment or gratifying ignorance (last sentence first paragraph of article) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ March, 4 2011 Article: Lomography Entry section: As an Art movement. As an art movement The Lomographic Society International provides Lomographers with galleries, stores and "embassies"[dedicated to the growth, support and public exposure of the art. Supporting budding Lomographers through social events such as exhibits, educational workshops, exposure galleries to encourage public enthusiasm and awareness, as well as providing retail supplies, gallery stores and rally places for Lomographers to socialise. The society is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, where most of its events are organised.[5] An example of the society's cultural events showcasing Lomographers' talents is the Lomokikuyu competition, which raises money for eye surgeries and vision care in Kenya, in partnership with Viennese vision aid organisation Light for the World.[6] The organisation also organises the Lomography World Congress, an international conference of practitioners held in varying host cities. The society maintains a Web-based Lomography magazine, which provides an photo archive storage for their work. Articles track trends and ideas about new fun methods to photograph. An example is "Lomography the Role Playing Game", played with dice.[7] Aficionados of the hobby can blog their own tutorials to share their discoveries, fostering enthusiasm with the Lomographic art. The site also celebrates the work of Lomographers with online exhibits and competitions.[8] [edit] __________________________________________________________________________________


Katimavik Elimination, protests, and restoration attempts=[edit]


2012 Canadian federal budget, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that the program will be eliminated.[3] The stated reason for this in budget documents was the comparatively high per-person cost of the program when compared to other government initiatives targeted at youth.[4]


The conservative party encountered protest from politicians and supporters of the program soon after the budget was announced. An Ontarian mother, Colleen Cleve attempted a Class-Action lawsuit on behalf of the 600 Canadian youths who were selected but retroactively denied. Her two children among them. She states that the Federal government prematurely revoked and reneged on the contract with the youths, as the government funding was scheduled to expire in March 2013 a year later.[5]


NDP MP Charmaine Borg embarked on a cross country tour to raise awareness and rally support in 2012.[6] She has also introduced bill 352 to restore $15M CAD Federal funding to the program.[7]


A Katimavik affiliated program, 'Volunteering to Independence Program' began in September 2013 where youths from Ontario were dispatched to Peterborough.[8] The program varies from the standard Katimavik program as the program has no rotations and participants are from Ontario rather than across Canada. June 6, 2011 article:1977 January 26 – Katimavik is founded as a volunteer service organization for Canadian youths. ___________________________________________________________________________________ June 7, 2011 Article: Escape from Hong Kong Island. expanded a stub.

Escape from Hong Kong Island (墨斗先生) is a 2004 Hong Kong black comedy film directed by Simon Lui and starring Jordan Chan. Raymond Mak is a talented and brilliant investment consultant, and this talent has provided Raymond with a abundant lifestyle, however it cultivated an arrogant and heartless sociopathic vain attitude in him: He even spat in a "blind" beggar's money pot (Tats Lau), and has neglected his family who were reduced to substandard impoverished living. He ignored repeated phone calls from the head nurse caring for his ailing mother for nine months as she descends into geriatric dementia. He is accosted during one morning rush by a young businessman in dire distress. He was robbed, and has no means to cross Hong Kong harbour to the mainland Kowloon. He pleads for 20 dollars for MTR fair, as presumably his Octopus card was in his wallet. Raymond ignores him coldly, and continues on his way to the office, where he finds out to the glee of his manager and coworkers that he was fired the previous night for embezzlement and costing to much upkeep for the company. Raymond in typical sociopathic manner demands an explanation and cites his hard work, and even goes so far to claim that he was wronged true to his warped Sociopathic reasoning. The Boss, explodes in a tirade of buried trauma after years of Raymond abusing him his coworkers in a tyrannical manner "I to the cleaner all fear you!" he says. Being terminated doesn't phase the arrogant Raymond, as he dramatically makes a phone call to a rival investment company across the harbour in Kowloon, who's boss has been trying for years to convince Raymond to defect."This book is 10 years worth of contacts is now your enemy", he taunts one of his co workers as he leaves. Mr Logan, the rival however urges Raymond to hurry and cross over to Kowloon, by 5 o'clock as he had to fly to New York. Mak assures Mr. Logan he will be there in 1 hour, however he is robbed in an alley. He needs 20 dollars to cross the harbour to Kowloon.... [edit] ___________________________________________________________________________________ August 5,2011. Article, Goodwill games. Section: overview. The games were later bought from Ted Turner by Time Warner when Turner's company merged, Turner explained during a live interview at 2009 Denver SportAccord conference that although the demise of the games caused by short-sighted management of Time Warner; Turner who left the company admits "if I'd have stayed there the Goodwill Games would not have been canceled." [1] [2]. Turner is absolute that the games must return, as a bridge to restore cultural contact between Russia and America as relationships have steadily disintegrated since the Cold War through apathy. With both countries controlling 95% of the nuclear arsenals pointed at each other. He insists that it's virtually impossible for there would have been World Wars had the Olympics not been boycotted, because the nations would be too focused on the issue of training teams, that the countries don't want to "mess up their chances". [3]. Turner, anticipates the return of the games, along with other enterprises he is working on.

-(august 7,2011) Article: Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (42) heading: cultural references.

Episode "Fall Weather Friends",Twilight Sparkle, enters the annual "Running of the Leaves" marathon as number 42. The premise of the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, revolves around the titular characters discovering the meaning of life through self discovery and friendship. Twilight Sparkle charged with the task of understanding the new magic of "Friendship" reports these discoveries of life to Princess Celestria corresponding periodically. [31] [32]

- (august 16,2011) Stuff I wrote: Chen Long, a 23 year old, assembly worker, died from overwork. He worked 60 hours a week, and was often encouraged by his parents to resign from Foxconn, alarmed with the epidemic of suicides and general misfortune surrounding the company. Chen Long, was also required to work increasing increments over a year, and once fainted in the street, months prior to his death. He joined the company in 2010. [24] [edit] (Under the article about Foxconn, "Allegations of employee abuse".

- (august 16,2011), Article : Comfort object:

Paramedics are trained to treat physical Shock (circulatory) with a wide array of blankets designed to preserve heat, blood, and wounds for life threatening traumas. Often charities will create comfort objects such as blankets and quilts to victims of trauma. [2]Paramedics treat shock victims of trauma, Psychologists are experimenting with the use of heavy thick fleece blankets to replace restraints such as straight jackets. They have noted through experiments with Autistic children, that weighted blankets have a desirable soothing effect to help calm agitated patients, [3]

-Many adults enjoy the comfort that security blankets provide as essential to their mental and emotional well-being.[9]

-Adults may also use comfort objects. In a 2008 study, the Sony AIBO robotic pet was found to decrease loneliness in the elderly in nursing homes.[6]

Also suggested title: Comfort objects for therapy

Aug 26, 2011 (Kokanee beer ranger). 

In 2011, Kokanee launched a Facebook campaign encouraged Kokanee drinkers to vote for a new ranger as the Sasq's raids on Kokanee residents' beer in the absence of the Ranger Novak has grown bolder. A TV ad, introduces, Ranger Novak as a ghost resuming his post and duties, but discovering he's dead as his hand pass through a bottle of Kokanee, remembering "you killed me off!" indigently, and sourly wished us "good luck finding his replacement". Voters may chose from a choice of candidates : Ma Ranger the mother of the Kokanee ranger; Micheal Baystreet a Gordon Gecko like TSX day trader; Cory a Ski instructor who has skied the Rockies since the '80s and needs some responsibility; Beer Fridge 2.0 a beer cooler with a lock; Glacier and Fresh, Starsky and Hutchesque, rookies of Ranger training eager to make their mark by stopping Sasq's crime wave; and "Goat" a foul mouthed cantankerous goat. [2]The candidates also have their individual facebook pages as fictional characters, posting articles, videos, and responding to fans posts on their pages campaigning, and unveiling story lines to their own niche dynamics. Micheal Baystreet, seeks to redevelop the Kootenays with condo high rise apartments, Ma wants to satisfy her widow lusts. [3] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sept.9,2011 (article about Taiwanese singer Yuki Hsu)

Legal troubles and obscurity Hsu, faded into obscurity in the aftermath of a legal quagmire, involving contract breaches and negative press cover of her alleged diva behaviour. The court charged her with 2 million NDT, in damages and legal fines, and her mother borrowed money to help them get by.[1] [2] In 2010, she took on a job as a unpaid paralegal assistant so that she can study legal matters to prepare herself for her legal challenges[3] Hsu is the chief breadwinner of her family with dependant siblings who rely on her income. Challenges to her attempts at a come back to the stage In, 2011 Hsu claims that her former manager,Wu Zu Wang, of Dragon Imperium International Film Production Corp, sexual harassing text messages to her. She states has a backlog of such messages.[4] Hsu was sued for breach of contract when she failed to show up for a concert, and made unauthorized public appearances on Taiwanese broadcasts, as well she may be banned from performing in China in the future.[5] Two years of stresses from her former managers Dragon Imperium, have suffered tremendous strain on Hsu. She contemplated suicide as a solution.[6] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sept 10, 2011 Deposited a photo of the Jardine House into the Wikipedia image library.... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sept 11, 2011 (expanded to Sarah Grand's article, not in order)

Section: Her history early life etc.

Upon returning to England, she was unhappy with her husband's steadily degrading sense of ethical moral character, and she turned to writing to cope. Her first novel Ideala, published in 1888 gave her enough money to leave her husband. [3]She transformed herself into Madame Sarah Grand, a"New Woman", an archetype she and her female contemporary colleagues progressed. Grand established the phrase "New Woman", in a debate with Ouida in 1894.

Through her relationship to an army surgeon, Frances learned of the anatomical physiology of the nature of sexually transmitted diseases. She used this knowledge in her later novel "The Heavenly Twins," warning of the dangers of syphilis, advocating sensitivity rather than condemnation for the young women infected with this disease.[3]

Frances' education was very sporadic, yet she managed with perseverance to make a career for herself as an activist and writer, drawing on her travels life experiences. In 1868 Frances was sent to the Royal Naval School, Twickenham, but was soon expelled for organizing groups that supported Josephine Butler's protests against the Contagious Diseases Act, which persecuted prostitutes as infected women, as the sole cause of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, subjecting them to indignities such as inspection of their genitals and enclosure in locked hospital wards.[2] Francis was then sent to a finishing school in Kensington, London. In August 1870, at the a

Rebirth as Sarah Grand Clarke renamed herself Sarah Grand in 1894. This feminine pen name represented the archetype of the "New Woman" developed her and her female colleagues. Grand established the phrase "New Woman" in a debate with Ouida in 1894.[6][7] She lived briefly in London, then moved to Tunbridge Wells Kent, during which time she took an active part in the local women's suffrage societies, as well as travelling extensively, particularly to the United States on a lecture tour in the wake of the notoriety of her novel The Heavenly Twins. Although it gained her mixed and often angry criticism, her work was well received by notable authors as George Bernard Shaw.[8] In 1920 she moved to Bath and was for several years Lady Mayoress alongside Mayor Cedric Chivers. [9] She moved to Calne, Wiltshire, where she died in 1942.


(Sept 28,2011), Wrote the Xiao Yue Yue article, in Tianya Club's article (and suggested title "Notable Memes derived from Tianya Club" Xiao Yueyue: Viral Marketing campaign. In an effort to promote Tianya ahead of it's IPO writer, Xu Jiayi a Novelist and fourth year University of Shanghai Drama student who volunteer at the 2010 Shanghai Expo[4] concocted a elaborate scatological account of a "stupendous girl's" national day vacation adventure to the Expo. [5][6] Chinese Netizens were enthralled about the live updates posted by Tianya user "Rong Rong" throughout the weekend, as she posted describing the unwitting grotesque social faux-pas of her obese friend Xiao Yueyue (Little Moon moon). The story opens with a declaration by Rong Rong that Yue Yue was the sole cause of ruining her national day holiday. Yue Yue, an innocent but extremely clumsy and apparently socially oblivious school teacher from Wuhu, Anhui was visiting with her boyfriend Little W, her friend Rong Rong a professional in Shanghai. Which slowly cascades into a gong show like bizarre series unfolding the clumsy grotesque antics of awkward Xaio Yue Yue as, defecating and merely wiping her hands on her sweater then caress petting her boyfriend's face, slipping in her own feces, inquiring her aging taxi driver if he was still fertile, and prescribing drinking urine to increase his virility. [7] Although the fiction of Xaio Yue Yue was quickly discovered, fans of Yue Yue produced games, and drew sketches describing what Xaio Yue yue might look like if she was real. Tianya managed to boost up it's visitors, fans have also set up a tongue in cheek religion worshiping Xaio Yue Yue, Taobao offers apparel described by "Rong Rong", worn by Xiao Yue Yue, and study groups trying to make sense of the bizarre accounts were established. [8] [edit]References _________________________________________--

Sarah Grand[edit]

Nov 25,2011 (Huge entry more or less still intact, approx 5 entries) article Sarah Grand): In 1868 Frances was sent to the Royal Naval School, Twickenham, but after a year she was asked to leave and went on to a finishing school in Kensington, London. In August 1870, at the age of sixteen, she married widowed Army surgeon David Chambers McFall, who was 21 years her senior and had two sons from his previous marriage: Chambers Haldane Cooke McFall and Albert William Crawford McFall. Frances and McFall's only child, David Archibald Edward McFall, was born in Sandgate, Kent, on 7 October 1871. Her son David, latter became an actor and took the name Archie Carlow Grand. Through the relationship to an Army Surgeon, Frances learned of the anatomical Physiology of relatively unknown nature of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, she illustrates these details in her later novel "The Heavenly Twin" warning of the emerging plague Syphilis and advocated sensitivity for the rights of the young women infected with these diseases. [2] From 1873 to 1878 the family travelled in the Far East. The exotic tour provided, Frances with a vast wealth of descriptions and a host of relationships to base realistic, amazing, animated and colourful details to draw from. In 1879 they moved to Norwich, and in 1881 to Warrington, Lancashire where her husband retired. [3] Upon returning to England, she was unhappy with her husband's steadily degrading sense of ethical morally sexual character, and felt constrictive. She turned to writing to cope. Her first novel Ideala, published in 1888, to limited success and much discouraging rejections. She was encouraged her to trust in her emerging literary skills to support her decision to divorce her husband in 1890. Recently enacted laws such as allowing women to retain their personal property after divorce, was an encouraging factor in her decision. [4] She retained suffocating moments in her marriage and liberation as picturesque details in her characters to base her animations of her characters and sympathize the plight actual of pre-sufferage women with little political rights and options, trapped in oppressive marriages. Although later works would have a more sympathetic stance to males, such as Babs the Impossible in which the single noble women would feel resurgence in their worth encouraged by a idealist self made man. Rebirth as Madame Sarah Grand Frances, transformed herself into Madame Sarah Grand, a feminine pen name, a"New Woman", an archetype she and her female contemporary colleagues progressed. Grand established the phrase "New Woman", in a debate with Ouida in 1894. [5] [6] She lived briefly in London then latter for 20 years in Tunbridge Wells Kent, during which time she took an active part in the local women's suffrage societies, as well as travelling extensively, particularly to the United States on a lecture tour, in the wake of notorious sensational fame caused from her novel The Heavenly Twins. Although it gained her mixed angry criticism, her work was well received with notable authors as George Bernard Shaw, and Mark Twain. [7] 1920 she moved to Bath and was for several years Lady Mayoress alongside Mayor Cedric Chivers. She was well received, the villagers asked her to serve as Mayor. [8] Writing Her work dealt with the New Woman in fiction and in fact, she wrote treatises on the subject of the failure of marriage, and her novels may be considered strongly anti-marriage polemics. The New Woman novel was a development of the late 19th century. New Woman novelists and characters encouraged and supported many different types of political action in Britain. For some women, the New Woman movement provided support for women who wanted to work and learn for themselves, and who started to question the idea of marriage and the inequality of women. For other women, especially Sarah Grand, the New Woman movement allowed women to speak out not only about the inequality of women, but about middle-class women's responsibilities to the nation.[9] In The Heavenly Twins Grand demonstrates the dangers of the moral double standard which overlooked men's promiscuity while punishing women for the same acts. More importantly, however, Grand argues in The Heavenly Twins that in order for the British nation to grow stronger, middle-class women have the responsibility of choosing mates with whom they might produce strong, well-educated children. Criticism The Berg Collection of the New York Public Library keeps Mark Twain's copy of The Heavenly Twins. Twain filled the margins of the book with increasingly critical comments, writing after one chapter, "A cat could do better literature than this."[10] (note some of this post of Sarah Grand (above), some others have researched, I edited for clarity, and added some of my own research like 3/4's, still relatively intact, as I did with the Gene Hackman movie (March or Die). ..................... Dec 2, 2011 (Article: Foot hand mouth diease), still intact as of Feb 15, 2013

Hand Food Mouth Disease statistics ongoing[edit]

   +               +

reporting between January to October of 2011 (1,340,259) states the number of cases in China has dropped by approx, 300,000 from 2010's (1,654, 866) cases. With new cases peaking in June. 437 deaths down from 2010 (537 deaths)

-June, the peak season for the disease, 534 have died ..................................

Dec 23,2011 (Article: Disappearing Blond Gene)

(added a snippet (still intact as of Feb, 2013),

'as an allusion to Aryan Nazism'. (someone posted that Steven Cobert did a satire about the "disappearing Blonde Gene" article), I finished the line. .......................................

(I have mutiple entries around 20+ under self-immolation (Tibet), 

....................................... Feb 18,2012 (Still intact As of Feb 2013) Article ( Magden David Adom)

Visitors to Israel, are also welcome to donate blood through the "Sharing for Life" program. Since inception in 2001, increasing numbers have donated blood usually through groups such as Christian solidarity missions, or family Bar-Bat Mitzvas, especially during seasonal traditional pilgrimages, such as passover and easter. ................................. Mar 4, 2012 (largely still intact, but some reworded, basic information is there, and someone else expanded with their own research). ( article: Hiroshi Hoketsu)

71, years of age he is regarded as the "hope for old men". He was the oldest athlete in the 2008 Summer Olympics. The oldest Olympian to ever compete for Japan, and is the second oldest Olympian to compete ever next to shooter Oscar Swhan of Sweden, who won a silver in the 1920 Summer Olympics ......................


Mar 14,2012 (Still infact af of Feb 2013) (Article: Jarome Iginla under heading Milestones)

Iginla, scored his 30th goal of the 2011-2012 season against goalkeeper Antti Niemi of the San Jose Sharks on March 13,2012. He is the 7th player to score 30 goals in 11 consecutive seasons. .........................

White elephant[edit]

Mar 14, 2012 (still intact as of Feb 2013) (Article ( Kymlinge)

  • Ryugyong_Hotel, of Pyongyang, a hotel office project that stood incomplete for a decade, once featured on North Korean propaganda, such as stamps etc, airbrushed out, dubbing it the Phantom hotel.

............................ June 17,2012 (still intact as of Feb 2013 article :Schapelle Corby Appeals and Clemency) In 2010, a clemency appeal for full remission on humanitarian grounds was made to the Indonesian President which cited her reported deteriorating mental health. In May 2012, the President granted a five-year cut to Corby’s sentence ................................

August 1, 2012 (Still intact as of Feb 2013)

...................................... August 7,2012 (just posted Feb 2013 a re post). -Kangbashi, Ordos, China. In the wake of a very prosperous Coal rush of Inner Mongolia, the city government planned a grand city scheme as land was sold to developers and invested tremendous resources. State of the art public facilities were planned, luxury apartments and shops intended to service the growing middle class. However, most of the apartment flats have attract buyers, and much of Ordos is uninhabited as the trend of buyers acquire these properties as investments.,29307,1975397,00.html Many Ordos residents have lost money in these prospects as they invested their compensation money into these empty properties . This ghost city phenomenon is not just localized for Ordos, As of 2010, there was an estimated 65 Million vacant housing units across China in cities in similar circumstances. ................................................ Sept 15, 2012 (added post under article Katimavik, subpost: current funding)

This has prompted Katimavik to find alternative sources of funding, as well provoke protests from opposition parties. ............................................

Nov 10,2012 (Article Charmaine Borg, heading in Parliament), note this is a shout out for her work to try and restore Katimavik).

In 2012, Borg embarked on a cross country tour to rally support for a motion she passed bill M-352, to reinstate Federal funding to the recently cut Katimavik program. ..............................

Oakland child case[edit]

2013 posts... (Oakland child killer case) (ongoing) article. rationelle (crimes committed in 1977) section: suspects subsection: john wayne gacy According to DNA tests conducted in 2013, Gacy was not involved in the Oakland County killings.[16] Archibald Edward Sloan[edit] Sloan was a neighborhood pedophile who victimized young boys in his neighborhood [10] He became a person of interest when hair samples found in his 1966 Pontiac Bonneville, matched hair found on the bodies of Timothy King and Mark Stebbins. However the hair samples did not match other suspects. Sloan often lent his car out to his pedophile friends.[11] According to DNA tests conducted in 2012, samples of hair found on the seat of Archibald “Ed” Sloan's 1966 Pontiac Bonnyview , belong to victims Mark Stebbins and Timothy King.[9]

James Vincent Gunnels[edit]


As young teenager, Gunnels was repeatedly sexually assaulted by Chris Busch at their Ess Lake cabin. Busch was convicted of the crime.[10] His hair was partially DNA matched with hair found on blouse of Kristine Mihelich.[11]


Current developments/2012 case reopening Investigation reports released to family of the victims[edit] Police reports obtained by Ken King include new revelations, including DNA testing of new suspects, a sketch found at the scene of Busch's suicide of a boy resembling Mark Stebbins screaming in abject terror and wearing a hooded sweatshirt (a detail only the killer would know), and a bloody rope also found at the scene of Busch's suicide.[18] Catherine Broad, sister of Timothy King, compiled an archive of investigation material as the case grew.[19] Upon researching the case records, the King family produced a documentary entitled 'Decades of Deceit'. The documentary condemns the investigators and prosecutors for alleged shoddy investigations and uncooperative communication, and in particular of disregarding leads the King family discovered in 2006. Funds generated from the sale of the documentary will be donated to the Tim King fund, a fund designated to help abused children and support child activities for Brigham children.[20] DNA tests of hair[edit] According to DNA tests conducted in 2012, samples of hair belonging to an unknown person, were found on the seat of Archibald “Ed” Sloan's 1966 Pontiac Bonneville and bodies of victims Mark Stebbins and Timothy King. The samples are one of the first piece of concrete evidence linking two of the murders.[21] The samples however exonerate most of the current suspects. DNA tests also confirmed that white hair from the same dog were found on all 4 victims linking the cases.[14] A new suspect was discovered, James Vincent Gunnels, when hair found on the blouse of Kristin Mihelich was later tested for DNA. However due to the condition of the hair, an inconclusive match was achievable.[14] Gunnels, who was convicted in the past for property crimes, was living in a halfway house. He was released in 2011 as the police lacked the evidence to charge him.

In 2013, an anonymous informant reported of a blue AMC Gremlin buried in a farm field now being developed into a suburb of Grand Blanc. Police are investigating the Gremlin for ties to the crime as Timothy King was last seen in a blue Gremlin.[22] However, it is common for farmers to dispose of unwanted automobiles in such a method.

'Bob'[edit] In 2005, a unidentified man, who would later emerge to become an common figure in the case and referred to the alias of 'Bob' was reminded of a relationship he had in 1977 with an acquaintance. In an interview given to Oakland county investigators in 2010 Bob informed them of atypical observations and actions while driving and conversing with acquaintance. Such as taking him to buildings where satanic rituals were preformed according to the acquaintance. The acquaintance navigated through less known routes associated with the case with ease. The acquaintance also spoke of details written in "Allen" letter.[20] Bob claimed to have commenced in an investigation ever since the case reopened in 2005. Bob requested information about the 'Allen' letter to help confirm his suspicions.[21] In 2010 'Bob' claimed to have given Oakland investigators a interview to present them evidence pertaining to an investigation in the case. Prosecutor Jessica Cooper was present. He claimed to tried to approach her with his findings and tried to convince her to place the case under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice to expedite the case. Although the department is already involved in the case, as FBI investigators and resources such as the ViCAP database.[22]But she dismissed his investigation as there was no evidence presented as he was denied access to inspect the "Allen letter". Cooper describes the interview on her government website blog entitled 'Prosecutor's Corner' as 'a rambling statement outlining a theory that the Oakland County Child Killer abductions and murders were related to pagan holidays, the lunar calendar, and Wiccan rituals'.[23] The interview was recorded.[24] Bob commenced to correspond with Deborah Jarvis mother of victim Kristine Mihelich, and investigative journalists such as WXYZ ABC 7 Bill Proctor and Heather Catallo in 2010.He claimed that he was among a team of a dozen investigators involved with the case and could identify the perpetrator of the crimes, but refused to indicate which department of law enforcement he worked with.[25][26]He claimed to have invested 10,000 hours worth of investigations over several years, and was reluctant to release his investigations as he doubted the competence of Wayne and Oakland county investigators.In a press release email Bob accuses possible meddling by Jessica Cooper as other reasons why he has not released his investigation.[27][28][29] According to attorney Paul Hughes an attorney representing Jarvis, stated that Bob's investigation identified the identify of the murderer. However according to Hughes Bob refused to identify the culprit unless the authorities divulge crucial information which Bob requested during the initial phone questioning in 2010. Bob wanted to positively confirm the identity from his investigation with this evidence before proceeding further.[30] In 2012, Bob presented his findings to a select group of Detroit journalists on Hughes' cell phone. To preserve his anonymity he insisted that his phone interview to Hughes not be recorded.He theorized that the killers were conducting what Bob described as Wiccian human sacrifice rituals coinciding with Pagan celebrations or the Lunar calendar. According to Bob, there were altogether 11-16 victims than the 4 officially confirmed victims.[31] Bob claimed his team found a patter of similarities among the cases that had lottery like odds to occur compared among other unrelated homicide cases. Based on this information Paul Hugues representing Jarvis attempted a lawsuit against the Oakland county authorities for $100M citing miscarriage of the investigation and demanding Cooper's resignation. The lawsuit alleged cover up conspiracies, and obstruction against the victims' families.[32] Hugues website solicited donations, and offered a copy of Bob's report for a donation of $1,500. Family of victims and Cooper claimed that Hugues and Bob are attempting to profit on their distress. The case was dismissed in March 2012 for lack of evidence.

Allen[edit] (section) Detroit psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Danto, who worked with the task force, received a poorly spelled guilt ridden letter several weeks after Timothy King's body was found from a man named "Allen".Allen claimed that he was a Sado-machoist slave of his roommate 'Frank' who is the 'OCCK'.[7] Allen wrote a pleading fearful and remorseful letter indicating that he was losing his sanity and endangered, and suicidal convincing Danto that he was genuine.[8] Allen wrote that he accompanied Frank on many road trips seeking boys, but he never was present during the abductions for the boys that Frank murdered. Allen confirmed that Frank drove a Gremlin, but he (Frank) 'junked it out in Ohio never to be seen again'. Allen described that Frank was traumatized by killing children in the Vietnam War where he and Allen served, and was taking revenge on more affluent citizens such as the residents of 'Birmingham'.Allen wrote that Frank wanted rich people to suffer for sending forces to Vietnam, and received nothing in return.[7] Allen instructed Danton to respond by printing the code words 'weather bureau says trees to bloom in three weeks' published in that Sunday's Free Press edition.[7] Soon after, Danto got a phone call from Allen, who offered to provide photographic evidence in exchange for a letter from the Governor of Michigan guaranteeing immunity from prosecution. The psychiatrist arranged to meet Allen at a gay bar entitled the 'Pony Cart Bar' [9] near Detroit's exclusive Palmer Woods neighborhood. Allen did not show, and was never heard from again.


Naheed Nenshi[edit]

(key events of second term) 2014: In 2014, Nenshi's council had decided on the fate of a city owned 'Midfield Mobile Home Park'. The city decided to cease operations as of September 2017.[189] The property's aging utilities such as obsolete water works have rendered the site un-viable as upkeep have become difficult and costly.[190] Residents will be given $10,000 to assist with moving costs, and be given an additional $10,000 for compensation. Residents will also have access to counseling services. However some Midfield residents who have built equity with their mobile homes believe that the compensation is inadequate and worry that there may not a place to relocate to. The city decided against developing the proposed East Hills Estates, mobile home park.[191] According to community President Rudy Prediger the secretive nature of the dealings have caused problematic worries among his neighbors. Some neighbors sold their mobile homes at a loss.Elderly Midfield residents who have deep rooted ties of affinity with the community are reluctant to move.[192] Resident's relocation stresses are further compounded with the complications caused by low vacancy in Calgary in the wake of a devastating flood.

"Blottogate": Allegations of alcohol and substance abuse among councilors during city functions[edit] In early 2015 Nenshi's city council became marred in a scandal involving frequent drunken celebrations and substance abuse among council members. which the media dubbed "Blottogate".[194] [195] On January 20, 2015 Councilor Druh Farrell made allegations during a council 'Priorities and Finance Committee' meeting. She accused council members of engaging in drunken revelries and drinking while on duty or during city sponsored functions. Nenshi further added that he had received numerous complaints of councilors getting "blotto" and abusing narcotics.[196] However according to an interview with the Calgary eye opener of the CBC News, Councilor Ward Sutherland explained that the titular "wild party" that Farrell referenced in her accusations occurred during the Christmas of 2007 years before Nenshi's current sitting council. Sutherland counter charged that Farrell was making unsubstantiated accusations, and that sober councilors are upset for being generically summed in her allegations. He also stated that her charges were an insult to his colleagues[197] Councilor Ray Jones, and Councilor Andre Chabot likewise recalls the singular 'wild Christmas party' years before contradicting Farrell and Nenshi's claim of frequent inebriated celebrations.[198] Councilors have claimed that Farrell and Nenshi's accusations were not based on evidence, and they demanded that Nenshi either offers an apology if he could not support his claims. They complained of their their professional reputation was damaged and Sutherland claimed that he has been occasionally ridiculed by the public. Councilor Magliocca claimed that his offices was inundated with phone calls from his worried constituency.[199] Councilor Maliocca intends to pressure Nenshi for an official statement during a question period on Monday January 26, 2015.[200]

Political career[edit] File:Naheed Nenshi speech.ogv

Nenshi giving a campaign speech in July 2010

Nenshi speaking to supporters and media shortly after being projected to win See also: Calgary municipal election, 2010 2010 Mayoral Elections 'Purple Revolution Campaign': 12 Great Ideas'[edit] Nenshi first ventured into politics in 2004, running unsuccessfully for a seat on Calgary's city council.[1] His 2010 campaign for mayor was dubbed the "Purple Revolution"[12] was uniquely a viral campaign which relied heavily on using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote his platform and hyper-engage voters.[13] The "Purple Revolution" was so chosen according to Nenshi I.T. campaign specialist Richard Einarson, was for a broad appeal across the socio-economic spectrum of liberal red and conservative blue voters.[14] Beside viral campaigning, the volunteer body of 'Team Nenshi' were given a great degree of autonomy to exercise creative talent.The team promoted the cause through creative Guerrilla Marketing tactics such as pre-election evening 'Operation Purple Dawn' by more devoted supporters. Nenshi's supporters converged on the city in a mass rally on the evening of pre election. They advertised Nenshi by posting signs and writing platform slogans with chalk graffiti on pavement of high traffic locations.[15] Supporters offered their homes as venues for coffee parties where Nenshi spoke to the gathered about his platform. The coffee parties offered a friendly atmosphere for friends to discuss the volatile nature of sensitive political issues without risking their relationships. Approximately 40 parties were held during the campaign.[16] A late September poll showed that his campaign was generating interest as he sat third with eight per cent support, although well behind the leaders, alderman Ric McIver (42%) and local media personality Barb Higgins (28%).[17] His growing popularity led to greater scrutiny of his views, including a public dispute with Calgary Police Service chief Rick Hanson over the cost of policing the city.[18] Days before the election, a Calgary Herald poll showed that Nenshi's grassroots campaign continued to gain momentum as he was shown to have 30 per cent support among decided voters, placing him in a statistical tie with McIver and Higgins. He polled the strongest amongst younger voters, believed to be the result of his social media campaign.[19] Nenshi's surge in popularity carried through to the election itself, when he earned 40 per cent of the vote, finishing nearly 28,000 votes ahead of second-placed McIver.[20] Being a Shia Ismaili,[13] Nenshi became the first Muslim to become mayor of a major Canadian city.[21][dead link] His win was viewed as a breakthrough for the use of social media as an election tool,[11] and when considered with his faith and background, made international headlines.[22] His election is seen as major signal of the shift in Albertan politics and the demographic of Calgary.[23] He engaged voters with a mutual two way dialog as "politics in full sentences."[24] Vandalism and isolated xenophobic attacks[edit] According to Nenshi's Chief of Staff, Chima Nkendirim Nenshi's headquarters was vandalized on September 11, 2010 the anniversary of the World Trade Center bombings and Eid al-Fitr the end of Ramadan. Nenshi also received racist emails.[25] Nenshi however believed the vandalism to be an isolated non-racially motivated act. Results of the 2010 municipal elections[edit] Mayor[26] Candidate Votes  % Naheed K. Nenshi 140,263 39.6 Ric McIver 112,386 31.7 Barb Higgins 91,359 25.8 Joe Connelly 2,484 0.7 Bob Hawkesworth* 1,513 0.4 Jon Lord 1,461 0.4 Wayne Stewart* 1,360 0.4 Craig Burrows* 994 0.3 Barry Erskine 672 0.2 Bonnie Devine 329 0.1 Amanda Liu 336 0.1 Sandra Hunter 284 0.1 Dan Knight 262 0.1 Oscar Fech 207 0.1 Gary F. Johnston 180 0.1 2013 Municipal elections[edit] Main article: Calgary municipal election, 2013 Mayor[26] Candidate Votes  % Naheed K. Nenshi 193,393 73.6 Jon Lord 56,226 Sandra Hunter 4,181 Carter Thomson 3,157 Larry R. Heather 1,857 Bruce Jackman 1,397 Norm Perrault 1,117 Jonathan Joseph Sunstrum 775 Milan Papez 492 Larry Heather - Christian radio show host[27] Jon Lord - former PC MLA Alex Morozov[27] Naheed Nenshi - incumbent Milan Papez Sr. - salesman[27] Norm Perrault[27] Carter Thomson - store owner[27] Mayoral 2013 'Even Better Calgary' Campaign[edit] During this fundraising Gala, Nenshi issued a challenge to his opponents to confront him directly and not to engage him in a proxy campaign of lobbying as he warns his supporters that his opponents will likely engage in.[28] In September 2013 when Nenshi's campaign began in earnest, he revealed the donors of his campaign before the election and urged his opponents to do likewise. Nenshi promised to instigate changes to improve transparency of City hall's municipal affairs as one of his 2010 campaign statements.[29] According to the documents Nenshi's 1631 supporters derive from a wide range of core supporters. Among Nenshi's larger contributors were contractors from the housing construction industry. According to Nenshi indicating that not all among the trade were antagonistic to Nenshi's anti-urban sprawl policies enacted early in his term.[30] Nenshi's conflict with housing industry and Manning Centre for Building Democracy (Manning foundation)[edit] In 2013, a video was leaked of Cal Wenzel the CEO and founder of Shane Homes speaking to panel of Calgarian home builders conspiring a plan to influence the decisions of the city council after the upcoming elections. In the video Wenzel spoke of plans: to raise $1.1M CAD to enlist the support of Preston Manning's conservative foundation the Manning Centre for Democracy. According to the speech, former Mayor Dave Bronconnier counselled Wenzel how to control council motions with eight votes. “So for whatever and however, we have to ensure that we end up with the eight votes.” Wenzel proposed as a solution to circumvent direct confrontation with Nenshi's popularity.[31] Wenzel named Councillors the industry could rely on to support motions in favour of the lobby and he supported with donations.[32][33] Nenshi has ordered a probe into what he described as distasteful and shadowy possible violations of electoral laws. In the wake of the release of this video,[34] and violations of campaign fund limits set at $5,000 CAD,[35] the Manning Centre has come under scrutiny.[34] In late 2013, Wenzel filed a $6M slander lawsuit against Nenshi after he stated that Nenshi did not apologize after sufficient time given. Wenzel stated that his reputation was tarnished and he was vilified as a subject of political opportunism during Nenshi and his allied counselor's platform campaigning.[36] Wenzel stated that his comments in the video were taken out of context and manipulated by Nenshi to promote an agenda. Wenzel also complained of Nenshi tentatively comparing him to 'Godfather', as a reference to the titular character of Mario Puzo's Novel and Screenplay entitled 'The Godfather'. Nenshi in an interview with David Gary CBC-radio host of 'Calgary Eyeopener' describe the meeting as scene from the film 'The Godfather'. When asked to clarify if called Wenzel the 'Godfather', Nenshi ambiguously responded 'maybe'.[37] Preston Manning founder of the foundation responded in an interview with CBC news about the foundation being referred to in the video. He stated that Calgarians don't want lobby slates of any position in municipal politics. That voters wanted independent candidates who will represent them. Manning explained that the purpose of the 'municipal government program' is to train fiscal conservative candidates for the election, but to respect the democratic process and not to interfere with city politics. Manning stated that he didn't believe in intimidation.[38] Manning also states that the foundation is also to function as a research think tank that conducts research in social issues. However according to a paper entitled "Managing the Cost of Growth" published by the Manning Centre in October 2013 the report's recommendations coincided with Nenshi's campaign policy to abolish the subsidy to home building companies As long as inner city communities are likewise subjected to contributing to growth costs. The study also advocated increased taxes for newer outlying communities that need specialized utilities such as water and roads.[39] Abolition of Developer Subsidy[edit] For his campaign platform Nenshi proposed to abolish the $4,800CAD granted to home builders aiming to save the city $33MCAD per annum. According to Nenshi, the subsidy over a decade contributed to the municipal debt of $1.5B.[40] Nenshi wants the free market factors to take hold of the housing market and developers to contribute to funding infrastructure to far reaching suburbs by paying levies. The Manning Centre for building Democracy supports the motion for the principle of capitalist free market values. The group however believes developers should pay slightly increased taxes as long as inner city communities equally also contribute their share of growth costs[41] Forest Lawn/International Avenue (17th Ave SE) business redevelopment zone[edit] In October 2013, Nenshi and Counselors Andre Chabot and Gian-Carlo Carra proposed to realize a 2008 Bronconnier schema to redevelop the International Avenue (17th Ave SE) as a vital transportation hub. Since inception the plan in 2010 the project has been delayed due to cost prohibitive restrictions[42][43] The plan incorporates a C-train line and rapid bus lanes, proposed in Calgary Transit's 'Route Ahead' plan. As well the revitalization incorporates urban renewal projects like renovated apartments and business buildings. Carra studied the circumstances for Forest Lawn's urban decay and planned the neighborhood's restoration as his master thesis. Carra explains that the neighborhood has not been adequately integrated since the neighborhood was incorporated into Calgary since 1961.[44] Mayoralty[edit] Improved Calgary-Tsuu T'ina Nation relationships[edit] Throughout his term Nenshi has met extensively with Chief Roy Whitney leader of neighboring Tsuu T'ina Nation, and former Chief Sandford Big Plume to discuss matters of mutual assistance with growth.[45] In 2011, the Nenshi and Big Plume has negotiated tentative agreements to ensure the security of greater access safety services such as EMS, police, and fire.[46] The city agreed to provide utilities such as water to support the expansion of the Grey Eagle Casino to possibly serve as water works extension throughout the Tsuu T'ina community in the future.[47][48] Naheed Nenshi vs Rob Ford[edit] The press has made many comparisons dubbed as 'Nenshi vs Ford' comparing the Mayors Naheed Nenshi of Calgary and Rob Ford of Toronto.,[49] because of the similarities of both mayors being first term and the uncanny similar circumstantial challenges Toronto and Calgary faced. The most recent comparison being a flood during the summer of 2013. Nenshi became the first Calgarian mayor to marshal the Calgary Pride parade. Ford declined to marshal the Toronto Pride Parade citing that visiting his family cottage was an unbreakable tradition.[50] They compare the meteoric rise of Nenshi to the controversies surrounding Ford[51][52][53][54] Although the comparisons are allegorical examples of the differences of the administration, there was an actual 'Nenshi vs Ford' challenge issued by Nenshi. Nenshi challenged Ford to a friendly bet during the 2012 Grey Cup where the Calgary Stampeders played the Toronto Argonauts.[55] In 2012 Ford challenged Nenshi among other mayors to a fitness weight loss challenge.[56][57] Public works, infrastructure projects, and Parks&Recreation[edit] Soon after assuming the office, Nenshi's council implemented many developments to revitalize Calgary's viability with capital infrastructure projects, such as redevelopment of the East Village neighbourhood with a new central library and the National Music Centre. Through a partnership with the local arts community, the city will preserve the historic King Edward School as an arts hub.[58][59][60][61][62] Funding for these projects will mainly draw upon the Community Investment Fund, a fund created from tax revenue sources such as a 42M annual refund from the provincial government[63] The goals of urban revitalization are realized through projects such as 'Supporting Partnership for Urban Reinvestment' (SPUR)initiative. Nenshi's council debuted SPUR's pilot project as the restoration of the Kingsland neighborhood. The city solicited feedback from the community and will expect to budget $230,000.[64] However, the project was delayed until August by the floods of 2013. The Nenshi administration completed capital public works projects approved by his predecessor Dave Bronconnier, including the westerly extension of the C-Train line, Peace Bridge, and the construction of a traffic tunnel to the Calgary International Airport commenced. Nenshi's council voted to discontinue fluoridating Calgary's water supply.[65] As part of his campaign, Nenshi advocates to legalize Secondary Housing as a solution to housing shortage. The proposed bylaw is intended to safety-standardize the estimated 10,000–40,000 secondary suites.[66] As one of the last decisions of Nenshi's term in 2013, the city motioned to waive the $4,485 application fee for secondary suites. However, the decision will have to be enacted during the next government to enact.[67] In 2013 the city approved a project to convert a block of derelict Heritage buildings adjacent to the Central United Church into a first-of-its-kind robotic carpark.[68] The facility will accommodate 338 cars and incorporate the renovated buildings, which the managing firm agrees to restore.[68] Nenshi states this will improve the aesthetics of the eyesore skid-row like buildings. The project is self-funding as Calgary firm 'Heritage Property Corporation', will attempt to raise the $40M through private investment.[69] Nenshi ordered an investigation to find cost-effective solutions to supply water to residents of North West Calgary. The 50M CAD expansion of the encumbered Bowness waterworks was too cost-prohibitive. If a solution is not implemented, expansion of community development in the quadrant may he delayed until 2017. The waterworks also provides the town of Cochrane contributing to the strain.[70] Nenshi shared many Calgarians' distaste of free-standing public art project entitled the "Travelling Light" completed in 2013. He described the work as "awful and not the best use of tax dollars". The sculpture was sited along Airport Trail and drivers could not appreciate the "Big O" according to Nenshi. Travelling Light is described as a balanced 17-meter circle ring topped with balanced street lights. As the motif of Travelling Light is to represent transportation.[71] Travelling Light cost Calgary $471K and was paid through a grant from the Public Art Program which reserves 1% of annual budget for public art projects.[72] The sculpture was chosen during Bronconnier's term by a panel of 5 Calgarians out of a pool of 55 submissions. Travelling Light's submission was German, although 3 submissions were from Calgarians. McCall Lake golf course closure[edit] In early 2013, Nenshi's council decided to decommission the McCall Lake public golf course adjacent to the Calgary International Airport in North-east Caglary. Years of declining attendance and sustaining revenue has made the facility unfeasible to continue as maintenance accounted for $8M. The golf course operated a deficit of $200K annually. However golfers of McCall Lake noted that they have to reserve 'tee-off' as early as 6 a.m. contrary to declined attendance reasoning stated by the city. They have mobilized an advocacy campaign to support saving the golf course entitled 'Save McCall Lake'.[73] The fate of McCall Lake was a contentious issue of the 2013 municipal campaigns. 6 Council Candidates have favored the preservation of the course as an ecosystem green space: Sean Chu of Ward 8, Joe Magliocca of Ward 2, Kevin Taylor of Ward 7, Ian Newman of Ward 8, Richard Wilkie of Ward 9, James Maxim of Ward 11. An advertisement of their support was published in the Calgary Herald in September. The ad equated the preservation of McCall to the preservation of all green spaces in the city. Nenshi was suspicious however of the source of funding of the ad. He believed the pro-housing lobby of funding the ad. Early in 2013 a video published of Cal Wenzel CEO of Shane Homes speaking to a lobby of home builders of an attempted circumvention of the future city council. Nenshi suspected that there was a conspiracy to undermine his proposals with a slated council. The council candidates supporting the preservation of McCall Lake, were among the suspected pro-housing development slate.[74] The ad was financed for $2,000 by McCall golfers and YYC Communities First a civic dialog group that promotes adequate public discussion for city decisions that affect communities. The decision to close the course will affect low income golfers as senior citizens who can't afford to enjoy the sport on private golf courses. The lake also provides a natural habitat for wildlife such as birds.[75] The city plans recommission 163 acres of the 263 acre course for business and industrial purposes in 2014. The city will retain 100 acres for outdoor leisure and sports including McCall lake. The rezoning is estimated to raise $30M-80M to support the 6 remaining city courses.[76] Nenshi maintains his decision by indicating the nearby courses as an alternative with similar fees, and states golf is not an efficient use of city land as golf is a sparely compact sport against densely compacted team sports.[77] Nenshi has also left the option open of preserving the McCall Lake under the condition of increased membership and revenue that sustains the facility. City consultation with environmental research group "Pembina Institute".[edit] Mounting international, domestic, and celebrity criticism[78][79][80] of Alberta's underdeveloped Green technology infrastructure prompted former Premier Ed Stelmach's government to commit $4B CAD to a province wide green capital projects plan in 2009.[81] In 2009 former Calgarian Mayor Dave Bronconnier and Pembina Institute was awarded at the "UN Climate Change Summit" with the 'Reaching Out to Global Energy Award' for the technical and engineering collaboration with Calgary's 'Greening the Grid program'.[82] city consulted with Pembina for technical advice.[83] Pembina scholars compiled the 'Options for Reducing GHG Emissions in Calgary'[84] to advise the city on how to implement infrastructure projects for environmental protection. The city acted on these recommendations through city owned company Enmax decided on a series of public works facilities such as the 'Shepard Energy Center', and a 12 Turbine wind farm that supplies wind power for Calgary Transit's C-trains, and the District Energy Centre a heat capture energy plant providing heat and energy for the downtown core.[85] The city publication of the 'Greening the Grid' was entitled 'Calgary Climate Change Action Plan: Target (down arrow) 50' (Target Minus 50)[86] The 'Greening the Grid' program's objectives are to empower city facilities by renewable sources by 2012. Calgary Transit's C-trains' electrical needs were partially provided by wind power in 2001, by 2009 the inception year of 'Greening the Grid', the C-train were fully empowered by 'Ride the Wind' a program launched by Enmax and wind power engineers 'Vision Quest Windlectric.[87] committed $250M CAD on the 'Greening the grid' program.[88] In 2013, Sun media journalist Ezra Levant accused Nenshi of contracting $340K to Pembina which he accused of being an Anti-Oil lobby group. Despite the organization's role of the city's environmental engineering advisor since 2007, as well as consulting for Oil corporations.[89][90] The primary causation of the $340K however was given to Pembina during Bronconnier council's initial inquiries in 2007. Sun journalist, Renato Gandia, described the environmental engineers as 'left winged whigs', and questioned the ethics of tax payers funds given to a politically active group.[91] Because of the organization's professional working with the city in the past Nenshi defended the environmental scholars as being the "best guy in the business" regardless of personal political values. The Canadian Tax Payers Federation, called for the city to enact a ethics by-law forbidding public advocacy groups from receiving public city funds.[92] The federation conducted an investigation under the regulations allowed by the FOIP act. The findings revealed that Pembina advocated environmental reform, as such is the mandate of the research group. The group advised the city on the 'Greening the Grid' program. As well the Federation on their blog, released their accounting findings of Pembina and the city within a span 3 years as reported by the press. Most of the transactions between the city of Calgary and Pembina however occurred during 2008-2010, before Nenshi assumed office in November 2010.[93][94][95][96][97] According to the federation's findings, $210,694CAD funded early Pembina research during the Bronconnier's term as Nenshi's term $130,306 was funded to finish a 100 page document compiled by Pembina. The affair concluded with a Twitter argument between Levant and Nenshi went publicly viral after Nenshi responded to Levant's questioning. Levant questioned Nenshi about the ethics of public city funds going to Pembina as a conflict of interest. Especially regarding to potential anti-oil sands lobbists among Pembina's staff according to Levant. Both debaters engaged in an argument of sarcastic remarks that degraded into ad-hominid attacks. Nenshi asked Levant rhetorically 'when did you stop beating your wife?'?[98] Enmax[edit] Nenshi ordered a corruption graft probe into the finances of city owned utility company Enmax after an unknown senior employee revealed of lavish spending by former Enmax CEO Gary Holden in 2010 in an email report. Holden was reported to have organized extravagant house celebrations entertained by rock stars, using Calgarian tax payers' funds. Holden also gradually raised his salary from 700,000 to 2.7 million[99] Holden resigned in 2011 after CBC news revealed of a business trip to Monaco in 2008. Holden was a guest of German software company SAP and conducted business as well as spectate the Monaco Grand Prix. Holden violated Enmax ethics policy to discuss with the company incidents of gifts over $100.[100] Holden earned the 5th place distinction of Forbes top 10 CEO screw ups for 2010.[101] By the terms of contract Holden was granted a significant severance pay of $4.6M.[102] Prior to the 2010 elections mayoral candidates such as McIver and Nenshi debated the justification for extravagant privileges of senior Enmax staff in their debates.Candidate Nenshi warned that Enmax was a city run company and funds were tax payers. McIver described Enmax as a 'Air of Entitlement'[103] In 2011, in the wake of Holden's resignation Nenshi's council and Enmax's board implemented reforms such as decreasing the salaries of senior staff, and a higher meritorious standard for bonuses. Enmax hired new management and a new CEO Gianna Manes who is experienced in mass project completion such as the Shepard Energy Centre which Holden advocated for.[104][105] In 2011, Nenshi performed the ground breaking ceremony for Enmax's Shepard Energy Centre a natural gas power plant capable of generating 800MW more than half the electrical needs of Calgary. The facility is scheduled to come on line in 2015. The facility is described as Calgary's biggest project and will cost $1.3B. Nenshi's council approved of the project which was planned during Bronconnier's term.[106] The Shepard Energy Centre is connected to the Albertan power grid.[107] Transportation[edit] The City constructed its first of many bicycle lanes in the downtown core. By 2020, it is estimated that the city will have 30 km of cycle networks. In 2014, a plan will be submitted to begin to extend the network and enact a bylaw.[108] In late 2013, the city has entered into speculative agreement with the Tsuu T'ina to resume negotiating the extension of Stoney Trail through a portion of Tsuu T'ina land for a ring road. The band members will vote in a Referendum in October to decide on the issue. The city was in negotiations for over 50 years, with the last proposal in 2009 being rejected. Nenshi described the proposal as 'win-win-win', however, should the band decide to ratify the agreement, construction won't commence for two years.[109] On October 24, 2013 Tsuu T'ina tribe members voted in a referendum to permit the construction of the ring road on their territory. In exchange for 450 hectares of land the nation will be compensated with 2,150 hectares of crown land to expand their territories. The nation will also receive $340M cad.[110] Calgary Transit[edit] Calgary Transit presented Nenshi's administration with the 'RouteAhead' plan for review.[111] The plan calls for $13 Billion CND to be invested over 30 years to expand and upgrade Calgary Transit's capabilities. Funding is still pending. To address the problem of congestion of rush hour ridership. The city is upgrading busy C-train platforms to accommodate 4 car trains.[112] The city council has approved $200M CAD for the acquisition of 60 new 4 car trains to replace obsolete U2 which has served Calgary Transit since 1981. It is expected that the increased frequency of the trains will relieve crowded and full trains.[113] Nenshi abolished the $3 park and ride fees to encourage more commuters to use Calgary's Public Transit.[114] February they also chose to charge a $70 monthly fee for reserved parking. [115] Relationship with Canadian Pacific Railway[edit] After Canadian-Pacific cancelled an environmental study of the expansion of Alyth train yard, the city approved to continue funding the study environmental impact the yard causes the residents of adjacent Inglewood and Ramsay neighborhoods.[116] Nenshi attacked Canadian Pacific over the reassignment of the company's night crew. The company decided to close the 'Locomotive Reliability Centre' of the Alyth train yard. As the Canadian Transportation Agency ordered them to relocate 400m away as residents complained of the noise.[117] Nenshi rebuked Canadian Pacific Railway|Canadian Pacific over the collapse of the 101 year old Bonnybrook Bridge. The bridge was weakened by the 2013 Alberta floods as its structural supports were washed away by surging flood waters. He blamed a massive layoff prior to the accident for lax inspection standards and called for cities to have greater management of CP affairs within their cities.[118] Nenshi and Canadian Pacific agreed to improve communication in the future and improve relationships after several cars transporting petroleum derailed in late September 2013.[119] Social initiatives and amendments to bylaws[edit] The Nenshi administration initiated many programs to improve civic administration and clarify transparency of city political affairs, organized around themes such as "transforming government" and "cutting red tape". These initiatives are intended to improve the business and quality of life for Calgarians.[120] The Cutting red tape initiative was estimated to have saved Calgarians 33,000 in hours and 1.12M CAD in productivity.[121] Nenshi sought the advice of Calgarians for further feedback and ideas of how to make city services easier to access in 2012 for it's 3rd phase of cutting red tape.[122] The term Alderman was transformed to gender neutral 'Councilor'[123] Nenshi's council organized the Civic Camp, a citizen forum that encourages and enables Calgarians to actively engage and collaborate ideas in civic affairs.[124] In 2011, Nenshi was advised by civil advocacy group Civic Camp to challenge the citizens of Calgary with an initiative to personally take responsibility and encourage their neighbors do three things to improve their community for '3 Things for Calgary Program'.[125] In 2013, Nenshi implemented the 'Enough for All' program to half the demographic of 50,000 Calgarians living in poverty by 2023. The plan doesn't call for more spending, but to uncover and administer effective solutions to connect disadvantaged Calgarians with resources and the community.[126] Nenshi made implementing this solution as one of his campaign promises. The town of Airdrie passed an anti-bullying bylaw that was advocated by Airdrie teen Mackenzie Murphy in 2013 after she survived a suicide attempt in December 2012. She was persecuted for 2 years by online bullying and at school as her classmates suggested that she should kill herself. Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown who was sympathetic to her distress tasked his council to investigate the legal precedence to enact the bylaws. She has future ambitions to meet Nenshi to advocate for similar laws in Calgary and spread public awareness of bullying.[127] Nenshi and Premier Redford expressed interest in her activism.[128] Nenshi Chief of staff Chima Nkemdirim, suggests that Nenshi is open to dialog should she decide to take the initiative by scheduling an appointment.[129] In 2013, the city council enacted a bylaw banning smoking in playgrounds and other places where family and children play.[130] The length of election terms, was amended to 4 years from 3.[131] Calgary Police and crime[edit] Continuing on a downward trend of violent crimes since 1991, Calgary together with Canada's crime rate has dropped. As of 2013 the national crime rate has dropped below levels since 1971. It is unknown what has caused the decline in violent crimes, however StatsCan analyst Mary Allen correlates that communities with higher standards of socio-economic conditions tend to have low crime rates.[132] Many other urban areas have experienced similar decreases in crime rates, and recent studies suggest this may primarily be due to decreased environmental levels of lead.[133][134] Calgary has experienced significant percentage drops since 2011, such as a 23% drop in robberies. In 2012 Calgary's Crime Severity Index of 60.5 is below national rating of 75.[135] In 2013, community service groups and the Calgary Police Service banded together to form the Safe Communities Opportunity and Resource Centre (SCORCe) as a cooperative effort to improve effective services for vulnerable Calgarians.[136] Nenshi opened the center in a ceremony. In September 2013, the city extended the contract of Police Chief Rick Hanson until 2017. Nenshi credits his leadership as a factor for Calgary's low crime fortunes.[137] Enterprise and financial initiatives[edit] The city created the "Community Investment Fund", to grant 252MCAD between 2012-2016 to renovate and construct new Calgarian public recreation and community facilities such as libraries. The fund provide funding for community groups to renovate their facilities that provide services to Calgarians.[138] The fund is composed from major sources such as annual rebate of $42M from the Alberta government, $4M from GST refund, and $150M from a fund created by urban developers for community growth. The fund was a response to address the need for access for recreational services, especially sports and physical facilities for children. Such as ice rinks and swimming pools. The fund also addresses the need for renovations for many aging facilities providing essential services for Calgarians. The city will construct 4 new facilities providing access for 84,000 Calgarians.[139] Nenshi approved a pilot project in 2011 for mobile food van servers. The project debuted during the first "YYC Taste the Trucks" an annual festival in 2011. After a two year pilot trial, the city council approved a process draft a bylaw to permit the food truck industry permanently in late 2013.[140] The Calgary Economic Development (CED) organized a trade mission for Nenshi to showcase Calgary to meet with Chinese business and government officials to forge and reassert ties between China and Calgary.[141] Through the CED, Nenshi launched a campaign entitled 'Be Part of the Energy' aimed to promote tourism and encourage businesses and professionals to settle in the city. Address the problem of inaccessibility of housing for families and attain success with the Plan to End Homelessness which began before his term. The city operates non-tax non-profit corporation, 'Attainable Homes' which partners up businesses to help provide for impoverished Calgarian families. However the corporation was not initially Nenshi's initiative as it was founded in 2009. Mass building projects were completed and initiated during his term.[142][143] Taxation and city finances[edit] Increases of property tax[edit] As Calgary grew into a metropolis with challenging needs the city experienced typical increased incremental costs of living such as rises in property taxes. Taxes began to rise before Nenshi's government as both the provincial and city governments have increased taxes since 2007 for several years and Mayor Dave Bronconnier commissioned civic work projects, as Ctrain extension.[144] Tax rates increased on average 5-10%/year for city taxes and 3-8%/year for provincial taxes. The increase in taxes was a source of frustration for many Calgarians over the years, especially rising 30% during the Nenshi's 3 year term. Nenshi has encountered frustrations as his council finds it difficult to budget yearly with unsecured sources of provincial and federal funding.[145] Nenshi with other Canadian mayors rebuked the Federal government for lack of capital funding for necessary projects such as transportation infrastructure projects such as public transit and improved highways as they have in the United States.[145] The lack of fiscal clarification from the federal and provincial government has economically damaged the city causing debt and raised erratic municipal taxes as the city struggles to secure funding for projects to maintain the city. Dave Bronconnier faced similar challenges as Nenshi managing a growing city.[146] Nenshi is tasked with completion of Bronconnier's necessary projects such as extension of the C-train.[147] However, Nenshi together with Stephen Mandel attempted to negotiate with Premier Alison Redford to enact a charter to replace the decades old ambiguous Municipal Act, to better define the roles of provincial and municipal governments.[148] As the uncertain nature of non-municipal funding is unpredictable. Redford was forced to resort to Austerity measures such as educational cutbacks early in her term.[149][150] Her government is experiencing a 5 year deficit, and will go into debt as it continues infrastructural spending.[150] Nenshi stated that taxes remained the lowest in Canada when compared to other major Canadian municipalities.[151] Taxation of second term[edit] For the 2014 budget the city voted to return the initial $52M provincial tax refund as debated early in 2012. The refunded tax gap afforded the city to reduce a initial planned 6% increase in residential property tax to a 5% increase.[152] Financial decisions[edit] The city implemented a 10 year plan to merge the business tax together with the non-residential property tax. Until then Calgary was one of last cities to have a stand alone business tax.[153] It is estimated that taxes will decrease 65% for Calgarian business over the decade and save the city $1.3M in operational overhead. Towards the end of first Nenshi's term, the Manning Centre published a study entitled "Growing the Democratic Toolbox: city council vote tracking" by: Jeromy Anton Farkas.[154] The research measured the performance of 2010 city council on: the economic stances of councilors (taxpayer friendly scale), frequency of open meetings, and attendance of council meetings. According to the study these topics were of importance to Calgarians.[155] Contrary to Nenshi's critics, who were frustrated with tax increases and capital spending and had nicked named Nenshi as 'Spendshi'. Farkas gauged Nenshi to be a moderate spender. Nenshi scored 50.7% and was ranked 5th/14 counselors on the 'Taxpayer Friendly Scale'.Nenshi's score was based on how many times he voted against motions of capital spending with a sample of 73 motions pertaining to city finance.[154] $52 Million provincial tax room surplus[edit] The city council asked Calgarians for their opinion of how to invest a $52M CAD surplus from an over collection of property taxes. A debate was held on May 2013 and offered 5 options: return the money to Calgarians as a rebate, invest in revitalizing older neighborhoods, improve Calgary Transit, reduction in taxes for businesses, and reducing the city's debt.[156] A live debate inspired by the reality show "Dragon's Den" was held at the Devonian Gardens. In the wake of the devastating flood of 2013, the city council voted to implement Nenshi's proposal to use the surplus towards flood relief.[157] However, the Canadian Taxpayer Federation warns that motion could become a permanent tax grab. That the money was intended to be returned to citizens.[158] During deliberations of the 2014 budget majority of the councilors voted in favor of returning the 2013 provincial $52M tax room refund.[159] The council has allocated the future $52 M per year tax room refunds for the next decade towards transit options such as an express bus route entitled the 'Green Line'. The 'Green Line' is optioned for upgrading to a C-train line at a later date. The rebate will amount to $100 returned to each Calgarian household. Financial decisions of Nenshi's second term[edit] Nenshi's council have voted to halt council salary raises, and limit salaries of non-unionized city staff to 1.8% raises for 2014.[160] According to councilors Shane Keating and Diane Colley-Urquhart economic factors decided the austerity measures.[161] City unionizes however remains skeptical as Calgary city council have employed such austerity measures in the past prior to renegotiating term contracts and awarding themselves with opulent raise increases. Key events of mayoralty[edit] In 2011, Nenshi was grand marshal of Calgary Pride, the city's gay pride parade. He was the first mayor of Calgary to do so.[162] In 2013 Nenshi proclaimed a day of "Trans Day of Visibility" as an awareness day for the challenges transgender and transsexual Calgarians face.[163] Nenshi together with Albertan Premier Alison Redford who became the first Premier to Grand Marshal the parade, opened the 23rd Calgarian Pride parade.[164] In his speech Nenshi addressed Québécois, inviting them to come to Calgary as the city didn't discriminate. He criticized Quebec's proposed 'Charter of Quebec Values' legislature as contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.[165] Nenshi presided over the 100th anniversaries of many important city institutions and traditions, including the Calgary Public Library, Calgary Stampede, Mount Royal University, and Calgary recreation. He proclaimed March 29, 2012 a 'dress Western day' as a prelude to the 100th Calgary Stampede.[166][167] The city was assisted in preparations for these celebrations with a 1.6 million CAD grant from the federal government. Nenshi proclaimed the week of November 7–14, 2011 as 'Town Planning Week', to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Calgary Planning Commission's achievements. He presented David Watson the Chair of the Commission with a commemorative scroll honoring the names of past and present members.[168] Nenshi donated $660 to two Toronto food banks, after the Calgary Stampeders lost the 2012 Grey Cup as per the terms of a friendly bet made with Toronto mayor Rob Ford.[169] In 2012 Nenshi greeted Craig Hardy, Calgary Transit's 100,000,000th passenger of the year, the first on record for Calgary Transit.[170] In 2012 the federal government designated the city for the inaugural "Cultural Capital" program.[171] In 2013 Nenshi was invited as part of the Canadian delegation attend the World Economic Forum to share his ideas of sustainable urban growth, a rarity for a mayor.[172]At forum Nenshi supported the controversial Keystone Pipeline by commenting that protesters were foolish and that transporting Bitumen by conventional transportation such as trains would cause more atmospheric pollution.[173] Nenshi closed the 2013 inaugural 'Tour of Alberta' cyclist marathon with a speech thanking Calgarians who have banded together after the 2013 summer flood.[174] Nenshi proclaimed April 5, 2013 as Ralph Klein Day to honor the contributions Klein made to Calgary as mayor: The founding of the Calgary Economic Development an agency that promotes the prosperity of Calgary, the construction of the C-Train LRT, and host of the 1988 Winter Olympics. His widow Colleen Klein was presented with the civic flag of Calgary.[175] Klein's life was remembered in a city organized gala entitled "Celebration of Life" that celebrated his contributions as a public servant and adopted son of the Siksika Nation. Nenshi along with other Canadian politicians past and present spoke at the gala reflecting on the life of Klein.[176] 2013 Southern Alberta flood and reconstruction[edit] Nenshi's rally to boost morale in the wake of a devastating flood that ravaged Southern Alberta in 2013 was well received by the press and Calgarians. He urged Calgarians to seek assistance for mental distress urged support for their neighbors mental and emotional well being during the disaster recovery.[177][178] Calgarian approval from his supporters has made him the subject of internet memes parodying him as Supermayor as 2013 Summer blockbuster movie Superman. His name was used as a verb for a parody of the British WWII morale slogan "Keep Calm and Carry On", as 'Keep Calm and Nenshi On'.[179] The likeness of Nenshi wearing Scuba gear, was designed by Calgarian artist 'Mandy Stobo' on T-shirts, to raise relief funds for the Red Cross.[180] Nenshi co-launched book published by the Calgary Herald entitled 'The Flood of 2013: A Summer of Angry Rivers in southern Alberta' that archived the paper's coverage of the flood. Proceeds from the book supported The Calgary Foundation’s Flood Rebuilding Fund which helped victims most devastated.[181] Nenshi wrote a forward describing the events. Some of his supporters urge him to rest from his nonstop organization by taking a nap as he coordinated relief efforts non-stop over a period of 43 hours.[182][183][184] For an episode of his YouTube vlog series 'Nenshi Reads', Nenshi read to children at a fundraising launch of children's story 'The River Throws a Tantrum' by: Rona Altrows.[185] Nenshi tasked former City transportation director Gordon Stewart with overseeing the reconstruction efforts.[186] The flood caused an estimated $250M in damages. Nenshi, commissioned a panel of engineering and environmental experts as well the community to recommend measures to mitigate damage from future floods.[187] Senior city staff were compensated for overtime work directing the emergency efforts with $307K. Nenshi believed the compensation to be unwarranted and called to change the compensation regulations for compensation in the future.[188] In September Governor General David Johnston, presented the people of Calgary with the 'Governor General Commendation of Outstanding Service'. As the community effort Calgarians banded together for the city and surrounding region after the 2013 Alberta floods.[189] Nenshi accepted the award on behalf of the city. In November 2013, the government of Alberta granted the city of Calgary $250K to study the viability of constructing a water diversion tunnel. Nenshi suggested that the city acquire the tunnel-boring machinery. After the project the machinery could be used for future infrastructure projects the city has planed in the future.[190] Key events of second mayoralty[edit] Soon after winning the 2013 Mayoral elections in October, Nenshi chaperoned disabled Calgarian children to Disneyland for Air Canada's 21st annual 'Dreams take Flight' charity service.[191] Early in November 2013, Nenshi delivered a comic 'roasting' speech to outgoing Edmontonian mayor Stephen Mandel highlighting the joys and frustrations of a colleague, mentor, and rival relationship. Nenshi made light remarks alluding to Rob Ford's Narcotic addictions, their religious heritage as mayors of 'redneck' cities, and Mandel's council decision to construct massive public works projects such as the Edmonton Downtown arena.[192] In November 2013 Cal Wenzel CEO of Shane Homes, attempted to sue Nenshi for $6M. Alleging slanderous remarks to his character promote his campaign agenda.[36] Calgary Street Church and accusations of Anti-Christian bigotry[edit] The city of Calgary has ongoing friction with the Calgary Street Ministries. Although this relationship has existed prior to Nenshi taking office, Nenshi is accused of being an Anti-Christian bigot by Ezra Levant. He wrote an article condemning Nenshi after members of the church trespassed in city hall to Christmas carol and was escorted out in 2012.[193] The congregation lead by Pastor Art Pawloski administers to the needs of estimated over 600 homeless Calgarian population and preaches the gospel to them. The church claims that the administer to the group of homeless who cannot access social assistance and shelter.[194] Pawlowski states that his church was harassed multiple times since 2005, and served over 100 fines. Frustrated by the alleged persecution Pawlowski launched a lawsuit against the city in 2008. The city asserts that numerous bylaws were broken, such as receiving numerous peace disturbance complaints from downtown residences, and trespassing.[195][196] [197][198] Recently, Pawlowski accuses Nenshi of persecution citing examples of alleged double standards such as leniency with the 2011 "Occupy Calgary" protesters who caused $40,000 in damages to the park yet were not arrested for their belligerent actions. Over the years the church members were arrested for disturbing the peace with loudspeakers.[199] Members of the church were also escorted out of city hall and arrested during a Christmas sermon, but returned again to continue the sermon, citing this double standard of "Occupy Calgary" as precedence to admit themselves.[200] They didn't have a permit required by city bylaw to hold a gathering on the property, as Pawolski refused to agree to the terms which includes no religious activities during business hours. Pawolski claims that Nenshi's statement of the city hall as the city's living room was an open invitation to use the Atrium as Caroling space.[201] The Church accused Nenshi anti-Christian-Judeo discrimination.[198] However Nenshi partook in the lighting the 5th light of the menorah ceremony in 2011 as the Calgarian Jewish community celebrated the 23rd Menorah lighting ceremony.[202] Other groups are free to celebrate at City Hall and other venues on city property provided they apply for permission such as agreeing not to celebrate during business hours. The church recently illegally intruded on the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede Parade after the Stampede organization banned them from parading.[203] The church parading as Crusader Knights took the 'unofficial lead' instead country musician Ian Tyson who had the honor as Grand Marshal.[203] City Charter[edit] To address the challenges of evolving into metropolises Nenshi and Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel negotiated a memorandum of understanding with the Alberta government.[204] This motion will enable both mayors to work with the provincial government to draft city charters, effectively articulating the powers and responsibilities the municipalities have to deal with unique issues of development such as taxation. Nenshi and Mandel wanted to seek the approval for the new city council's approval after the elections of the 2013 before proceeding to resume discussions.[205] Premier Redford met with Nenshi and newly elected Edmontonian mayor Don Iveson for a Saturday breakfast on October 26, 2013. They discussed the future options to solve Calgary and Edmonton's capital challenges such as resuming discussions to enact the law.[206] Albertan Municipal minister Doug Griffins estimates that the finalizing of the act could be completed before the end of 2013 before Christmas as the negotiations are 95% concluded.[205] Griffins however disagreed with Nenshi to just limit the charter as a 'big city' charter as other Albertan municipalities have keenly observed the course of dialog process. Griffins preferred that a civic charter option be available for cities who chose. However these motions are opposed by tax watchdog groups. They warn that such legislatures may grant municipal governments the ability to levy additional taxes.[207] ____________________________________- ==Tsuu T'ina Nation==: (ongoing).

Ring road agreement[edit] In October 2013, members of the Tsuu T'ina nation voted to accept the latest offer from the Province of Alberta in a referendum to exchange 428 acres of nation territory for an expansion 2,160 acres of crown land. The nation will be compensated with $66M with relocation assistance and $275M.[12] Chief Roy Whitney signed the the accord with Premier Alison Redford on November 27, 2013. Hazardous material utilities such as a high pressured gas line, and electronic Enmax substation will be rerouted along the road route.[13] The decision was difficult as considerations that troubled the community such as relocation. According to tribe spokesperson Peter Manywounds, that the route will be built through prime agricultural and scenically aesthetic land.[14] also states that the vague wording of previous attempted agreements contributed to reluctance in the past to agree on negotiations. Chief Roy Whitney anticipates that the road will bring development along the route that the nation members can benefit from especially for the 'Grey Eagle resort'. Residents of the Lake view neighborhood are also relieved as they were troubled over a decade by the future prospect of their homes along 37 Street adjacent to the proposed detour being demolished.[15]

Glenmore Reservoir claims[edit] The Tsuu T'ina nation and Federal government, settled on inadequate compensation for the devastation caused by the flooding caused by the Glenmore reservoir in 1930. The Federal government compensated the nation with $20M in 2013. The compensation was divided by half for the greater community and $5.5K for each member of the tribe.[11] _____________________________________________-

==White Elephant (ongoing)==. Examples of alleged white elephant projects[edit]

De Witte Olifant, (The White Elephant), one of the ships of Cornelis Tromp. Painting in the Trompenburg City of Faith Medical and Research Center. In 1977 evangelistic pastor Oral Roberts claimed to have a vision of God commanding him to build the City of God Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Roberts sojourned to California, after the death of his daughter and son in law. He conceived the solution of constructing a teaching and research hospital for adjacent Oral Roberts University.[6] Throughout the four years of construction Roberts raised the funds through donations which amounted to $120MUSD($309M, 2013). He claimed that God encouraged him frequently as he encountered gargantuan opposition by appearing in visions as he prayed, such as a 900 foot Jesus guaranteeing the completion. Roberts was opposed by State authorities skeptical of the feasibility of the facility, such over abundance of unused beds. As well opponents sought to denounce Robert's vision as a "product of his imagination" and the project as a hoax.[7] A 60 ft 'praying hands' Bronze sculpture weighing 30 tons adorned the outside entrance.[8] The hospital was intended to serve as a national world Centre of healing combining the disciplines of science and faith.[9] The hospital was originally approved to support 294 and 8 operating theaters costing $55.2M. However Roberts disregarded the approval and the enlarged hospital was intended to support 777 beds and dozens of operating theaters. The hospital complex was composed as 3 diamond shaped towers that were adorned with golden facades. The hospital operated on a deficit for nearly a decade of operation draining Robert's ministry $30M-$40M per year.[10] In an attempt to raise funds to save the hospital Roberts claimed to have a vision where god commanded him to raise $8M or be called home. In a televised fund raising gala Roberts managed to raise $9M. However, the hospital ceased operations and the last patient was discharged on October 1989.[11] Roberts sold 'City of God' in 1992 with costly financial obligations:$240K owed on property taxes and $10M mortgages.[12] Crazy Horse Memorial. An giant colossus statue of Oglaga warrior Tȟašúŋke Witkó (Crazy Horse) pointing and mounted on a horse was commissioned by Lakota elder Henry Standing Bear as a memorial to Crazy Horse and the Lakota people. He disapproved of Mt. Rushmore as 4 non-native faces peering over his ancestral land.[13] The work commenced in 1948 by Korczak Ziolkowski a Polish-American architect who worked under Gutzon Borglum Chief architect of the Mount Rushmore monument. However unlike Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse memorial is privately funded by private donations and visitors. Ziolokowski, refused government grants of $10M twice. Work on structure was slow: as of 2012 (64 years later) only the face of 'Crazy Horse' was completed. As no historical reference such as photographs exists of Crazy Horse, a genotypical aboriginal persona visage was used as the model. The Mt. Rushmore comparatively took only 14 years to complete.[13] The project also encountered problems such as high iron deposits making excavation difficult. The extreme weather also delays construction. Ziolokowski didn't live long enough to see his work completed. Work on the memorial continued after death of Ziolokowski managed by his ascendants through the 'Crazy Horse Memorial foundation'.Some Lakota natives object to the project as they claim that Henry Standing Bear never consulted the community especially Crazy Horse's ascendants for a consensus as culturally required. Elaine Quiver an ascendant of Crazy Horse also states that carving images into mountains was desecrating the natural beauty of the sacred Black Hills that serve as sacred and ancestral burial grounds.[14][15] Some Lakota also claim that the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation attains millions of dollars by exploiting their culture and Crazy Horse's memory through gift shop sales and donations rather than put the proceeds towards completing the monument.[16][17] The foundation however grants scholarships to Aboriginal students, and through a partnership with South Dakota University, they intend to construct a university campus centered around the Colossus of Crazy Horse entitled the 'Indian University of North America' as an archive to preserve and research Aboriginal culture. The incomplete Dragon Stele statue of Yangshan Quarry. The quarry provided the material used in many monuments of Nanjing then the capital of Ming Dynasty China. The Ming Yongle Emperor commissioned a grand project to honor the memory of his father. The stele was designed to be assembled from 3 giant components — a base, body, and head — with a combined weight of 30,000 tonnes. The engineers said they underestimated the scale of the project and it was impossible to move such massive objects, so the project was abandoned. The statue's body components are part of the archaeological attraction. The incomplete Neuschwanstein Castle one of many opulent retreats built for Bavarian King Ludwig II. Walt Disney used it as inspiration for the castle in his animated film Sleeping Beauty, becoming the trademark of his company.[18] Ludwig intended Neuschwanstein to be his principal residence, rebuilding the ruins of a fortress overlooking Hohenschwangau Castle, where he spent much of his childhood,[18][19] but construction was expensive and was not completed until after his death. Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River, China is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world, and was designed to control a once in thousand year flood.[20] The structure took 18 years to build,[21][22] and provides 10% of China's hydroelectricity.[21] In 2011 The Chinese government admitted to unforeseen problems the dam has caused: 1.4 million people had to be relocated, with an addition 300,000 more in the near future as they are at risk of landslides and future flooding.[23] In 2002, two-meter deep cracks appeared on the facade of the dam, raising suspicion of "tofu construction".[24][25] Sewage and litter from the cities and natural debris run off has accumulated in the reservoir and formed islands of garbage.[26] Despite the intention for the dam's design to relieve drought, the dam may have altered the natural tributaries of the Yangze that feed lakes and other massive waterways causing the worst drought in 50 years in 2011.[27] More than 1300 Classical Chinese heritage sites as the ancestral homeland of the Ba people and the scenery that inspired classical Chinese literature were submerged by the reservoir.[28] The Three Gorges valley is geologically unstable and the dam is at risk of catastrophic failure in the event of a great earthquake.[29] Environmentalist writer Dai Qing has criticised the dam for being more of a grand monument than an answer to electricity requirements, and during its early construction in 1993 she suggested that the project may turn into a white elephant.[30]

Kangbashi, Ordos, China. In the wake of a very prosperous Coal rush of Inner Mongolia, the city government planned a grand city scheme as land was sold to developers and invested tremendous resources. State of the art public facilities were planned, luxury apartments and shops intended to service the growing middle class. However, most of the apartment flats have failed to attract buyers, and much of Ordos is uninhabited as the trend of buyers acquire these properties as investments.[33] Many Ordos residents have lost money in these prospects as they invested their compensation money into these empty properties. This ghost city phenomenon is not just localized for Ordos; as of 2010, there were an estimated 65 million vacant housing units across China in cities in similar circumstances.[34] China's ambitious CRH high-speed rail project has been beset with numerous technological and safety problems, as well as allegations of corruption.[35][36] The CRH has low ridership and high fares, and is encumbered with debt accounting for 70% of the assets of the China National Railways ministry.[37] These problems, such as a corruption prior to a high profile trainwreck killing 40 people failed to attract funding from financiers and other sources within the Chinese economic apparatus. With exhaustion of funding from stimulus packages from 2009, and the Great Recession, China Railways has had trouble securing funding for future growth of the CRH network and future growth has been halted or delayed due to these problems. However as of 2013 construction has resumed.[38] The New South China Mall was the largest mall in the world, conceived to accommodate 100,000 visitors a day.[39] The facility boasted an amusement park, themed retail spaces, a Gondola course inspired by the Venetian canals, go kart track, and the world's first Teletubby Entertainment center.[40] The mall has remained barren since opening in 2005. Poor logistics and consumer research were the reasons for the failure.[39] The mall remains incomplete and a planned hotel extension by Shangri-la hotels was never completed. Photo journalist Wade Shepard's videos of the mall[41] depict a littered and derelict 'ghost mall'. Drapes cover escalators and barricades cordon off empty halls.[42] According to Wade's video report, the mall stays in operation despite being 99% empty, as the entertainment facilities as the IMAX cinema and amusement park attract visitors. The West Edmonton Mall was once the largest mall in the world, boasting a submarine ride, dolphin show aquarium, IMAX multiplex, amusement park, waterpark, hotel that offered luxurious theme based hotels, and theme based plazas. The West Edmonton Mall's early history was plagued: the Early 1990s recession, heavy debts consisting of unpaid taxes and loans, political complications from finance related lawsuit involving a 420 Million dollar bailout,[43][44] and a lawsuit by Disney over the use of the name Fantasyland.[45] Despite these setbacks, Triple 5, the parent company of WEM, eventually recovered with new dynamic additions to the mall instead of relying solely on retail. The company also plans a future phase 4 expansion in the near future [46] ______________________________________________________________

Article: Blue Fairy. Fairy with Turqouis hair: (medial portrayals)

Miami's Homeless children, cope with their situation believing a modern urban legend invoking many Latino legends the image of "the pale blue lady" fairy. Derived from the Catholic legend of St Senora leading a spiritual army of angels tasked with protecting the children from poverty related terrors, against the minions of a vengeful La Llorona.[4][5] _______________________________________________________________________ (ongoing). City of God Hospital: (City Plex Towers).

Section: History. Oral Roberts went to California in 1977 after the death of his daughter and son-in-law, who were killed along with five other passengers in an small airplane crash.[1] During the pilgrimage Roberts claimed to receive a vision and revelation of God commanding him and construct the City of Faith Medical and Research Center.[2][3]The facility was conceived to serve as a nationally renowned healing and research and teaching facility for the medical faculty of the adjacent Oral Roberts University.[4]The hospital was intended to combined the healing disciplines of modern medical science and faith healing where volunteer 'praying partners' comforted the patients with prayers. A gigantic bronze sculpture entitled "Praying Hands", representing the hands of science and faith clasped together in prayer, was erected at the entrance of the hospital. Early struggles, funding and visions of Jesus[edit] (subection)

Roberts encountered many obstacles during the construction of the City of Faith hospital which was constructed between 1979 and 1981. Such as opposition by the Oklahoma health authorities who objected against the necessity for the project. They cited that resources would be wasted as overhead increased caused by an abundance of empty beds and the hospital would divert medical staff leading to a shortage.[5]Oklahoma City attorney, Earl Sneed opposed the hospital as the facility offered a redundant service and skepticism with the discipline of faith healing.[6] Roberts struggled to find financial support during the early stages of planning.[7] Through a series of revelations and visions from God Roberts claimed to have receive instructions to realize the completion of City of Faith, and reassure his follower 'partners' of the completion of the hospital. According to a fund raising letter, on May 25,1980 Roberts


Steven Mandel[edit]

Mayoralty[edit] Public Works[edit] Mandel's city council was responsible for many infrastructural achievements: expansion of the LRT lines, the construction of a new arena for the Edmonton Oilers.[7] After years of public consultations since 2008, the city approved a plan gradually decommission the City Centre airport by implementing the City Centre Redevelopment Plan. The City Centre Redevelopment Plan aims to mitigate urban sprawl by redeveloping the aging and costly City Center Airport [8] into a sustainable 300 acre inner city neighborhood anticipated to accommodate 30,000 residents.[9][10] According to sporting organization 'SportAccord', the city has a Silver class partnership with the convention, enabling Edmonton to host many world classed events awarded during the Mandel administration.[11] The city will to host the 2015 FIFA Women's world cup.[12] Edmonton Downtown Arena[edit] Edmonton Oilers CEO Daryl Katz has entered into an agreement with the city of Edmonton to joint finance the construction of new Arena for the hockey team which the city will own. The entertainment complex, arena and plaza along with neighborhood development, and adjacent Winter Garden LRT Station costing $35M has an estimated budget of $601 Million CAD.[13] The project will be financed between the city with a seed fund valued at $219M CAD. Katz Group will contribute $143M and invest in the neighboring land development. The Albertan government won't fund the arena as Mandel anticipated however the provincial government inadvertently funded $170M through the Municipal Sustainability Initiative. $125M will be raised through ticket surcharges.[14] [15] Before construction can commence, Mandel is challenged with securing an additional outstanding $117M to guarantee the financing loans, as the Albertan government won't fund the arena. Social and Business initiatives[edit] Responding to an upsurge of Urban violence in 2006, Mandel together with the Alberta Council for Women's Shelters hosted the first 'Breakfast with guys' peace seminar aimed at curbing violence. The event inspired Edmonton's business leaders raise awareness and support among their staff and community. This initiative has since been replicated globally. [16] To address the needs of Edmonton's Aboriginal community the city conducted the 'Edmonton Urban Aboriginal Accord Initiative Project', many important documents and agreements with Treaty 6 natives, 'as an accord between Edmonton and the Aboriginal community' were written.[17][18] In 2011 Mandel commissioned the 'Community Sustainability Task Force', to address problems that mature Edmontonian neighborhoods faced. The organization reported on recommendations through the 'ELEVATE' report.[19][20] Mandel negotiated with the county of Leduc to amalgamate, 15,600 Acres of land to be used to support Edmonton's anticipated growth, if approved it will be the first major growth since 1982.[21] IBM granted 400,000 USD worth of expertise and advice to assist Edmontonian experts improve the lives of Edmontonians through the effective use of data and technology. The company has listed the city as one of "smarter cities" challenge.[22] In 2012, Mandel embarked on a trade mission to meet business and municipal leaders from Asia, to assert Edmonton's place in global Energy and business trade.[23] Events during Mayoralty[edit] The city council approved to support the UofA as home of the Canadian Women's Basketball team, the city will grant 500,000 CAD over 4 years to develop the sport such as introducing youth to the game.[24] The city of Edmonton and the aboriginals Treaty 6 commenced on a dialog to address the needs of Aboriginal Edmontonians. In 2005 the two parties signed with the Edmonton Urban Aboriginal Accord.[25] Mandel started the first Mayor Pride Brunch, in 2005. The event is a fund raiser to raise money for gay pride youth Camp fYrefly. Mandel proclaimed a week in April 2013 as Transgender Awareness week to bring awareness of the challenges Transgender Edmontonians face such as violence.[26][27] In 2006–2011 the city administration has been criticized by some members of the local press on issues relating to infrastructure maintenance. In September 2007, Mandel ordered the removal from city property of work by Edmonton sculptor Ryan McCourt, after receiving a 700-name petition that alleged McCourt's sculptures had "hurt Hindu religious sensibilities". Mandel created the Mayor's Evening for the Arts held at the Francis Winspear Center, out of formerly a luncheon event to an annual festive evening gala. The event showcases the talents of Edmontonian performing artists in a grand spectacle and awards ceremony. In 2012, he celebrated the 25th Anniversary of this tradition. In 2013, Mandel created the 'Ambassador of the Arts Award' awarded at the gala. Honoring significant contributions by individuals or corporations who represented Edmonton artistically on the international or national stage.[28] Mandel proclaimed the Edmonton Public Library's centennial anniversary to be 'Edmonton Public Library Day' issuing free library membership.[29][30] City Charter[edit]

To address the challenges of evolving into metropolises, Mandel, together with Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, negotiated a memorandum of understanding with the Alberta government.This motion will enable both mayors to work with the Alberta government to draft city charters in 2013, effectively articulating the powers and responsibilities the municipalities have to deal with unique issues of development such as taxation.[31]

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