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As I ceased regularly editing Wikipedia in mid-2007, parts of this page are out of date.


Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

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My areas of interest on Wikipedia vary, but as an administrator, much of my time is spent on administrative actions such as blocking vandals and closing AfD discussions. I also reply to help desk queries and am happy to help anyone who asks on my talk page.

My specialist knowledge is limited but I still write articles occasionally, examples of which you can see on the right. Most used to be translations from German, but I've become disillusioned with the German Wikipedia's inexplicable failure to embrace inline citation. I'm still open to translation requests, especially if you find one of the few German articles that uses proper citation.


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English is my native tongue. I can read and listen to German at a high level after listening to a lot of German music and translating articles here. My spoken and written German hasn't kept pace, having never been immersed in the language, but I can easily make myself understood. French and Latin I haven't done since GCSE. At some point I want to learn Japanese and Hindi to better appreciate anime and the music and film of Asia.


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I was born in Bath, Somerset, England, but most of my life has so far been spent in Cambridgeshire.

I will shortly be completing a degree in Economics.


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My politics are generally libertarian verging on anarcho-capitalism, but cats are the only thing I acknowledge as an actual bias. Sadly I don't have any of my own - such is student life.

Heavy metal (mostly European) and Indian music (Bollywood and desi) are my favourite music styles, and something I've been able to use to contribute to Wikipedia. Despite being white and not being able to speak a word of Hindi or Punjabi or whatever they're mostly singing in (yet).

I also like science fiction, but generally I read it, I don't write about it.

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Other contributions
  • W, W2 and W3 are the templates I use to greet new editors, based on {{welcome}}. W2 is combined with {{test}}, W3 is similar but for speedily-deleted test pages. Note that all three link to my user and talk pages within the text, so if you want to use these templates, please copy them to your userspace and change those links.
  • Cruft multiple - a pseudo-mathematical theory on notability.
  • Amnesia test - essay on notability guidelines.
  • My dumping ground for anything I want to write down but haven't fleshed out into an essay.
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