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Samuel di Curtisi di Salvadori (formerly known as Samuel Curtis, also known as SamCurt) is a Wikipedian from Hong Kong born in 18 February, 1983. He is graduated in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with Master of Science degree in bioengineering , after having a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry in the same university. He is currently a PhD student in University of Iowa, majoring in genetics. His research interest is computational genetics.

He is most well-known in the English fandom of Detective Conan (Case Closed) for his news reports and characterizations, but is also known as an ecletic learner and an avid reader in nonfictions.

The pseudonym of Samuel di Curtisi di Salvadori came from the combination of the Samuel Curtis and Heinrich Salvador, westernizations of the name of Jimmy Kudo, the main character of Case Closed (via Standard Cantonese), and Hiroki Sawada, respectively.

Major contributions[edit]

My Personal Vandalism Grading Guide[edit]

Since much of my edits are anti-vandalism reverts, it is helpful to talk about my policy of grading of vandalism under WP:VANDAL.

  1. For short, non-obscene, non-badmouthing and non-confusing vandalism easily recognizable to a reasonable reader, I would start with Level 1.
  2. For any inclusion of obscenity, blatant badmouthing (I welcome all sourced criticism), blanking of an infobox or a section or changing no more than 2 picture links (including but not limiting to changing to redlinks and changing to unrelated pictures), I would start with Level 2.
  3. For blanking of more than 10% of the article length or 500 words (wherever higher), inclusion of libelous material without any substantiation (notwithstanding New York Times v. Sullivan, inclusion of any links that are clearly of pornographic, advertising or any objectable nature not justifiable by context, or adding any material material that would confuse a reasonable Wikipedia reader, I would start from Level 3.

Every extra vandalism made within a 48-hour time frame from the first warning would be warned with warnings one level higher. WP:AIV would be reported after level 4.

This is my own non-binding guide which only acts as a general guide and should not be construed to be interpreted as a policy by me or the Wikipedia.