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Computational mathematics
Abstract algebra
Chien search
Schreier–Sims algorithm
Strong generating set
Permutation group
Todd–Coxeter algorithm
Symbolic computation
Buchberger's algorithm
Cantor–Zassenhaus algorithm
Faugère's F4 and F5 algorithms
Gosper's algorithm
Knuth–Bendix completion algorithm
Gröbner basis
Pollard's kangaroo algorithm
Polynomial long division
Risch algorithm
Computational geometry
Closest pair of points problem
Collision detection
Cone algorithm
Convex hull algorithms
Graham scan
Gift wrapping algorithm
Chan's algorithm
Kirkpatrick–Seidel algorithm
Distance transform
Geometric hashing
Gilbert–Johnson–Keerthi distance algorithm
Jump-and-Walk algorithm
Laplacian smoothing
Line segment intersection
Sweep line algorithm
Bentley–Ottmann algorithm
Minimum bounding box algorithms
Minimum bounding box
Nearest neighbor search
Point in polygon
Point set registration
Point cloud
Rotating calipers
Antipodal point
Convex and concave polygons
Convex hull
Shoelace formula
Triangulation (geometry)
Delaunay triangulation
Ruppert's algorithm
Chew's second algorithm
Constrained Delaunay triangulation
Marching triangles
Polygon triangulation
Voronoi diagram
Bowyer–Watson algorithm
Fortune's algorithm
Number theory
Binary GCD algorithm
Booth's multiplication algorithm
Chakravala method
Discrete logarithm
Baby-step giant-step
Index calculus algorithm
Pollard's rho algorithm for logarithms
Pohlig–Hellman algorithm
Euclidean algorithm
Greatest common divisor
Extended Euclidean algorithm
Integer factorization
Congruence of squares
Dixon's factorization method
Fermat's factorization method
General number field sieve
Lenstra elliptic curve factorization
Pollard's p − 1 algorithm
Pollard's rho algorithm
Quadratic sieve
Shor's algorithm
Special number field sieve
Trial division
Multiplication algorithm
Karatsuba algorithm
Schönhage–Strassen algorithm
Toom–Cook multiplication
Odlyzko–Schönhage algorithm
Riemann zeta function
Primality test
AKS primality test
Baillie–PSW primality test
Fermat primality test
Lucas primality test
Miller–Rabin primality test
Sieve of Atkin
Sieve of Eratosthenes
Sieve of Sundaram
Numerical analysis
List of numerical analysis topics
Differential equation
Euler method
Backward Euler method
Trapezoidal rule (differential equations)
Linear multistep method
Runge–Kutta methods
Multigrid method
Partial differential equation
Finite difference method
Crank–Nicolson method
Lax–Wendroff method
Verlet integration
Special functions
Approximations of π
Borwein's algorithm
Gauss–Legendre algorithm
Bailey–Borwein–Plouffe formula
BKM algorithm
Elementary function
Addition-chain exponentiation
Exponentiation by squaring
Arbitrary-precision arithmetic
Montgomery reduction
Modular arithmetic
Fürer's algorithm
Computational complexity theory
Spigot algorithm
Mathematical constant
Alpha max plus beta min algorithm
Methods of computing square roots
Nth root algorithm
Shifting nth root algorithm
Binary splitting
Divide and conquer algorithms
Kahan summation algorithm
Radon transform
Level set method
Birkhoff interpolation
Cubic Hermite spline
Hermite interpolation
Linear interpolation
Monotone cubic interpolation
Multivariate interpolation
Bicubic interpolation
Bilinear interpolation
Lanczos resampling
Nearest-neighbor interpolation
Tricubic interpolation
Pareto interpolation
Pareto distribution
Polynomial interpolation
Neville's algorithm
Spline interpolation
Runge's phenomenon
De Boor's algorithm
De Casteljau's algorithm
Bézier spline
Trigonometric interpolation
Numerical linear algebra
Eigenvalue algorithm
Arnoldi iteration
Inverse iteration
Jacobi eigenvalue algorithm
Lanczos algorithm
Power iteration
QR algorithm
Rayleigh quotient iteration
Gram–Schmidt process
Matrix multiplication
Cannon's algorithm
Distributed algorithm
Coppersmith–Winograd algorithm
Freivalds' algorithm
Strassen algorithm
System of linear equations
Biconjugate gradient method
Conjugate gradient method
Gaussian elimination
Gauss–Seidel method
Levinson recursion
Toeplitz matrix
Stone method
Successive over-relaxation
Tridiagonal matrix algorithm
Sparse matrix
Cuthill–McKee algorithm
Minimum degree algorithm
Cholesky decomposition
Symbolic Cholesky decomposition
Monte Carlo method
Gibbs sampling
Metropolis–Hastings algorithm
Probability distribution
Wang and Landau algorithm
Numerical integration
Monte Carlo integration
Root-finding algorithm
Bisection method
False position method
Newton's method
Halley's method
Secant method
Ridders' method
Muller's method
Mathematical optimization
Alpha–beta pruning
Branch and bound
Odds algorithm
Matrix chain multiplication
Combinatorial optimization
Greedy randomized adaptive search procedure
Assignment problem
Constraint satisfaction
AC-3 algorithm
Difference-map algorithm
Min-conflicts algorithm
Chaff algorithm
Davis–Putnam algorithm
DPLL algorithm
Conjunctive normal form
Boolean satisfiability problem
Exact cover
Knuth's Algorithm X
Nondeterministic algorithm
Dancing Links
Cross-entropy method
Importance sampling
Differential evolution
Dynamic programming
Overlapping subproblems
Optimal substructure
Ellipsoid method
Evolutionary computation
Evolution strategy
Gene expression programming
Genetic algorithm
Fitness proportionate selection
Stochastic universal sampling
Truncation selection
Tournament selection
Memetic algorithm
Swarm intelligence
Ant colony optimization algorithms
Bees algorithm
Particle swarm optimization
Gradient descent
Harmony search
Interior point method
Linear programming
Benson's algorithm
Vector optimization
Dantzig–Wolfe decomposition
Column generation
Integer programming
Branch and cut
Cutting-plane method
Karmarkar's algorithm
Simplex algorithm
Line search
Local search (optimization)
Hill climbing
Tabu search
Best bin first
Newton's method in optimization
Nonlinear programming
Broyden–Fletcher–Goldfarb–Shanno algorithm
Gauss–Newton algorithm
Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm
Nelder–Mead method
Simulated annealing
Stochastic tunneling
Subset sum problem
Computational science
Astronomical algorithm
Doomsday rule
Zeller's congruence
Kabsch algorithm
Root-mean-square deviation
Velvet assembler
De Bruijn graph
Sequence assembly
Maximum parsimony (phylogenetics)
Vincenty's formulae
Computational linguistics
Natural language processing
Lesk algorithm
Sukhotin's algorithm
Medical algorithm
Heart failure
Pulmonary embolism
Texas Medication Algorithm Project
Computational physics
Constraint algorithm
Demon algorithm
Microcanonical ensemble
Featherstone's algorithm
Ground state
Calculus of variations
Ritz method
N-body problem
Barnes–Hut simulation
Fast multipole method
Rainflow-counting algorithm
Sweep and prune
VEGAS algorithm
Computational statistics
Algorithms for calculating variance
Approximate counting algorithm
Bayesian statistics
Nested sampling algorithm
Cluster analysis
Canopy clustering algorithm
Complete-linkage clustering
Expectation–maximization algorithm
Fuzzy clustering
FLAME clustering
K-means clustering
Linde–Buzo–Gray algorithm
Lloyd's algorithm
Single-linkage clustering
Ward's method
Estimation theory
Ordered subset expectation maximization
Kalman filter
FNN algorithm
Fractal dimension
Hidden Markov model
Baum–Welch algorithm
Forward–backward algorithm
Viterbi algorithm
Partial least squares regression
Queueing theory
Buzen's algorithm
Gordon–Newell theorem
Yamartino method
Ziggurat algorithm