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Hallo. I have been AWOL for two years as of 2010. This here user page was made in the glorious days of 2006, and userboxes were all the craze back then.

Brief introduction[edit]

I use the handle Saoshyant pretty much everywhere on this beautiful Internet. It's the "classification" of a character in one of my novels, which is, obviously, based on Zoroastrianism. I should probably not use a handle anymore, but really nobody cares. The name's Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves. Watch that space for when someone decides to write an entry about me and my Transformers collection.

If you need help on a matter related with Wikipedia just ask me. I even have a happy face in my user box! What does that tell you?

Articles I need to contribute more to (and so should you)[edit]


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Some terrible photographs I took[edit]

Capela dos ossos Saoshyant.jpg Sunset abrunheira.jpg Portuguese Ralways EMU at Mira Sintra - Meleças Train Station.jpg 82749794.jpg Mira Sintra-Meleças Train Station 5.jpg


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I hereby give myself the Portuguese Barnstar of National Merit, in light of the fact that I created and uploaded it. Hey, someone had to do it!
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