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Template collections[edit]
Info/navboxes etc[edit]
Historical period/era/epoch[edit]
"see also"-type templates etc[edit]

To finish / do[edit]

By type[edit]
Renaming / params

Formatting etc[edit]

Infobox label/datastyle[edit] increasing labelstyle line-height then padding-top.
Add padding-right:1.0em; to labelstyle to ensure gap between labels and data.

labelstyle datastyle Infobox…
padding-top line-height line-height
0.225em 1.1em 1.3em …scientist …medical specialty …writer …scholar …award
0.225em 1.1em 1.35em …language
0.225em 1.15em 1.35em …company …book …product …element …casino …building
0.235em 1.15em 1.3em …film
0.245em 1.15em 1.35em …military person/sandbox …military memorial …cultivar …prepared food
0.2em 1.2em 1.3em …sport
0.2em 1.2em
…political party
0.2em 1.2em 1.35em …file format
0.2em 1.2em …organization
0.225em 1.2em …airline
0.15em MWband with {{longitem}}ed labels

Navbox / Sidebar suite and Infobox parameter names[edit]

See /Comparison of Navbox, Sidebar and Infobox parameter names

    • Navbox
    • Navbox subgroup
    • Navbox with collapsible groups/sections
    • Navbox with columns
    • (Navboxes)
    • Sidebar
    • Sidebar with collapsible lists
    • Infobox
  • Reserve "…name" for internal use   (as with name (Navbox) and listNname (Sidebar with collapsible lists))
    Reserve "…title" for text displayed as if a name   (as with title (ditto) and listNtitle (ditto))
  • Rename Infobox's title and above to Sidebar's outertitle and title.
Navbox Navbox with collapsible sections Sidebar with collapsible lists
sect[ion]Nname  (abbrN (not visible; used internally)) listNname (not visible; used internally)
groupNtitle  (titleN?)  (groupN) sect[ion]Ntitle  (groupN · sect[ion]N) listNtitle (visible)
groupN  (contentN?)  (listN) sect[ion]N  (listN · contentN) listN


Quasi-mysterious scraps from old user pages

  • "Looks like the key is to place the "padding:0 !important" overrides within {{Navbox}} for activation when {{Navbox|child}} used..?"
    (with reference to e.g. | list2style = padding:0 !important;)
Old user pages


 #ccf              (navbox-title)
 #ddf              (navbox-abovebelow)
 #e6e6ff        (within navbox-subgroup)
 lightsteelblue (#b0c4de)
 (lighter lightsteelblue) (#d4dfed)
"Link blue" = #002bb8

CSS classes[edit]

from Wikipedia:Catalogue of CSS classes#Classes

  • boilerplate
  • collapsible / collapsed / autocollapse / innercollapse / outercollapse
  • collapseButton
  • floatright / floatleft / floatnone
  • hlist
    • hwrap
  • infobox
  • plainlist
  • navbox
    • navbox-title / navbox-group / navbox-abovebelow
  • NavFrame / NavHead / NavPic / NavContent
  • nowrap / wrap
    • nowraplinks / wraplinks
  • sortable / sortarrow / sortbottom / sortheader / unsortable
  • toccolours
  • vcard
  • wikitable

noticed elsewhere

  • above
  • mbox-inside (see e.g. {{Information}})
  • mbox-small
  • mergedtoprow / mergedrow / mergedbottomrow
  • plainlinks
  • metadata
  • nourlexpansion
  • mw-collapsible
  • nocolbreak (use e.g. within {{Div col}}s)
  • plainrowheaders (as part of table class)