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Who/What is Sasquatch?[edit]

See Sasquatch.

Can Sasquatch operate a computer? Debunking common myths[edit]

Contrary to popular belief, I am a rather passive creature just seeking to eek out a peaceful existence in the Canadian Rockies (with the occasional cameo on Kokanee Beer commercials). Despite having over-sized hands, I have learned to operate a computer (though I still am confused by this whole QWERTY business) and am an avid fan of open source projects. Other things of interest would be to note that the reason I am so hairy is that I actually bought copies of Windows which forced me to cut back my clothing budget. This meant the only way to survive in the freezing winters was to grow hair... lots of hair. Also, I have learned to speak many languages in my spare time (see babel). Hope this clears things up with everyone.


Started Pages: Sampoong Department Store collapse, Sand Shark, Harry Dean Ainlay (among other mayors of Edmonton, Alberta), Shawn Desman, Wave (band), Yogi Rock (which was featured on DYK), Luan Jujie.

Good Edits: Tangshan earthquake, Battlefield Vietnam.

Current Projects: Working to improve Japanese war crimes related articles (attempting to reach a neutral POV somehow...) as well as filling up the red links in List of mayors of Edmonton, Alberta.

Uploaded images: Image:TI-84 Plus Silver Edition.JPG, Image:Yogi Rock.jpg, and Image:Yogi Rock2.jpg.

Also, constantly prowls Special:Newpages in search of patent nonsense. Just joined the Wikipedia:Cleanup Taskforce (see my Desk). Also, fixing Double Redirects on WP.


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