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Donald Trump This user supports the presidency of Donald Trump. Make America great again!

So... I've been supporting Trump for quite a while now, though I as a rule I keep quiet about my political beliefs on Wikipedia. Making an exemption this time , though, to show my immense support/respect 'til January 20 for the sheer scale and magnitude of what the Trump campaign was able to accomplish tonight. The team was able to overcome biased media coverage, his own party colluding against him, total lack of support from establishment donors, lack of funding, ridicule, blatant corruption, insurmountable odds (1.8% chance of victory according to Huffpo day before the election), outright violence from the opposition and still become President-elect. Is it weird to feel awfully proud of a country's people when I'm not even a citizen? Just goes to show nothing can silence the voice of the silent majority when they want to be heard. Democracy well and truly lives on in America tonight. So again, a very big congrats to Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the campaign! Face-smile.svg -Satellizer el Bridget (Talk) 12:31, 9 November 2016 (UTC)