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We know how it goes - you set up a WikiProject, get a bunch of people to sign up, add your project banner to a bunch of articles... Then what?

There are several things that an active and productive WikiProject needs to do. Among those is keeping track of your articles, including finding new articles that have been added and adding your banner to them, as well as finding what articles within your WikiProject's scope are in need of attention. That's where SatyrBot can help!

SatyrBot Services[edit]

A couple SatyrBot services are available for WikiProjects:

SatyrBot will find articles that should have your WikiProject banner on them.
SatyrBot can create "To Do" lists for your projects, helping your members find articles that need help.
  • Deletion Sorting (coming soon)

Sign up![edit]

If your WikiProject would like SatyrBot to help you out, please take a look at the services above for how to sign up!