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Calendar Future[edit]

Calendar Future names a sociocultural art project. The aim of the project is to install Calendar Future as a tear-off calendar with daily sheets and bring it to life over 1100 and 11 years. The project idea came into being 1999 awaiting the turn of the millennium and was developed by > < a n n o > < a a g, > < e i d e l b e r g, Germany.

Calendar Future logo and slogan
Calendar Future Perspektive


To enable good relationships for humans through time, easy.


A long going outprinted und useable tear-off calender for all people with human interessts in their future.

Calendar Future Projekt[edit]

Calendar Future is a project involving the contribution of participants who design the image and text of the reverse side calendar page on a self-chosen available date in a giant tear-off calendar, with their own ideas, proposals and interests for the relevant date. Participants fulfilling their reverse-sided contribution on their chosen date will receive a permanent sponsorship for this calendar page in the Calendar Future project. Once Calendar Future is complete, it will be printed out, assembled and installed in a cultural centre or museum where it will come to life as an interactive element, whereby the participants will have the possibility to tear off their calendar page and take a part of "Calendar Future" home with them. Sponsorships can, as time goes by, be passed on as so called "Time-Tickets", connecting past with present. The "Time-Ticket" is the original calendar page proving sponsorship certificate. The planned length of "Calendar Future" is 1111 years. That makes 405 783 + 1 calendar days, including leap years. Consequently, Calendar Future is day by day, one project.

Calendar Future Installation[edit]

Calendar Future will completely be out printed on durable special archive paper and installed in a forum ore museum for daily use. The installation contains a digital archive and media centre. the name of the installation is K A L E Z U K U.


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