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Developer(s) Holotech Studios
Initial release December 2013 (2013-12)
Operating system Windows, iOS
Available in Multilingual[which?]
Type face detection, computer facial animation
License Freemium

FaceRig is a face tracking and performance capture application for Windows, developed by Holotech Studios, that lets users digitally embody a virtual character by just sitting in front of a webcam. The app extracts user's head position, orientation and facial expressions and maps them to a 3d virtual character on the fly. As of now there are a total of five fully animated avatars, but the number is expected to grow as a creative community is planned to be built. The app feeds the output 3d character and virtual environment as video to services as Skype or Twitch, and is planned to add overlay features to any existing games.

FaceRig and Holotech Studios started as a personal project for a group of game developers. The project is now in a crowd funding stage.

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