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Wikipedia:WikiProject Ships

Fletcher-class destroyers
USS Trathen (DD-530)
USS Hazelwood (DD-531)
USS Heermann (DD-532)
USS Hoel (DD-533)
John C. Butler-class destroyer escorts
USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413)
USS Johnston (DD-557)

Template testing[edit]

Testing metatemplates with preformatted lines. On separately hosted wiki, had ombox-like templates for notes, cautions, info, etc. Included pre-text formatted w/ leading space, like:

testing preformatted text
and more
and more

Tried to make metatemplate for the note/caution/info/etc boxes, and broke the leading-space pre-text. The 1st and last lines were not showing up as pre-text. Tested here on 23 November 2009. Saw the same thing. See below

Template Transclusion testing[edit]

I²C should be stylized

I²C should also be stylized[edit]


I²C should be stylized[edit]