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A little info on me
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  • I am user:sbharris = SBHarris (Steven B. Harris). I edit under my real name, and think that those who don't, are Wikichickens. If Jimbo manages to edit under his real name, I think the rest of you can deal with your fears of death-threats, or whatever it is you have under your beds. If you're that wound-up, you should maybe scuba-dive some coral reefs, go to Burning Man a few times, Burning-Man.svg and generally just chill a bit. Life's too short to worry that much.
Gravity anomaly map of Earth, from GRACE satellites, mapped as a rotating globe
A PET scan, put here just because it's medical and looks cool.
3-D MRI of a section of the head. Cool, too.

For the record, I'm a 60 year-old U.S. physician (trained and boarded in internal medicine and geriatrics) interested in nutrition, gerontology/aging, dietary restriction, life-extension, resuscitation, liquid ventilation, induced therapeutic hypothermia (especially hypothermic liquid ventilation), and also pharmacology topics in microemulsions and lipophilic drug and nutrient delivery. I'm also interested in respiratory physiology, physics, chemistry and scuba. I currently spend full time in hypothermia physiology and drug-development research.

Fringe-science or protoscience topic interests of mine related to medicine include cryonics, the far future of medicine, and science fiction treatments of medical ideas. I've also been interested in debunking of HIV-skepticism and many other kinds of medical "quackery" (e.g., homeopathy). This does not mean I think all of "alternative" medical treatment is quackery. I have a longstanding interest in nutritional medical therapy, for example, but the wheat must be separated from the chaff.

My regular email is sbharris@[ROMAN9] Just make a Roman numeral 9, then replace the bracketed part with it, with no brackets. It's a test.

(Last updated September, 2017)

Initional note: Nov 21, 2005 User:Sbharris

My 10,000th edit[edit]

Is this one. And I'm still channelling Diderot. I wonder how long he would've lasted on Wikipedia before being blocked indefinitely as a troublemaker and troll?

My 20,000th edit[edit]

Has passed also. The amazing string of luck continues....

And this is my 30,000th edit[edit]

How about that.

"It has a meter that is— tricky; A bit of wicked wacky wiki"

Carioca (dance) as covered in Kentucky Fried Movie

Yet another moving object.
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Is she spinning clockwise or counterclockwise? Depending on which your brain chooses, she spins either way.
MRI consecutive slices through a head.
My Bengal Babou