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Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1953. Interests included bicycle riding, nature, chemistry, physics, microscopy, and participated in science fairs, winning ribbons now and again. Your classic nerd.


Attended the University of Michigan in forestry and Eastern Michigan University in chemistry, graduating with a B.S. degree in 1973.


Completed PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Utah in 1978. Dissertation projects involved the development of high-resolution laser pump-probe spectroscopy, laser excited fluorescence spectroscopy of transient species, infrared spectroscopy, laboratory computer interfacing and molecular spectra simulation. Outside interests included music and cycling.


Sbialkow is currently a professor of chemistry at Utah State University and is active in scientific research and teaching. Current projects involve application of photothermal deflection and thermal lens spectroscopy to aerosol and nanoparticle measurement. Other activities include bicycle racing, music, Yoga, and figure skating.


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