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Steve Meirowsky[edit]

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I was raised on a farm near Peabody, Kansas, USA, which is located in Marion County, though I no longer reside there. I attended Peabody High School and Wichita State University.

I'm an Embedded Design Engineer. Most of my professional experience has been a Software Engineer, but part of my job at various companies and contracting has also included Field Applications Engineer, Systems Design, Hardware Design, Schematic Capture, PCB Layout, Parts Purchasing, Product Assembly, Testing, and more. My unabridged resume is 6 pages. For privacy and security reasons, I don't list my recent employers or recent work projects on Wikipedia.

From 1990 to 1999, I was the Sysop of New World Information Service (NWIS) BBS. It was multi-line dial-up modem-based that ran on Wildcat! BBS software. The BBS primarily targeted engineering and technical users.[1]

In the early-1990s, I was the author of a MSDOS shareware program called PathTool, which still can be found on the internet as PATHTL23.ZIP.[2][3] The software allowed the user to add and remove directory entries to the PATH variable and similar environment variables like INCLUDE, which is commonly used by C/C++ compilers.

In the mid-1980s, I was a partner in a startup, named Intelligent Dimmer Packs (IDP), that developed the first MIDI-controlled stage lighting dimmer pack. We showed it at the CES show in Chicago. It was 6502-based and controlled 6 channels of 1200 Watts per channel for a total of 7200 Watts. For stress testing, we mounted 6 water heater elements in a metal trash can filled with water and circulated with two garden hose connections on the side. For MIDI SysEx commands, our Manufacturer ID was 02 (see MIDI 1.0 Detailed Specification, Section 4.2, Table VIIb; MIDI Manufacturers Association; 1995).[4]

In the early-1980s, I worked in tech support and engineering at CARDCO, which was the worlds largest peripheral manufacturer for the Commodore 64 and VIC-20. CARDCO shipped millions of Card Print printer interfaces (designed by Breck Ricketts).

In December 1982 issue of Compute! magazine, appeared my article and code for a "Commodore 64 Sprite Editor".[5][6]

While in high school, I was the recipient of the State and National 4-H Electrical award.[7] In 1978, my math teacher and I went before the school board to start a computer class, which was approved, and I was one of five students in the first computer class at our high school. When I was a junior, I played lineman in our high school football team that placed 2nd in state playoffs for class 2A schools, and it was notable because our head coach was Dennis Franchione.

My grandfather was mayor of Peabody, Kansas from 1971 to 1976 and retired from Boeing after initially welding engine mounts on biplanes at its subsidiary Stearman Aircraft in Wichita, Kansas,[8][9] his wife (my grandmother) was a third grade teacher at Peabody Elementary School for almost 30 years and initially taught at multiple rural one-room schools in Marion County, Kansas.[10][11] My father is a retired farmer and my mother is a retired high school teacher. Two of my aunts are grade school teachers. My great-great-grandfather, and his two brothers, homesteaded neighboring 80-acre farms near Aulne, Kansas in the 1870s, after emigrating from Europe.



  • 631 incorporated cities in Kansas - I've added a census table and 2010 census count, add external links for KDOT city maps, reorganize articles per Wikipedia USCITY guideline, update infoboxes, and various ongoing cleanup.
  • STM32 and NXP LPC (microcontroller families) - I created these articles and most of the content.
  • ARM Cortex-M - I did a major overhaul and expansion, investigated ARM documents and created entire Overview section and "pretty" tables. My text from the development tool section was moved from this article to start the List of ARM Cortex-M development tools article.
  • Secure Digital (SD cards) - 100% rewrote Electrical Interface section, created tables and drawing for Transfer Modes section, add photos, relocate photos, correct and expand captions for all photos. Merged older microSD and miniSD articles into main article. Misc edits to related SD and MMC card articles and redirects.




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