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  • Moon Festival - Also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mooncake Festival, or the Zhongqui Festival. Customs include eating mooncakes, matchmaking, carrying lanterns, burning incense, and Fire Dragon Dances. In Bridge of Birds, Number Ten Ox visits the city of Peking during the hectic Moon Festival. [1][2][3]
  • Legalism - Literally means “school of law”. This philosophy had three subjects: fa, shu, and shi. Fa meant “law or principle” and the law code must be clearly written and made public. Laws should reward those who obey them and punish those who break them. Shu meant “method, tactic or art” and this meant that secrets were to be employed by the ruler so others cannot take control of the dynasty. Shi meant “legitimacy, power, or charisma” and this meant that the position of the ruler was what held power. [1][4]

  • Bamboo Dragonfly - The traditional Chinese version of the illuminating flying toy was made of bamboo. This version contained two blades that functioned as the propeller. They were connected to a thin rod. When you would rub the rod with your palms, it would rotate and release the bamboo dragonfly. Because there is no electricity involved, the bamboo dragonfly did not fly to great heights. [5]

  • Dragon Dance - The dragon dance is an important part of traditional Chinese culture. The dragon dance expresses happiness and wishes. [6]
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