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Hi, I'm Steve Byrnes, a staff physicist at Draper, mainly working on optical systems and atom interferometry.

Here's my personal website


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Please keep in mind: My text and images for Wikipedia are public domain (when possible). If you use them without giving any credit or attribution or link to their author (me) and/or source (wikipedia), you are not behaving illegally...but you are behaving unethically!

Images I made![edit]

For Euler's identity (left) and Euler's formula (right)[edit]

For Benford's law[edit]

For Pseudovector[edit]

For Molecular diffusion[edit]

For Half-life[edit]

For Law of large numbers[edit]

For Ampère's force law[edit]

For Libration (molecule)[edit]

For Angular frequency[edit]

For Frequency[edit]

For Magnetic flux[edit]

For Shockley-Queisser limit[edit]

For Homogeneous function[edit]

For Schrödinger equation[edit]

For Stationary state[edit]

For Molecular orbital[edit]

For Magnetic monopole[edit]

For FTIR[edit]

For Crystal[edit]

For Discrete Fourier transform[edit]

For Polarization density[edit]

For Electrical resistance and conductance[edit]

For Capacitor[edit]

For Angular momentum operator[edit]

For Transmission line[edit]

For Smith chart[edit]

For Backward diode[edit]

For Optical rectification[edit]

For Johnson–Nyquist noise[edit]

For Bloch wave[edit]

For Surface plasmon polariton[edit]

For Anomalous photovoltaic effect[edit]

For Second harmonic generation and Optical rectification[edit]

For square wave and Fourier series[edit]

For Rice distribution[edit]

For Allan variance[edit]

For Ray transfer matrix analysis[edit]

Conceptual explanations[edit]

A few of the conceptual / qualitative (or only slightly quantitative!) explanations that I've written for physics and math articles:


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