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Marcel Vanthilt
Born Marcel Céline Gerard Edgard Vanthilt
(1957-08-24) 24 August 1957 (age 60)
Lommel, Belgium
Occupation musician, television presenter

Marcel Céline Gerard Edgard Vanthilt (Lommel, 24 August 1957) is a Belgian singer and television presenter. [1]

Early Life[edit]

Marcel Vanthilt was born on 24 august 1957, in Lommel, Belgium. After attending high school, Marcel studied at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and attained a bachelor degree in political sciences. He came to Brussels because he knew the BRT had her offices there. He didnt know at the time there was something like a drama school, like St.-Lukas in Brussels. In 1977, during his spell at the university, he discovered Punk. [2]

Musical Career[edit]

Arbeid Adelt![edit]

Marcel Vanthilt rose to fame with his group 'Arbeid Adelt!', formed in 1981. He provided vocals and played keyboard for the group, singing mainly in Dutch. They made 2 EP's ('Jonge Helden' and 'Le chagrin et Quatre-vingt') and scored minor hits with 'De Dag dat het zonlicht...' and 'Lekker Westers'. Despite the initial succes, the group decided to split. One year later, they reformed, only to split again after releasing one single ('Stroom'). The reason behind this was the discontent of the group with their record label, and also differing opnions between the group members about the future of the band.[3] Vanthilt noted the following comment: "They saw us as a kind of clowns. They refused to bring out the songs that were representative of what we were doing, and released "Stroom" en "Witte kom hie". Those were both good jokes, good for a laugh at the live gigs, but not good as a release two years after your last record."[3]

In 1991 the group got together again and got a deal from Virgin Records. This resulted in their first full CD, 'Des Duivels Oorkussen'. However, they were not able to break through commercially. [3]


Vanthilt tried to gain musical fame with two other groups: "The Yéh-yéhs" and "Groep Z"(in 2004).[4] Both stints were unsuccesful.

Television Career[edit]

MTV VJ[edit]

From 1987 to 1990, Vanthilt lived in London. There he became a VJ for the new music station MTV Europe.[4] His most famous programme there was "Cokes & Vanthilt", which he presented in co-operation with Ray Cokes. The two got together again on New Years Eve 2008 for a one time show on Belgian network Canvas. [5]

United States[edit]

From 1996 to 1998[4], Vanthilt moved to the United States, in pursuit of his wife. He tried to launch an acting career, but was ultimately unsuccesful. After he divorced his wife, he returned to Belgium.[1] He also wrote columns and was reporter for the magazine Panorama. He bundled his columns in a book, called Ha!Merika! and also adapted it to a theatre show.[5]

Belgian TV and Radio career[edit]

From 1998 onwards, Vanthilt became involved with the media in Belgium, mostly on Flemish radiostation Studio Brussel and TV-station Eén. On TV, he hosted various shows, such as quizzes ('Quix', 'ViaVia', 'De lage Landen'). [4] His most famous quiz was perhaps 'Tien voor Taal', a language-centered quiz, which he co-hosted with Dutch presenter Anita Witzier.[1]. He had a short stint with vtm, for which he hosted 'Tilt' (1993-1995), but soon returned to the VRT. He further hosted reality show "Wit in Vegas" (2005), in which he accompanied couples wanting to get married in Las Vegas. In recent years, Vanthilt has appeared on screen as talkshow host. From 2006 to 2009 he appeared as a weekly guest in late night talkshow ""De laatste show". He continued on to host the summer talkshow Zomer 2007 and Zomer 2008, in alternation with Ben Crabbé. Since 2009 he has his own summer talkshow, Villa Vanthilt. These shows are recorded in a make-shift studio in a Flemish city. In 2009, the cities chosen were Ghent and Hasselt; in 2010 Hasselt and Kortrijk.[4] He has since started the 2011-season of Villa Vanthilt, five weeks in Dendermonde and five weeks in Roeselare. His program is scheduled to run to the end of august.[6]

His most important radio show was "Was het nu 70, 80 of 90" (Was it 70, 80 or 90?), but he also hosted the "Album 100". [5]

Personal Life[edit]


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