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The last user or IP address to edit this was Scientific Alan 2.

This is me.

Important stuff

I am Alan. This is my Facebook page: [1] If anyone wants to talk, put something on my talk page, or message me on Facebook. By the way, my e-mail address is here: [citation needed]

And if I don't answer anything you send, e-mail isn't set up on my computer yet. But I will be able to use e-mail soon. By the way, I collect elements, and I have an exceedingly high intelligence quotient.

I currently have these elements:

  • 7 grams of Beryllium
  • Carbon (15+ grams)
  • Magnesium (5+ grams)
  • Copper (maybe 20 grams)
  • Nickel (20+ grams)
  • Zinc (20+ grams)
  • 5 grams of Indium
  • 5 grams of Erbium
  • about 2 ounces of Manganese
  • 1.25 grams of Rhenium
  • .9 micro-curies of Americium-241 (highly radioactive)
  • 1.17 grams of Osmium
  • 1.8 grams of Uranium
  • Plutonium (I don't have it yet, but I will, and don't even ask how...)

Oh, and here is a list of good names for elements:

  • Rachelium (I love Rachel, and I always will) (don't ask why this is here...)
  • Ellaium (or something like that)
  • Annaium (or something like that...)

My favorite quotes:

  • "I like chips."
  • "I like pie."
  • "I love you." (I don't get that one much)
  • "Because Chuck Norris said so!"
  • Someone: "What's up?" Me: "Some airplanes."
  • "Hey, Chuck Norris went somewhere near here, go find him."
  • "Your mom."
  • "Bazinga!"
  • "I heard this roller coaster has a hole in the track, and it could fall apart" (I made the line I had to wait in a bit shorter...)
  • "Stahp." (I had no idea who would say "stop" like this, but someone did...)
  • "No... Just no..." (A girl said this to me... I think everyone knows why...)
  • "You know, I can't talk on the phone all day..." (A girl said something like that to me once... I call people too much...)
  • "Want to hear one of my science lessons?" (I say that a lot, and "no" is the only reply I get)
  • "Are you single?" (I ask girls that question way too much, and I normally only get "no" as an answer...)

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Scientific Alan 2

In case you are wondering I was the user Scientific Alan before I forgot my password.

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