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SCI hyMod is a modular hybrid concept envisioned by a Romanian team composed of Dan Scarlat (automotive journalist), Marian Cilibeanu (designer) and Cristian Ionescu (engineer).

Project hyMod proposes a modular structure, allowing the user to choose the kind of propulsion he ar she wants, depending on the momentary necessities. One choice is an electric motor, capable of 48 kW and engaged by a battery pack, and the other is a hybrid alternative, comprising of an internal combustion engine adding 68 kW to the electric engine it works in conjunction with.

With this concept in mind, a logistic center called "hyMod Station" would offer the service of an automated transformation of the car, replacing the interchangeable modules. One module contains a battery pack with a power out put of 17 kWh and the other includes the combustion engine, along with the CVT type gear box, the fuel tank and all necessary adjacent components.

In the electric mode, hyMod reaches an autonomy of 180 km and a top speed of 130 km/h, while the hybrid configuration raises the range to 620 km and the top speed to 170 km/h.