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SCLathrop is the personal Wikipedia page for Stuart Curtis Lathrop

Being recently laid-off (technically, my position was eliminated) this seemed like one of the constructive ways that I could spend my time. For starters I was simply going to copy content from my professional biography page at until I realized this too needed updating.

  • sigh...

More to follow. Thanks for being patient with me.

Okay, so I cannot claim to be unemployed: in addition to my consulting business and the three development projects I am principally involved in, I have recently taken a part-time EasyTech position at our local Staples store. Being social about technology is what I do well. In addition, I continue to volunteer with DragonBoat Beaufort and transport cancer patients to & from the Keyserling Cancer Center.

My website is still the best place to get up to date information about me, whether you want my current professional biography, browse a few yummy recipes or see what other interesting offerings I've made available. It continues to grow, but I remain open to suggestion.