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TODO List[edit]

  1. B-Diesnt article finish by adding information details for Naval Enigma and creation of Enigma Keys. Finish it now.
  2. F & L 7 articles to link. Finish it now.
  3. David Stewart (major-general) - Add details regarding his book.
  4. Fix Research Office of the Reich Air Ministry ranks according. ORR is not military rank.Add in cryptographic details.
  5. Johann Friedrich Schultz - Add Immanuel kant stuff, using bio book structure. Most difficult. Will need some library books.
  6. Wilhem Fenner - Add details with ref he was anti nazi, if doc can found
  7. Heinrich Scholz - Try and get article from oxford university that he saved some people.
  8. Pers Z S - Finish article by adding cryptographical achievements, and other missing sections from Vol 6.
  9. Continue work on GDNA, KONA articles.
  10. Need article on history of German Army Signal Intelligence
  11. fix Attadale
  12. Rhu Peninsula - add article.