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User Boxes[edit]

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  • Gealic place names. https://web.archive.org/web/20170131192714/http://www.gaelicplacenames.org/databasedetails.php?id=118%2F
  • [1]
  • Just add an attribution notice with {{CCBYSASource}} to the bottom of the article
  • 31 December 2016 (2016-12-31)
  • {{PD-old-assumed}}
  • [1] Links of Soviet intelligence, names of biographies.
  • Rudolf von Schiela [2] [3] Anne Nelson Essay
  • {{Commons category|Category:Élisa Mercœur}}
  • {{wikisource-inline|links=[[:fr:s:Élisa Mercœur|Élisa Mercœur]]}} {{in lang|fr}}
  • {{Foreign wikisource author-inline|fr|Auteur:Élisa Mercœur|Élisa Mercœur

Gideon Haigh (4 February 1991). "Crafter's a veteran of stormy times at wicket". The Age. pp. 23, 26.

Rote Kapelle knowledge[edit]

  • Harry Piepe (Franz Fortner in Perrault’s book) was the Abwehr officer who led the Brussels surveillance and raid operations.
  • Henry Robinson. fr:Guillaume Bourgeois French [2]

Missing Rote Kapelle people[edit]

List of Red Orchestra people who still need articles. These seem to have de wikipedia articles.

Soviet agents

Soviet agent stubs

  • Jeanne Otten Stub as well. Kesaris small para
  • Nazarin Drailly Stub article. Kesaris has small para. Bourgeios has lots passing mentions, other detail?
  • Otto Schumacher Stub. Kesaris. Quite a bit of detail in Bourgeios. Some gbook refs. Stub
  • Klara Schabbel de article. Passing mentions in Kesaris. Some mentons in Bourgeios. Its all in the de article. Stub
  • Jan Wilhelm Kruyt Parachutist into Holland. His father as well. Kesaris a little detail. Bourgeios has nothing. Small stub article. John Wilhelm Kruyt Bourgeios p.167 )his father)



  • After the war Red Orchestra. Intelligence agencies after 1946.

TODO List[edit]

  • Need to update the People of the Soviet Rote Kapelle espionage group template and put all the folk in. scope_creepTalk 11:33, 18 June 2022 (UTC)

Todo 2[edit]

  • Léon Grossvogel and Rachel Dübendorfer need their images updated since they are wrong. Removed the Dübendorfer image. scope_creepTalk 14:49, 18 February 2024 (UTC)

Dübendorfer is done. Grossvogel still to do. scope_creepTalk 16:59, 26 March 2024 (UTC)


Check coords when updating legacy lochs.




  1. Joseph Lister
  2. Sonderkommando Rote Kapelle
  3. Police collaboration under the Vichy regime [5], L'État contre les juifs: Vichy, les nazis et la persécution antisémite, Laurent Joly, [6]
  4. People of the Saefkow-Jacob-Bästlein Organization [7]
  5. Kenngruppenheft (Characteristics group book")
  6. Walter Lohmann
  7. Herbert Grasse stub
  8. Barochan Cross
  9. Friedrich Breme Ship
  10. Die Kriegsschauplätze und die Bedingungen der Kriegführung (Roessler book)
  11. Sculptured cross



War surgeons[edit]

These surgeons documented their use of listerism


  1. Bengt Robertson Needs expansion.
  2. Tore Curstedt
  3. Johannes Weigelt (newly created 8 March 2024)
  4. Rudolf Herrnstadt Expand de article.
  5. Hasan Ferit Alnar (composer)
  6. Charters James Symond

Long Term (Slower)[edit]

  1. David Alvarez Military historian, Sigint
  2. William Fyfe (boatbuilder) (1785–1865), Scottish founder of the Fife & Sons shipyard
  3. Dixon's Iron Works Ironworks in Govan. Follow on article from St Rollox.
  4. Reginald F. Christian, professor of Russian at St Andrews University. Multiple obits.
  5. Johannes Weigelt
  6. Caliban Shrieks (1935) by Jack Hilton (writer) needs article.
  7. Meyers Konversations-Lexikon Expand with the de article. .
  8. George MacDonald Needs expansion, writing career and lots of references. Many sections uncompleted or damaged.
  9. Deirdre R. Meldrum
  10. Arthur Colville Kennedy Renal medicine specialist Masses of obits. It is him.
  11. Crawford Street chemical works
  12. Ludovic McLellan Mann (1869–1955) Scottish archeologist of the 1920's
  13. John Tennant (1796-1878) - Son of Charles Tennant [8]
  14. Ardeer nitroglycerine factory, Ardeer
  15. Christiane Vleugels Artist
  16. Christoph M. Heinicke Psychologist
  17. Ilse J Westheimer Psychiatric social worker
  18. John M. Del Vecchio author
  19. Henry Douglas Carden Surgeon
  20. Bergen Belson, Lost train The Lost Train. Needs expanded.
  21. Richard James Mackenzie [9]
  22. Rubricaire
  23. Categories needed around people from ullapool and others. Robert Urquhart (actor)
  24. Christian Lapointe French theatre director. 2 days work.
  25. Frederick Crace Calvert FRS member
  26. Ralph Neumann resistance dude.
  27. Tore Curstedt
  28. Benno Schotz update and expand. Need a couple of books. Almost no available sources.
  29. John Hargrave Needs an accurate description of what he was.
  30. Rudolf von Scheliha is in an id-determinate state. Still to finish once court case finishes. Guts are still hanging out the article. Don't forget it. scope_creepTalk 14:06, 30 September 2022 (UTC)
  31. Anna Murphy Glasgow. ESPN History
  32. Robert M. Kark Peadiatric nephrologist. [10]
  33. Gedenkstätte Todesmarsch im Belower Wald Death March out of Sachshausen concentration camp 23 to 29. April 1945
  34. Lorenz Textophon Massive amount of links but no article.
  35. Manfred Roeder (judge) Needs the post-war poison he expoused and created to be added in.
  36. Alexander von Kryha No article. [3]
  37. Pattison prize in clinical surgery, Edinbugh uni
  38. Don't forget the Priess's who are
  39. Lawrence Weaver Samson Gemmell chair in Glasgow
  40. Reich Citizenship Law
  41. Nigel Tranter needs exapnded. NIGEL TRANTER 'SCOTLANDS STORYTELLER', Ray Bradfield
  42. Appin Murder Expand it, so it has full description of what happened, whatever that is.
  43. People of the Knöchel-Seng Group [11]
  44. Martha Steinitz
  45. Henk Pelser resistance fighter, physician
  46. Deportation von Juden aus Deutschland de article.
  47. Operation Pickaxe Agents sent from RAF Tempsford O'Sullivan, Donal (December 2004). "Dealing With the Devil: The Anglo-Soviet Parachute Agents (Operation 'Pickaxe')". Journal of Intelligence History. 4 (2): 33–65. doi:10.1080/16161262.2004.10555099.
  48. Baum group [12]
  49. People of the Herbert Baum Group [13]
  50. Onkel Emil
  51. Nigel Standfield Professor [14]
  52. Loch Inver Catchment area for the Inver Basin.
  53. Dionýz Štúr Slovak geologist (1827-1893) Won the Cothenius medal. 6 other wp's have article
  54. Georg Christian Gottlieb Won the Cothenius medal.
  55. List of bays of the Orkney Islands

Rote Kapelle Expansion[edit]

Articles needing finished or started for years[edit]

In order of capable of doing.

  1. Ardnish Peninsula
  2. Ettapendienst. Kriegsmarine ship refuelling outfit. German article, but of a bad nick, but salvageable with extra sources. De article has been deleted.
  3. Johann Friedrich Schultz. Need all the stuff around Kant, how they met, how Schultz became expositor and how/what it progressed.
  4. B-Dienst Need detailed information on timeline of Naval enigma, Naval enigma keys and who did it. Got most of it now. No who did work.
  5. Appin Murder. Chronically bad article on famous episode in Scottish history.
  6. Der Fall Wicher. Got one document. Need three sources. Some coverage now, but no German article.
  7. Forfeited Estates Commission ----------------------------------------------------Got a thesis for this. Huge amount of work. Very difficult. Possibly pay a historian to do it. Fundraise some money. How much though. Don't even know where to start.
  8. Denis Browne Gold Medal Look back in a couple of years. More information may be available. 30 January 2021.

Expand or refs[edit]

  1. Isabelle Morel A biography as a book is now available.
  2. Willy Klemme Last Luftwaffe signals officer at a senior level.
  3. Marceliano Santa María Sedano Saved from draft

Long Term[edit]

  1. Tim King. Amigados inventor, Tripos, Transputer and so on.
  2. Subir Sarkar
  3. Hugo Kettler
  4. Wilhelm Gimmler
  5. Henry W. W. Potts Professor.
  6. Wilhelm von Wittich Major contemporary of Lister.
  7. Gotthard Jäschke Use: https://www.jstor.org/stable/1570907 and de
  8. Forfeit Estates Commission ----------------------------------------------------------Got a thesis for this.
  9. Victor Ségoffin expand it out. Stellar French sculptor. Make sure to add gallery.
  10. Windscale Piles Doesn't detail contamination before the fire. McMillan banned the original report.
  11. Red Three No refs, nothing of depth.
  12. Befehlshaber der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD Commander of the Sipo (Kds)


  1. William Fletcher Shaw Need RCOG stuff. Need to contact Glasgow outfit, see if they can use Library.
  2. Ninove Abbey expand
  3. William Robert Whatton Small expansion
  4. Graham Teasdale (physician)

Medical ultrasound pioneers[edit]

Medal and stuff needed[edit]

  • Blaise Pascal Medal, European Academy of Sciences
  • Alec Bangham Life Achievement Award
  • Francine Merritt Award
  • William E. Ladd Medal
  • Vaclav Kafka Medal
  • Robert E. Gross award
  • Tait medal
  • Dawson Williams Memorial Prize. Loads of links. Started in 1928 apparently.



  1. Info on the Perrault book. [15]
  2. User:Scope creep/userboxes
  3. Similarity system of triangles Gallery <gallery mode="packed" heights="125px" widths="375px">
  4. Loch Sandbox
  5. User:scope_creep/temp sandbox
  6. Arch Stanton
  7. Test Sandbox
  8. List of places in Highland. Finished M. Muirshearlich, Muir of Allangrange, Mountgerald, Muie Needs refs. Started on N, first couple.
  9. Category:Articles needing additional references
  10. Fairy Dell Arran article.
  11. Expand Appin Murder
  12. Ardnish Peninsula - add article
  13. List of clearance settlements in Scotland
  14. Abbey of Saints Cornelius and Cyprian
  15. Anthony Jackson (paediatrician) cleanup for perinatal group.
  16. Leslie Alfred Charles Fry
  17. Kaigham Gabriel
  18. Matias Viegener book
  19. Peter Dunn Update for James Spence medal
  20. Institute of Psychosexual Medicine
  21. British Society of Urogynaecology
  22. British Society of Psychosomatic Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Andrology
  23. British Society of Abortion Care Providers
  24. British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease
  25. British Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology
  26. British Society for Gynaecological Imaging
  27. British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy
  28. British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology
  29. British Menopause Society
  30. British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society Needs refs
  31. British Gynaecological Cancer Society Need refs
  32. British Fertility Society
  33. British Association for Sexual Health and HIV
  34. British and Irish Association of Robotic Gynaecological Surgeons
  35. Stopped at Inveralligin for ref tag, image, ref and static image props and ward etc. Infobox info
  36. Article for Hans Forster, Chief of the Luftwaffe SIS for the defense of Germany. Air raid.
  37. Article for Hans Eick.
  38. Garth Castle
  39. Luftflotte 3 and Feichtner, Autumn 1943
  40. Category:Bays of Ross and Cromarty
  41. Lochans in the forth basin.
  42. Add categories for each highland county, and big peninsula, island, if not done.
  43. Knockfarrel locality
  44. Folk around Kant

  1. IF-108 OKW Signals
  2. TICOM I-120 has a ton on Luftwaffe codes, ref: Chi-Stelle
  3. List of monastic houses in Scotland for large map

Lochs Where I'm at and those that are missing[edit]

  1. List of lochs of Scotland Basin areas On Inver basin Loch Crocach todo p.156
  1. Lochs Missing - Loch Giorra and Loch Daimh together as Loch an Daimh reservoir.
  2. Lochs Missing - Lochan na Lairge - West of Ben Lawyers p.91
  3. Lochs Missing - Black Lochs - A large number. [16]
  4. Lochs Missing - Loch Uiane p.118 At the head of loch Turrent. Done in by being a reservoir.
  5. Lochs Missing - Loch Maol a 'Choir. Vol II, p.152. 58.130186°N 4.928456°W. Tiny Loch.
  6. Lochs Missing - Loch a mhiotailt. Next to Loch Veyattie.
  7. Lochs Missing - Lochan Fadda p. 214 of Bathy. Ewe Basin
  8. Lochan Missing - Unamed loch on Eileann Subhainn p.217 Bathy. Ewe Basin.

Lochs kit[edit]

  • Settlements
  • Geography
  • Walking
  • Gallery

These are the contents needs for an average, i.e. small loch article.

  • Check Canmore, see if there is a average bronze village, crannog, or dun nearby, or possibly a clearance village.
  • Check the news for walking news.
  • Check Wikipedia Commons and Geograph for News
  • Check for fishing news.
  • Check for locale on the road 500 gig.

Gittings ref template[edit]


  1. <ref>{{cite web |last1=Gittings |first1=Bruce |last2=Munro |first2=David |title=Laga, Highland |url=http://www.scottish-places.info/towns/townfirst1999.html |website=The Gazetteer for Scotland |publisher=School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh and The Royal Scottish Geographical Society |accessdate=19 October 2020}}</ref>




scope_creepTalk 11:07, 28 November 2018 (UTC)

In use at the moment scope_creepTalk

Archive one


Welcome Templates[edit]

  • {{Template:W-graphic}}, {{subst:w-graphic|message}}
  • {{subst:Welcome to Wikipedia}} Handsome multicoloured
  • {{subst:Welcome screen}} Handsome blue
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  • Template:Uw-bizlist
  • Template:Undisclosed paid
  • Template:Uw-paid1

Template for citing webarchives[edit]

{{cite magazine |department=Geschichte |title=Was Archive berichten |volume=2008 |issue=1–2 |page=22 |magazine=Antifa |first=Hans |last=Coppi |url=http://www.antifa.vvn-bda.de/200801/2201.php |archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20081207090454/http://www.antifa.vvn-bda.de/200801/2201.php |archive-date=2008-12-07}}

Template for citing a web archive- another example[edit]

<ref>{{cite web |title=hamburg: Schottmüller – korrigiert |website=Hamburger Wochenblatt |publisher=WBV Wochenblatt Verlag GmbH |archiveurl=https://web.archive.org/web/20150924024742/http://www.hamburger-wochenblatt.de/eppendorf/lokales/hamburg-schottmueller-korrigiert-d20461.html |url=http://www.hamburger-wochenblatt.de/eppendorf/lokales/hamburg-schottmueller-korrigiert-d20461.html |language=German |archive-date=2 December 2014}}</ref>

Template for chapter with a book with named authors in the book and the chapter[edit]

{{cite book |last=Scheel |first=Heinrich |editor-last=Coppi |editor-first=Hans Jr |editor-last2=Danyel |editor-first2=Jürgen |editor-last3=Tuchel |editor-first3=Johannes |chapter=Die Rote Kapelle – Widerstand, Verfolgung, Haft |title=Die Rote Kapelle im Widerstand gegen Hitler |location=Berlin |publisher=Edition Hentrich |page=45 |date=1992 |isbn=3-89468-110-1}}



The second was issued in 1915.[4]


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