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Hello, I'm Scott Martin, pronouns he/him. I've been editing for 20 years, and I've been an admin for 15. These days that's limited to archival and history maintenance functions. I also often edit now without bothering to log in. Try it, it's liberating - that is, when you're not in an IP range that some dork has indefinitely blocked. Yes, the famous encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Anyway, after being here so long, I can tell you for sure that this isn't the paragon of universal knowledge that people make it out to be. Lmao not even close.

Contact me by email through here, or as @hex on Twitter. If it's about Wikipedia editing, use my user talk page.

It's the 11th of November 2022, and I registered on Wikipedia twenty years ago today. This wasn't my first wiki - I'd been editing at the original WikiWikiWeb and MeatballWiki for two years already at that point. I've been involved with wikis for half of my life, and I expect that to continue for many years to come.  — Scott talk