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Editing since 2002. Real name: Scott Martin. Location: London, UK. Contact me by email through here, or as @hex on Twitter.

I was granted access to the administrative toolkit in 2007. After a period of reflection from mid-2014 to mid-2015, explained in detail later on this page, I decided that I will no longer:

  • Block or unblock any accounts or IP addresses
  • Issue any warnings
  • Close any discussions
  • Participate in any discussions at WP:AN or WP:AN/I, beyond making simple requests at the latter for urgent interventions if absolutely necessary
  • Perform any non-"speedy" deletions.

Please don't ask me to do any of these.

I will, however:

  • Inspect and perform maintenance on page histories: merges, splits, and moves
  • Appropriately use revision hiding in any cases that I discover of content that contravenes our policies and requires removing from public view
  • Be open to answering requests made of me by users to look into matters of article history or revision hiding; whether in the course of normal encyclopedic production, or investigating possible hoaxes, vandalism, or administrative malfeasance.

I have a subpage, /Utilities, that lists useful templates, categories, graphics, and so on, which may be helpful to other editors.

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In August 2014 I gave up being a regular Wikipedia editor on the basis of my belief that this project is fundamentally broken. That belief has not changed. It's impossible to go more than a click without encountering an error, falsehood, or deliberate distortion made for personal gain. The governance model is broken, and, crucially, the underlying technology is painfully feature-poor and out-of-date, with successive showy and poorly-implemented projects by the WMF doing nothing to resolve the core issues, exacerbating the issue of the drop in editor numbers.

My interest is no longer in contributing new material; it's in minimizing (by making corrections or removals) the harm that the project's flaws have the potential of causing to readers, and the harm that some contributors can cause to others: by mutilating or misappropriating their work, or losing editing history by unwise use of local software features. I am also interested in the significant potential for research into how Wikipedia has evolved as a system, which may be of use to either efforts to reform this project, or found new ones.

The statement I made in 2014 follows.