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My antiderivative

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*I'm not really a pro gamer.

Hi I'am Scott. I'am currnetly a high school student. I've been "at" wikipedia for a while but haven't made any major edits(although I do forget to check the minor edit checkbox) but I made about 340 edits.

Being a Native speaker of 1337(leet for you n00bs) I'am a geek2. Even though I'm a geek I'am against MMORPG since you have to pay monthly fee. It's much funner to pwn n00bs in online games that less massive.

Articles about stuff I'm intrestead in[edit]

I'll try to seprate this into catagories. These our in no oder


This list is no oder these are just some good articles of people that I'am intrestead in

More to come!

Science & Mathmatics[edit]

These are some secience articles that I like about science and math.

more to come!


These are some history articles that I like

There will be more to come but I think this is good for now.


work in progress[edit]

Working on the new planets just incase so it can be updated just when they decied: User:Scott3/1 ceres



  • Relativator. Scenario: You are a Einstein theory of relativity fanboy. You see a Flat Earther and a crank so you decide to see how much energy you would make if you use E=mc2 — Einstein's famous equation to calculate how much energy you would if you convet them to pure energy. The Problem: tou live during the 1930 before calcultors were invented. The solution: A circular slide-rule to perform Einstein’s theory of special relativity. I think it would be intersting article to have on Wikipedia.
  • Bacterial protein
  • Petrophysics

Major Edits[edit]

My stats[edit]

Edit count as of August 4th 2006 16:55
Total edits 531
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First edit 04:02, 5 February 2006
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About wikipedia and some facts I might need to know for future edits. These my notes about wikipedia

  • "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" is not the offical title(or atleast not yet annoced) 3rd movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 should be used.
  • there is now a rebile source for the title and it is now Priates of the Caribbean: At World's End.
  • It looks Priates of the caribbean: At world's end is not going to be the title.
  • Need image for the realivator.

Scott, My name is Mark Wilson. I am a petrophysicist. I have a schematic of a rock I would like to substitute for your Fig.2 under the entry for 'Petrophysics'. Could you do that for me? If so, email me at and I will email you the jpg. I may have additional info. to add. You did a pretty good job.