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Scott's objective: To counter the Systemic Bias on Africa topics[edit]

Wikipedia has acknowledged the existence of Systemic Bias on topics about Africa and Africans. Scott's intention is to address this bias as much as possible - especially on topics about East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi.

About Scott[edit]


Scott P. Anderson is a historian, scientist and social critic. He is Married. Has 2 kids and a dog. He enjoys travel and watching the Premier League. Scott has appeared in numerous TV interviews, talk shows and debates hosted in New York and Washington. He owns several succesful private corporations and considers himself a born Capitalist.


Scott has lived in Africa (especially East Africa) for many years. He has a good appreciation of the East African history and various East African cultures - which helps him to evaluate Wikipedia articles from both a western and non-western point of view.

Active Projects[edit]

  1. Kenya's war for independence
  2. Hola massacre
  3. Kenya
  4. History of Kenya