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Shywolf live.JPG
Philip Toone on lead guitar and vocals performing live in 1982.
Background information
Origin Nottingham, England
Genres Rock
Years active 1976–1985,2006–present
Labels Pye Records, Big Bear Records
Associated acts Spoonfull, Blitz
Members Philip Toone
Past members Steve Littlewood
Jay Melbourne

ShyWolf are an English rock band that formed in Nottingham in 1976. ShyWolf were originally founded by Philip Toone of Derbyshire, England. In 1976, and at the age of 17 Philip founded his own band under the name of Spoonfull. Spoonfull achieved success with their single "Troubled Times" under the Pye Records label. In 1983 they were recognised as the No.1 rock band in the Midlands by the Nottingham Evening Post. Unfortunately the band split in 1979.

1980 - 1985[edit]

In early 1980 Philip was asked and persuaded by Big Bear Records of Birmingham to reform the band. In addition to reforming the band they were offered a slot on a live LP. The LP was to be called "Live at the Barrel Organ". The LP was recorded, released and is still available for purchase today.[1]

The reforming of the band also saw a new line up. This was to include bass player and vocalist, Steve Littlewood. In 1981 the band was renamed Blitz and whilst under this name they supported some great acts including Budgie and The Tom Robinson Band.

In 1982 Jay Melbourne joined the band as the new drummer. Jay was seen as an instant success with Phil Toone and Steve Littlewood and the band continued to tour under another new name - ShyWolf. The renaming of the band was also linked to the release of their single - which was a double A side featuring Lucretia and California Jam.

After touring the UK for a few years the band split again in 1985.

2006 - Present[edit]

Phil Toone vowed one day to return to the studio:

"Since the band split in 1985 I promised myself that one day I would return to the studio to re-record a CD with some of the most popular ShyWolf classics from the early 80's and some of my new material from 2006 onwards."[2]

After recording a new Album (ShyWolf Revisited 2010): which contains re-recorded tracks alongside new material - Philip Toone is also working on a solo album which will be released during 2010.