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List of accidents and incidents on commercial aircraft

Year 1900-1949 1950-1974 1975-1999 2000-2025

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Accidents and incidents on commercial aircraft grouped by the year that the incident or accident occurred. This list is also available grouped: by airline, by location, alphabetically, by death toll.

See also: Accidents and incidents in aviation.

This list is not complete. For more exhaustive lists, see the Aircraft Crash Record Office or the Air Safety Network. Airlines seem to be remembered by their worst accidents, and in that sense this list presents a good overview, but it is far from being complete.




  • May 26 – BOAC four-engined Handley Page Hermes IV G-ALDN with 10 passengers on board, crash-landed in the Sahara Desert, 1,300 miles off-course on a flight between Tripoli and Kano. All passengers and crew survived the initial crash landing, but the First Officer later died of injuries sustained in the crash.





  • June 30United Airlines Flight 718, a DC-7 flying from Los Angeles to Chicago and TWA Flight 2, a Constellation flying from Los Angeles to Kansas City collided over the Grand Canyon. The 58 passengers and crew on the DC-7 and the 70 passengers and crew on the Constellation were all killed. The pilots were flying in uncontrolled airspace; the crash was attributed to the pilots not seeing each other.










  • February 8Eastern Air Lines Flight 663 forced to take evasive action on takeoff to avoid colliding with another commercial aircraft, lost control and crashed. All 84 persons on board are killed.
  • March 31Iberia Airlines Convair CV-440-62, crashes into the sea on approach to Tangier killing 50 of 53 occupants; the crash is blamed on a stall due to 'undetermined reasons'.







  • June 6 - Hughes Airwest Flight 706, a McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-31 commercial flight was flying from Los Angeles, California, to Salt Lake City, Utah. Following a mid-air collision with a United States Marine Corps F-4B Phantom II jet fighter, the flight crashed into the San Gabriel Mountains near Duarte, California, killing all 49 people aboard. The pilot of the Phantom also died. The radar intercept officer successfully bailed out.
  • July 30 - An All Nippon Airways Boeing 727-281 crashed after colliding with a Japan Air Force F86 fighter jet in flight. 163 killed.
  • November 24 – A man using the name Dan Cooper hijacked Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305 out of Portland, Oregon. In exchange for $200,000 and four parachutes he released the passengers. The crew took off and he parachuted from the plane. He was never found although a roll of bills from his ransom was found in a riverbed many years later.
  • December 24LANSA Flight 508, a Lockheed Electra OB-R-941 enroute from Lima to Pucallpa, Peru, breaks apart in mid-air after being set aflame by lightning. It crashes in the Amazonian rainforest and 91 people die; the sole survivor is Juliane Koepcke, a 17-year old girl who survives a fall from 2 miles and a 10-day walk through the jungle before being found by hunters. Her mother, famous ornithologist Maria Koepcke, dies; director Werner Herzog had narrowly missed being on the same flight.




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