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User:UBX/film Score

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The Beatles.
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Scott Andrew Hutchins

M.A., College of Staten Island (Cinema/Media studies)

B.A., Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (English/Communication studies)

Graduate of North Central High School (Indianapolis, Indiana).

Certificate in web page design from Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center with Adobe Systems Certifications in Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Flash

I am a playwright and screenwriter; my works often deal with the incongruity between education and station, and from there point up other incongruities, often in a manner distorted in the vein of expressionism. I have produced documentary material for WFYI's Across Indiana, student films, three plays, five screenplays, a novel and a half, and numerous shorter works. I am currently composing an opera (by hand) and am in the planning stages of a musical. Despite a strong letter of recommendation from Philomenza Muinzer, former dramaturg at the Royal National Theatre, I have not yet received a workshop or full staging of one of my plays.

I am widely considered an authority on film adaptations of L. Frank Baum. My novel (approximately 66,500 words), Tip of Oz: The Oz Book for 1991 is barred from publication (at least conforming to author's intentions, as principal character motivation is drawn from events in The Lost King of Oz) under the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act, and as such, I was an amicus claimant in Eldred v. Ashcroft. I have been encouraged to attempt publishing it on, but as I am much more than a fan fiction writer, I have decided that now is not the right time.

I am currently an activist for the homeless after becoming one myself; in collaboration with Picture the Homeless, I am currently co-authoring a whitepaper tentatively titled The Business of Homelessness, on how low income New Yorkers are exploited for profit at taxpayer expense. I have also written two professional articles dealing with homeless issues for online magazines, Hopes&Fears and Arachne. My first job after I became homeless was editing videos for Bank Street Bookstore, but they terminated their relationship with the production company that hired me as a freelancer less than a month after I started. I have been a research assistant for Raj Amit Kumar's 69 Productions, worked in admin, promotions, and proofreading at Motéma Music, and have taught English composition at Boricua College. I am currently seeking steady employment, preferably in media/publishing.

I am also a Bass-baritone vocalist. In 2004, I sang in the chorus and served as a cover for the Bronx Opera [3]. In 2007, I began performing in the chorus of the Brooklyn Repertory Opera [4].

I made my debut as a principal (not counting the Second Prisoner in Fidelio) as Antonio in The Marriage of Figaro in November 2008. I have subsequently appeared as a soloist in Orfeo ed Euridice, Silvano in Un ballo in maschera, the lackey in Ariadne auf Naxos, and Ivan (and the only bass) in Die Fledermaus. The latter, produced in 2010, has been, as of 2017, their penultimate production. I have also sung with Gotham Rock Choir, September Concert Foundation, Voices in Unity (my church choir), and St. Cecilia Chorus, now known as The Cecilia Chorus of New York. I have not sung recently outside of classes taught by David Friedman. I am known as "Bill" in Friedman's book, The Thought Exchange. I was working in the evening when documentary was made and thus not interviewed, though I was at one or two of the shoots.

My DVD Aficionado Page: Cinemopera

My ten best films of the year lists from 1888-present (always incomplete and subject to change): [5].

Classics of Wikipedia: Vandalism[edit]

"In his last years Baum was addicted to morphine and wrote most of his books in a large birdcage in his backyard." --User: (located in Corpus Christi, Texas)

Userboxes I have created[edit]


Articles that are primarily or completely written by me[edit]

Some of my articles have been culled for books, and I've taken the liberty of crediting myself on Goodreads: [6]

(As articles are subject to change, this may not necessarily be accurate.)

13th Regiment Armory, Brooklyn*

Madokoro Akutagawa Saori*

American Cabaret Theatre*

And Do They Do/Zoo Caprices*

After Extra Time (album)*

Eugene Armbruster*

Bub Asman*

Aunt Jane's Nieces on Vacation*

Aunt Jane's Nieces on the Ranch*

Aunt Jane's Nieces Out West*

Ayşecik ve Sihirli Cüceler Rüyalar Ülkesinde*

The Barefoot Man (novel)*

Josef Bárta*

Frank Joslyn Baum*

Roni Ben-Hur*

The Better Angels*

Pat Bianchi*

Sandra Bowen (thinktank director)*

Lawrence Benjamin Brown*

William F. Brown (writer)*

Café (musician)*

Catalogue aria*

Frederic Chapin*

Chicken and Duck Talk*

The Cold Room*

Colorado Spaces Institute*

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (soundtrack)*

The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight*

Cruella de Ville*

Beverley Davison*

The Dead Don't Die*

K.J. Denhert*

Diary of the Dead (1976 film)*

Dramatic Feature Films*

Droid (film)* <--2nd worst film I've ever seen.

The Essential Michael Nyman Band*

Facing Goya*


Audrey L. Flack*

Flying Dagger*

The Fortunes of Richard Mahony*


Ghost character*

Greenwich Village Chatter*

The Hidan of Maukbeiangjow*

Hot Butter

Tatsuo Ikeda*

JC Stylles*

Jenny Jump*

Jeppe: The Cruel Comedy*

Jinnicky the Red Jinn*

Koko Jones*

Patrick Stanfield Jones*

Bettina Jonic*


The Killing Kind (1973 film)*

The Kiss and Other Movements*

Kit McClure Band*

John Lacey (artist)*

Land of Ev*

The Last Egyptian*

Lawrence Leathers*

The Legend of Alfred Packer*

List of Published Oz Apocrypha*

Emil Lucev*

Nathaniel D. Mann*

"The Masterwork" Award Winning Fish-Knife*

Kit McClure*

Jaime Mendoza-Nava*


The New Jazz Composers Octet*

Michael Nyman (1981 album)*

Michael Nyman Band*

Michael Nyman for Yohji Yamamoto*

The Michael Nyman Songbook*

Template: Michael Nyman*

Template: Nyman operas*

Julian P. Mitchell*

Motéma Music*

A Moving Sound*

Mozart 252*

Noises, Sounds & Sweet Airs*

Norman's Awesome Experience*

Out of the Ruins*

Phoebe Daring (plot summary written by me)

The Piano Concerto/MGV*

Gregory Porter*

Radha and Krishna Walk in a Flowering Grove*

Reel Horror* <--3rd worst film I've ever seen.

Richard Rory*

The Secret of Mulan*

Shanks (film) (plot summary almost entirely by me)

Christopher Slaughterford*

Soldier with the Green Whiskers*

Tessa Souter*

Frank M. Stammers*

Strong on Oaks, Strong on the Causes of Oaks*

Tomoko Sugawara*

The Suit and the Photograph*

Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy*

Taking a Line for a Second Walk*

Toshimitsu Tanaka*

Time Will Pronounce*

The Tik-Tok Man of Oz*

The Tuna Helpers*

War Is Hell (comics)*

Frederick Johann Weber*

The Wizard of Oz (1902 musical)*

The Wizard of Oz (1945 musical)*

The Woggle-Bug (musical)

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (musical)*

Yankee in Oz*

Gloria Yip*

Malika Zarra*

Articles I have created (*) and/or contributed major additions[edit]

À la folie*

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Frank Alexander*

Alien 2*

Alien Massacre*

All Right, My Friend*


Ambush at Cimarron Pass*

Anne no nikki*

Edward Aveling


L. Frank Baum

Nigel Barr*

Beasties (1989 film)*

Sadao Bekku*

Belfaygor of Bourne*

Bell Snickle*

William Black (novelist)

Black Magic (comics)*

Black Orchid

Bloody Bones

By Candlelight

Carroll Borland*

Brother Power the Geek

Blackthorne (comics)

Buckner & Garcia

The Buoys*


Cain and Abel (comics)

Cassandra Craft*

Chamber theatre*

Characters of Monster in My Pocket*

Characters of The Sandman


Christian denomination

Codename: Strykeforce

Crime Wave (1985 film)*

Michael Cristofer* (I created the stub, but had little to do with the article as it currently stands.)


Joe Dante

Dante's Inferno (ride)*

David and Bethsabe*

Death (DC Comics)

Death (Marvel Comics)

Death of a Composer*


Decay Music*

Desperate Measures (musical)

Destiny (DC Comics)

Destiny (personification)

Doctor Bong

The Draughtsman's Contract

Drowning by Numbers


Marjorie Dunn*

Edward I (play)

Edward II (play)

Edward III (play)

T. Harv Eker*

Elbow Witch*

Eleutheria (play)

Don Elkins*

Emerald City (play)

Emily's Reasons Why Not


ESPY (film)*




The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays

Fancy Paradise*

Claes Fellbom*

Myrtle Fillmore*

Flesh Feast

The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck

David Friedman (composer)

Fred Fuchs

Matilda Joslyn Gage

Steve Gerber

Template:Steve Gerber

Ghost Hole*

Gillikin Country

Evelyn Glennie

Jody Marie Gnant*

Goblin (band)

The Golden Ticket

Billy Goldenberg*

Louis F. Gottschalk*

The Gray Nun of Belgium*

Grimm (film)*

Kara Hartzler* (deleted on the grounds of "not notable")

Haunted Lighthouse

Michael Patrick Hearn*

Lynn Hershman Leeson*


Tony Hinnigan*

His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz

Blaine Hogan

Jeffrey C. Hogue*

House of Mystery

House of Secrets

Matt Hoverman*

Howard the Duck

I'll Never Forget What's'isname

Indiana Repertory Theatre*

Inferno (Marvel Comics)

Internal consistency and the Bible

The International Wizard of Oz Club*

Lisa Jakub

Jellia Jamb

Jimmy Squarefoot*

John Dough*

Johnny Dooit*

Reo Jones*


Leonard Kastle*

Kideo TV*

King Arthur (opera)



Diane Kurys*

The Last Man

Laughing Mask

March Laumer*

Letters, Riddles and Writs*

Liberty's Kids

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

List of characters in the Oz books

List of Criterion Collection releases

List of DC Comics publications

List of heroic fictional scientists and engineers

List of mad scientists

List of Oz books

List of playwrights

List of rock operas (albums)

List of Suicide Squad members

List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters

Live (1994 album)*


Loophole (1981 film)

Lori Loughlin

Love Counts*

The Magic Cloak of Oz*

The Maid of Arran*

Malone Dies

Man and Boy: Dada*


The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (opera)

The Marvelous Land of Oz (musical)*


Matinee (film)*

Steve McQueen (director)

Mikadroid: Robokill Beneath Discoclub Layla*

Madeleine Mitchell*

Monster in My Pocket

Beata Moon*

Robert Moran

The Moth Confesses

Musicor Records*

Kate Musker* (deleted at the request of the subject)


Naiad (comics)*

The Neon Philharmonic

The Neon Philharmonic (album)*

Nimmie Amee*

Siegmund Nimsgern*

Nineteen (1987 film)*

Nostradamus: The Prophecy*

Michael Nyman

Molly Nyman*

Origins of Santa Claus

Oz (comic book series)*

The Oz Film Manufacturing Company*

Rachel Cosgrove Payes*

George Peele

Pepperidge Farm

Patricia Petibon

Phantom Zone

Philip Phile*

Phenomena (film)

Phoenix Theatre (Indianapolis)*

The Piano (soundtrack)

The Prelude Implicit

Probe Ministries*

Prophecies of Nostradamus*

Polly Pry*

David Roach*

Rocky VI (1986 film)*

Roger & Me

Romola Remus*

Duke Riley

Harry S. Robins

Rosa - A Horse Drama*

Roselyn Bakery*

Carla Rueckert*

Runaway Daughters (1994 film)*


Sven-David Sandström*

Tupper Saussy

Ron Schnitzius*

Emily Schwartz* (deleted on the grounds of "not notable")

La Serva Padrona

Carole Seuling*

Template:Mary Shelley

The Shining (film)

Sir Hokus of Pokes

Smoke Rise (band)*

Jack Snow (writer)



Spring Heeled Jack

Jana Stanfield*

Wendey Stanzler

Starhawk (comics)


Robby Steinhardt*

Shelagh Stephenson*

Shunka Warakin

Fred Stone

Strawberry Alarm Clock

Straw Man (comics)


The Survival of St. Joan*

Swamp Thing

Tarzan of the Apes

Template:Joe Dante*


Terrible Monster*

Sammy Terry*

Eugene V. Thaw

Tristram Shandy (opera)*

Twelfth Night

Twyla Tharp


Timon of Athens

Timon (philosopher)

Os Trapalhões e o Mágico de Oróz*


The Twelve Powers of Man*


The Unnamable (novel)



Weekly World News

Weird Mystery Tales*

David Williamson

Kristin Williamson

Winkie Country

The Wiz

The Wizard of Mars*

Wizard of Oz (1925 film)

The Wizard of Oz (1933 film)*

The Wizard of Oz (1939 film) (also from public terminal

The Wizard of Oz (1982 film)*

The Wizard of Oz (animated series)

The Wonderful Land of Oz*

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1910 film)

The Wozard of Iz

Wundarr the Aquarian*


Earl Zea*

A Zed & Two Noughts

Articles to which I have made significant minor contributions (not a complete list)[edit]

The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo

1986 in music

1987 in music

1993 in music

2000 in music

A. Bizarro

Across Indiana

Adventure into Fear

The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996 film)

Animal Man

Anna Maria Alberghetti

Alfred Pennyworth

Robert Altman

Alto (voice)

Carmen Amaya

Amber Hunt

American comic book

American Museum of Natural History


Mike B. Anderson

Angel and the Ape





Argus Panoptes

Army of Darkness


Charles Atlas

Atlas Comics (1950s)

Baal (demon)

Baba Yaga

Biographical film

Tallulah Bankhead


Bass (vocal range)

Template:The Batman

Samuel Beckett

Black Sabbath (film)



T.K. Blue


Francis Boggs

Born again

George Brecht

André Breton

E. Nelson Bridwell

Anita Bryant



Sammy Cahn

California Split

Cannibal! The Musical


Channelling (mediumistic)


Charlotte Church

Chris Claremont

Ernie Colon

Coney Island Cyclone

Gerry Conway

Crisis on Infinite Earths

The Crowd

Bosley Crowther

Cultural depictions of Joan of Arc


Czechoslovak New Wave

Daniel Hall (comics)

Dark Side of the Rainbow

DC Focus

Death (personification)


Delirium (DC Comics)

J. M. DeMatteis

Alexandre Desplat

Desire (DC Comics)

Despair (DC Comics)

Destroyer Duck

Destruction (DC Comics)

Dillinger (1973 film)

Direct Cinema

Doctor Fate

Doctor Occult

Documentary film

Doom Patrol

Dragons in Greek mythology

Dream (comics)

Richard Dworsky

Echidna (mythology)

Scott Edelman

The Electric Company

Duke Ellington

Emerald City

Empire State University

John Entwistle


Maurice Evans (actor)

Bill Everett

Evil twin

The Evolutionary War

Eric Ewazen

Fig Newtons

Charles Fillmore (Unity Church)

Film score

Films considered the worst ever

Bill Finger

Flat Earth

Flat Earth Society


Fountain of Youth

The Fox and the Crow

Victor Frankenstein

Frankenstein's Monster

French spacing (English)

The Frog Prince (story)


Jack Gantos

Geist (disambiguation)

Ghost World


Girly girl

Glen or Glenda


Golden Crisp


Good Witch of the North


Graphic novel

Greaser (1950s)

Green Arrow

Peter Greenaway



Archie Hahn (actor)

Hail, Columbia

Bob Haney

Juanita Hansen

Hard Time (comics)

John Harle


Curtis Harrington

Mildred Harris

Ethan Hawke

Hawkman (Carter Hall)

Chris Haywood


Head of the Class

Hell (DC Comics)

Henry VI, part 3

Tina Hirsch

Rupert Holmes

Howard Purcell

Howard the Duck

Hungry Tiger

Ice cream

Harold L. Ickes

Imogen (Shakespeare)

In the Spirit of Things

Peter Ivers

Jersey Devil

Jaromil Jireš

Joker (comics)

Pete Kaplan

Francis Scott Key

King John

King Lear





Legion of Doom

Isabella Leong

Jonathan Lethem

Paul Levitz

Liberal Christianity

List of baritone roles

List of breakfast cereals

List of fantasy films

List of film noir

List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people/A-E

List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people/F-J

List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people/K-O

List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people/P-T

List of harmonicists

List of legendary creatures

List of operas

List of progressive rock musicians

List of retcons

List of teetotalers

List of video game music T

List of virgins

Amy London

Longest word in English

Love's Labour's Won

Lucifer (DC Comics)


Micheál MacLiammóir

Madame White Snake

Guy Maddin

Mad scientist

Mandrill (comics)

Dick Martin (artist)

Marvel Presents

Marvel Team-Up

Marvel Two-in-One

The Marvelous Land of Oz

Masculin, féminin

MAX (comics)

Brian May

Paul McCartney

Eloise McGraw

The Medium


Men in Black

Joseph Merrick

Meshes of the Afternoon


Mary Miles Minter



André Meyer



Neighborhoods of Indianapolis

The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter

Night of the Ghouls

Nikki (comics)


North Central High School (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Occupy Wall Street

Omega the Unknown

Original sin


Count Orlok



Alferd Packer

Benjamin Parker

Patchwork Girl


Clara Peller

Phantom Stranger

The Piano

Robert Picardo

Pink Floyd The Wall (film)


Rachel Pollack

Bob Powell (comics)

Prank call

Derek Pressnall

Prester John

Prez (DC Comics)

Princess Ozma

Princess Zelda


Asha Puthli


Queen Zixi of Ix


Rufus Reid

Richard III (play)

Henry Handel Richardson


The Rocketeer (film)

Rock Me Amadeus


Franklin D. Roosevelt

Tim Roth

Antonio Salieri

Sandman (Wesley Dodds)

Santa Claus on film

Scarecrow (disambiguation)

Scarecrow (Oz)


Serpent (instrument)

The Shaggy Man of Oz

Shakespeare on screen


Mary Shelley

Marc Silvestri



Alan Smithee


Stanley and His Monster

Steve Urkel


James Stewart (actor)

John Stocker

The Stuff

Sugar Bear


Super Sunday



Roy Thomas

Ruth Plumly Thompson

Throne of Blood


Tilly and the Wall

Timothy Hunter


Tomahawk (comics)

Toxic Crusaders

Robert Tralins

Triton (mythology)

Triumph of the Will

Twelve Apostles


The Unexpected

Unity Church


Valerie a týden divů



Vertigo (comics)

Void Indigo

Ruth Warrick

Robert Warshow

Dale Wasserman

Naomi Watts

John Webster

Len Wein

Weird Tales

Weird War Tales



Where's the beef?

Mr. Whipple


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Alec Wilder

Jamie Williams


Bernie Wrightson


The Wuzzles

"Weird Al" Yankovic

Younger versions of cartoon characters


Zero Hour (comics)