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I'm a Jeffersonian Christian. I consider myself to be a free-thinker, and a rather typical liberal. I'm an optimist. I prefer to be mistakenly overly optimistic in my evaluation of others, rather than the possibility of being mistakenly overly pessimistic in the way I see others. Some tell me this is a fault of mine. I consider such over-optimism to be a virtue, and that the cost of keeping such views is well worth it. I've had my share of saints, sinners, saviors and not so savory characters that I've had the privilege of meeting in my life.

My greatest discovery, made whilst in fervent prayer no less, is that we all really live on this giant Yellow Submarine, but we just don't know it yet. It's up to us how easy or hard we want to be on ourselves and those around us while we're down here, so I guess I should be easy on myself and others. In fact, as brother Lennon once wrote, "we have everything we need here to live a life of ease".

I love to read the Tao Te Ching and A Course In Miracles. I've been editing Wikipedia since 2003, and I guess that would make me a Wikipedia addict. The kids are grown up and I'm living in California. Just trying to find my little corner of order and meaning, in a seemingly entropic and chaotic world.

If I had to sum up the greatest wisdom that I've found in my whole life since 1956, it would be:

"Love thy neighbor as thyself." (Because guess what? He/ she really IS yourself!)