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Scray n. (Zool.) A tern; the sea swallow. [1][2]

I have a short attention span on WP, so I tend to dabble. Many of my edits arise from discussions on the Science Reference Desk because the best answers cite our articles, and when our articles are wanting I enjoy finding answers and improving the relevant articles. I also revert a fair amount of vandalism on pages that I've edited. I welcome constructive interaction on my Talk page linked above; if you send me an email via the Email this user tool, please use my talk page to suggest I look for your email message, because I don't check that email account daily.

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  • {{subst:MedWelcome}} - for welcoming new editors of medicine-related content
  • desk: {{RD-deleted | Additional comments and/or signature}}
  • user talk: {{subst:RD medremoval|Discussion|Question}} ~~~~
Welcome to Wikipedia and Wikiproject Medicine

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The Great WP Birth Date Doughnut Hole: I'm not alone in not showing a "birth date" on mouseover, and it's explained here in a VPT discussion (related Bugzilla report): essentially, my account was created prior to the creation of the user creation log, and when that log was created a script was run to populate retroactively the "birth" dates for accounts that had edited; however, my first edit did not occur until after that bot was run, so mine did not get populated. Since then, birth dates are recorded as part of the new user log.

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