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                                 The beginning of his life 

Born 7-30-90 Screech Munro, born to Andrea, who was a nurse but got hurt falling down some stairs. and John Jr a truck driver. screech never knew his father until he was 19 years old. Screech was born in Syracuse and found people made it out to be a plase filled with danger which he felt was a dumb observation. He was the 5th child of 8 siblings not including himself. He started out in his early years as a class clown and remaind that way, Things did changed when he went to high school because he became depressive and kept to himself for most of his 9th grade year.sophmore year was a whole other story when he begain to spark conversations with his class after he stared to do plays, and feel more of a comfort at school. he would like to thank Mrs.Fennise for giving him a chanch other wise he'd of dropedout. besides acting and creative wrighting he would rap for fellow class mates, which got him into joing two bands "hand of Jane" which lasted about as long as a joit thats infront of cheech and chong and "lower than dirt" (ltd) which at 1st they were on hiatis the bases left because of a drinking problum and the drumer just called it a day....and jumped out a 12 story building he servived but was hit by a traly after words. but Munro and the guitarest still where willing to get the group togeather never happened because the guitarest dyed Munro did make a solo cd when he was 20, the cd made a lot of people laugh and think from time to time.

                                   The first time he knew

Screech Munro always knew he wanted to make people laugh, but, when he started to watch robin williams and jim carey, he decided to try and join Saturday Night Live in high school. He wrote movies and some plays, also, did a bunch of acting. He always was in his room his mouther would say "instead of masterbating he'd be debating on wether to do a screen play or a song" which is kinda creepy that she'd no that.

                                          His big break

He finally got a interview with S.N.L and rapidly became the biggest star. He did some of the movies he wrote which did alright. There where some things in his movies that got people mad at him. He was on S.N.L when he was 25-40 years old, because he wanted to be left alone after his best friend died by drug over dose there makig their 21 year hiatis for ever

                                        baddle burned, death and back into the lights

between 2030-the late 2040s screech did very little after his freinds death he started to do crazy bazar things even good fraind steve-o from jackass was conserned on july 4th 2049 screech got wasted and put firer works with duck tape on him while filming it he set the firer work off leaveing him in a bad state of condiction 6 days latter he was found by fellow actor (david spade) and singer (Rihanna)nearly dead they rushed him to the hospital where he was to stay for 5 mounthswhen he got out he countinued to do druges and was n't ever seen by any of his friends or fans for that matter when jackass and saturday night live cme to the counclostion to do what jackass did to steve-o and two mounths after this he was on tv with this statement=

"well, i know for the past couple of years i got my self into alot of shit for my love of alchoal and majrawana which ive done scenes i was like 13(weed)and now that im like 60 i think the reason for my apsents forom the spot light was because of my fellow band ...or ex band mate,who was basicaly my brother and who i feel deeply resposabul for his death....thats what i think made me that why" when asked what is he gonna do for his futre project "i don't know i'm working on a cd the second one i'd also like to do a new stand upreuteen now that im physicaly capabul of it "so in no more then a year he had a 2nd cd intittaled dopalishis it was a huge succese and then his new stand up rutean intittaled "if only u could fuck the weed. he was in a pretty good state of mind he was 65 when he decided to get into a new movie where he played a man whore the film did great.on july 31st 2048 the day after his 68th birth day he and two guys heavily known to get into mischife went to a party which he though was a dry party(nodruges or alchal) when he found out there was he said im going home they jumped him he decided to retalieate, which only mad them mad.the two men were arested for there actions    

name of movie character rated year stars

  speak                 brave kid        PG-13  2007     ***1/2
fathers day             shoefly          PG-13  2008     ****

romieo & juliet apothaceary PG 2008 *1/2

  stage door               Frank          PG   2009      **
  all shook up             warrdent      PG-13  2010     ****

derangn derangn angle/DMV customer PG 2010 Army national high stevie,Mr. forskin R 2010 *** F'D up(indecent exsposhor) Eric Ace R 2011 ****

albums: funny buessness? a cartoon of some chick with a mustash and not really hot looking either ****1/2 great2010 dopealishisscreech doing a scared look like"oh no some things gonna kill me"****fare 2012 (beep) magnet a cartoon of a guy being pulled by his pants tord abounch cf girls *** mixed 2013

singles: funny bussness:math class,got ya, palitical song,frat boy